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I'm not a Southern Beauty,
I'm not an Eastern rose;
I'm just a lil' Western Gal
With freckles on her nose.

Monday, August 30

A Very Strong Lady

And what have we here? A woman with extreme strength hidden under that ungainly driving coat.

She is lifting that heavy pumpkin with ease. Mayhap she has a future in a grocery store produce department, or it's a diet pumpkin -- you know, "lite."

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  • Jane

    Nice reminder of fall!


  • Anvilcloud

    I guess that would be heavy. Possibly neither I not perhaps the artist thought of that as she looks so at ease.

  • Dawn

    At last, the perfect pumpkin. I think it takes my kids longer to pick out a pumpkin than a Christmas tree!

  • ~~Carol~~

    It must be very light, or else she has some very manly biceps under her jacket! Love her purple stockings!

  • Anonymous

    I think maybe that's an orange balloon or ball. Or she's one really strong lady. Thanks for the pic. Smiles, Sally

  • Debra

    I think it is a "lite" pumpkin. I love that her stockings match her hat plume.

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    All ready for Fall! Lite pumpkin indeed~

  • Wildflower Cabin

    Purple stockings and all! She's one strong gal! :o) Thanks for the smile!

  • Carmen C.

    wow, she is strong, lol, love how the pumpkin matches her dress;) As soon as we get home from GA, I'm putting out my fall stuff!!!!!!!!!

  • Faith

    U R the BESTEST! Thank you for the links, the 2nd one yielded the pattern..:) The first link, been to many times, so many potholders so little time. Thank you for your info on the craft fairs...I'm going to set my sight for next year...mayhap I'll make a few of the little doll items...Have a beautiful you are Miss Holly.

  • Amrita

    Oh yes Holly, by the looks of it that pumpkins should weigh 4 kgs or 8 pounds. Quite a load to life...strong woman indeed.

  • Amrita

    Oh by the way- 3 and a half disasters struck this even- the first 3 with th e time perios of 15 minutes.
    My swamp cooler stopped working
    my washing machine busted
    the stray dog Naughty tried to dig up my newly planted potatoes

    and later on as I opene d the fridge an egg fell out an d broke ( eggs are so expensive- I groaned)

  • Anonymous

    Thank You! Thank You! For always showing me your support and kindness! It means everything to me!

  • Together We Save

    Wonderful picture!!

  • debbie


  • Julia

    Come now, I could hold that pumpkin with one hand. And standing on one foot! And drinking a beer while chewing candy corn.

    ps did you see the candy corn that is called "harvest" corn. They trying to make it look healthy now?

  • Bernie

    Maybe its really a huge
    You and your Fall Holly, it is finally here. I had to turn the furnace on and yesterday read a book by the fire......ouch. We had no summer really but most every place I know had a hot wonderful summer, OK so I am a bit jealous.
    Big hugs my friend.....:-)

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