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I'm not a Southern Beauty,
I'm not an Eastern rose;
I'm just a lil' Western Gal
With freckles on her nose.

Wednesday, March 31

Basket Full of Graphics

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I am going to dye eggs soon. I want to hide them for my very old dogs to find. They are gettin' so very ancient. This may be their last Easter. They have lasted this long only due to our genius vets.

Some of the eggs I'm going to save back and PICKLE.

Free Vintage Easter Graphics

Here is a hodgepodge of copyright-free graphics from long ago. This Sunday is Easter Sunday!

These first two look similar in style, but were made in different countries, in different years. I wonder if it is the work of the same artist. I really like the one with the lil' gal in the kerchief. Strangely, both her card and the card with the dutch boy feature red twigs. Click them to get a bigger version. Right-click to save any version.

This next image is quite precious. Note the steeple sitting quietly in the corner. Click to go to a full-sized postcard.

Tuesday, March 30

The Importance of Eggses, and Some Vintage Easter Lass Images

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I'm dreadfully behind in the things I like to do -- drawing, making bloggie posts, anwering emails, and the like. All my free time is being spent spring cleaning and writing article after article after article for I'll write about practically anything. Yesterday I wrote about green amethysts, mulching, bangles, lasers, and vocational training in boiler repair in the UK, along with several articles that now escape me. Words run into my poor brain, then out through the fingertips, and away...

Old Time Sayings About Eggs
Egg on yer face
Walking on eggshells
Goose egg (lump)
Goose egg (zero)
Last one in is a rotten egg
She's a good egg
Egg in yer beer
Don't put all yer eggs in one basket
Nest egg

For the other "The Hobbit" fans -- remember poor ol' Gollum, and how he'd say "eggses"?

Free Vintage Images

Lil' gal with a big egg, and an old French postcard with a mademoiselle blowing a kiss. If clicked, a larger image will load fer each. Right-click any image to save it.

Monday, March 29

Old Western Squirrel and Some Easter Lambs

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I'd like to fly into a rant, but dearies, I'm trying to be a good lil' donkey...and my rants are always the same, getting fired up over unpleasant bloggie backgrounds and's lucky there's no webcam on this computer, because I'm afraid most of the images would be of me crossing my eyes and grimacing at frens' bloggies...

Which brings me to a confession: I was having a lovely time making faces and "squirrel noises" at what I thought was just a screen at the bank drive-thru...turns out it was a new two-way display, and the poor worker in the bank was having to see my horrid antics...I am NEVER going thru that branch again, fer fear they'll recognize me.


In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.
~Mark Twain

FREE Vintage Easter Images

Some have been bleating for images featuring lambs. I do love them, and not with mint sauce, thank'ee. Have you seen them play? They jump so cutely.

This first image shows a long-ago artist's depiction of a happy lamb carrying a basket. Very nice! Look at that lamb tail hanging down. "Two shakes of a lamb's tail" -- might take some time with one that lengthy.

The second image shows some rather odd children and their flower-bedecked lambs.

Regular-click to make this load up a much larger image.

Sunday, March 28

Vintage Dusty Roses Images and Goodbye, Best Pea Salad in Texas

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As if the recent shock of seeing my childhood homes gone wasn't enough, we drove by Cattleman's Steakhouse today, only to see that it is CLOSED. PERMANENT-LIKE. Out of business.

It was an old-timers hangout, looked dreadful. George W ate there. Million-dollar deals, maybe billion-dollar ones, too, were done across its formica-topped tables, back in the "oil boom," when all the big oil companies were swarming all over Midland and the living was high, very high. I didn't see those times, wasn't here then, but the Midlanders tell of it, constantly. They are not understanding that those times are not coming back. But Cattleman's being closed, that's a body blow to the city. Changes, changes.

Free Vintage Calling Card Images

You know, I ought to offer these images in PDF format, so that the resolution could be greater. I always offer png format, because that's what I like to work with due to my love of making some of the images "transparent" in places. 

But for now, they are just lil' pngs. Right-click to save. They will enlarge if regular-clicked, I do believe.

Saturday, March 27

Sweet Burdened Angel Image

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The mourning doves have commencing picking up, considering, then throwing down little twigs. They woggle-step all over the front yard, choosing, choosing, ever choosing from among the twigs, but finding only one in fifty or so to meet their standards. They are building nests. Their nests are often rather poorly constructed, but I am sure nature knows much more than I do, and means them to be so.

I am going to put a bunch of fibers between two slats in the fence, and see if the doves or other birds will use them for their nests. I have many odds and ends of bits of wool, yarn, and so forth that they might like.

Vintage Postcard Image
It is interesting to see angels depicted. A person would have to be pretty brave to try to paint an angel. Click to enlarge, then right-click to save. Or save this smaller size with a right-click.

Friday, March 26

An Eggcellent Beauty

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~ I'm still staying in my stall. TOO MUCH politics. Can't people concentrate on IMPORTANT STUFF, like whether to go with the GLITTER EGG DYE or try the TIE DYE pack this year??? ~

My grandmother saved both eggshells and coffee grounds, and placed them around her plants. She had the loveliest yard.

My husband placed a "Google Maps" application on my phone. I got the bright idea to look at Granny's house via the "street view." It was 31 years ago that I last saw it. How I loved her little shotgun house, with its smell of an old gas stove and cedar closets, and its sounds of creaks and the ancient cuckoo clock ticking away! She had the yard like a botanical wonderland, with many rare species, and always a flock of rescued kitties purring or watching from their nests of monkeygrass.

Let me warn you, m'dear donkey frens, do not attempt to do any such thing as look up your grandmother's house unless you have nerves of steel. The house I remember so fondly, that was neat as a pin and so loved, is gone. There is a very dilapidated auto parts store there now. Things change in 31 years. I was feeling very lightheaded, miserable at this sight.

Then I got the worse idea to look up my old home in New Orleans, the sight of which threw me into a full-fledged fit of some type, mainly characterized by weeping, throwing myself around on the floor, and biting my own hand, until I was threatened with a trip to the ER if I didn't calm down.

Free Vintage Easter Postcard Image
If lovely gals actually hatched out of eggs, men would likely start keeping large flocks of chickens.

One bloggie fren was asking for lambs. I have two lamb pictures in reserve, and I am not about to post them yet. They are for next week, closer to Easter. And then I will start up with I-don't-know-what, because summer is a very slow time of year fer bloggies.

Thursday, March 25

Cascarones and Other Fun Eggie Games

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Easter is frightfully near! I ought to put the "countdown counter" on the sidebar.

I bet those of you who are into stamping and scrapbooking could make some very interesting stamped eggs!

Something else fun to do is to take a raw egg and toss it back and forth with another donkey fren. Keep stepping back, and throw sweetly and gently. Eventually, someone will miss or drop the egg. Cracking confetti-filled eggshells on one another's heads is also amusing. I have two dozen eggs ready to go.

Doggie wished to play.

Free Vintage Easter Image

Here we have two versions of an old postcard, featuring a bunny guarding eggs, mayhap a prairie chicken's. Conversely, he may be considering "borrowing" the eggs and coloring them.

If you click on them, a larger image will load.

Wednesday, March 24

Is the Cup Half-Full, Half-Empty, Or Undoubtedly Poisoned?

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I have written and tweeted about unpleasant things at work, but it occurs to me that I tend to take the unpleasantries to heart, and forget the good encounters. I get a nice amount of smiles, thank-yous, and chitchat, too, among the dreadful happenings of gropings, kicks, and insults. Elderly ranchers drop by the aisles and talk a bit about "the old days," always declaring sheepishly after a bit that they know I couldn't be interested, but indeed I am. Elderly gals seek me out and say "You have a sweet face," which is very gratifying to hear.


Lots of anger out there lately, political anger. I'm staying in my stall! Someone pass me a daisy, I ain't comin' out till some sunshine washes the anger away.


I have never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as a cause for withdrawing from a friendship.
      ~Thomas Jefferson

Free Vintage Image

Right-click to save this "transparent" image. Not sure why, but that lil' suitcase or picnic basket the chick's got there really grabbed my heart.

Tuesday, March 23


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Yesterday I went to Michael's crafts store to get a $1 journal. I have filled up one journal with Etsy sales already, thank'ee customers. At $1, the lil' journals can't be beat. 

I wanted one with a "K" on it, fer my last name. Ye'd think I could come out of the store with a K, correct? Wrong! Seems I wuz a bit confused between my K's and my R's. Been told it's an R. Back me up, a K is almost indistinguishable from an R, correct? Fine! My middle name is Rose, so there.

I have a cat who "knows her Z's" as we say. We have taught her that her name begins with a Z. She will look right at a Z if we write it down for her. RIGHT at it. Think I'll teach her what a "K" looks like and bring her along next time.

Free Vintage Postcard Image!

Click the picture to bring it up to full postcard size, then right-click to save. Or right-click this image to save it in the small version.
I had no idea chicks were used as beasts of burden so often. The poor ol' thangs. Well, mayhap they were giving some lil' donkeys a rest.

Monday, March 22

Sea Premonitions, and A Mighty Chick

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I spent yesterday washing and putting away winter things, and freshening warm-weather clothes and linens.

Spring weather is so unsettled. Autumn is much more sedate, with slow changes that trundle along like a fat pumpkin. Spring is all exploding flowers and pillowcases that whip so strongly on the clothesline that the hems fray.

I have a premonition that sea creatures are going to be seen acting very oddly soon. I keep thinking of octopuses acting up, too. Of course, I often think of octopuses, so who knows what this means. At the Chinese buffet, on Friday and Saturday nights, they have a dish of tiny octopuses. One always goes onto my plate, and my husband knows I will sneak it home and bury it. I think they are very intelligent animals, with deep feelings.


A mere friend will agree with you, but a real friend will argue.
    ~Russian Proverb

Free Vintage Graphic

This will go to an actual postcard size if you regular-click it. Or save this smaller version. 
You can save these and alter them yerselves, you know, using or other free graphics program that has an online interface. It's fun to play with them and make yr own e-cards and such. 

Sunday, March 21

Eggs on A Platter

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The first day of spring was anything but springy here. Hope you fared better!

I keep thinking back to how when I was young, big department stores were still in existence. Downtown stores; ones with giant display windows, and employing "window dressers." My aunt was a window dresser for many years. Mayhap they still exist in the really big cities? 

In old New Orleans, two big stores on Canal Street always had such interesting displays. D.H. Holmes and Maison Blanche would have veritable wonderlands at Christmas and Easter. Sometimes they had entire farmyard scenes inside, sometimes Easter eggs bigger than a first-grader, sometimes running water and windmills and tulips, all inside. Now these are long-gone stores, and few remember them, yet some spent their entire working lives at these stores. They were a tradition. 

I like nowadays, but sometimes, it's bittersweet to remember what many changes...

Free Vintage Image

Just regular-click this image to bring up a post card size. You can right-click either image to save.

Saturday, March 20

The Good Shepherd

Banner Haus News and Musings

The case of the disappearing catfish: We got another Peppered Catfish (no, it's not a restaurant dish, m'dears. It's a corydoras catfish with black markings) to keep our old fellow company, but lil' catfish...he could not have jumped out...very odd...I hope he is just hiding.

Weatherwise, where hast spring gone?


One flower does not bring spring.

Free Vintage Graphic for Easter

I like depictions of Christ as the Good Shepherd. The sheep look very tired, but they still follow Him. The original scan is included. I think it has a certain charm in its faded state, too. I didn't care for the pink robe and so changed it to a leaf green. I have no idea what a red-roofed European church is doing in the Holy Land over two thousand years ago. Some of these old postcards are quite fanciful.


Friday, March 19

Postcard Makeovers, and Tweeting At Work

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I often get comments and questions about where I find the vintage images I post. Those lil' donkeys who have been part of the herd fer awhile know that not only do I collect vintage images, but I also hunt them down on the Internet, rope 'em, and then free them. "Giddyup! Git! Out ye go!"

I also get comments about tweeting and texting at work. I scan in and out to tweet, to assist the elderly by walking them to the item they want, and to use the restroom. I have been standing out of the way, messing with my phone, after helping all sorts of folks, and on my own time, and dead tired to boot, only to have someone walk up and say something snide about "stop playing with yer phone" and demanding help. I don't even look up. "Ma'am, I don't work here and I am off work besides." But I get extremely flushed, which sort of ruins the effect. My donkey ears get blood red. With a badge, apron, cap, and two nametags all saying the word HALLMARK on them, you would think these folks could figure out I don't work at Walmart or Walgreens. YOU'D THINK!

Free Vintage Image

Here is an example of a well-loved antique card, before and after I messed with it. The hen looks good but the gal is a bit worn, a victim of flaking.

Right-click to save. If'n you click it regular first, it will load up a larger image. Bear in mind that originally, these vintage cards were quite vivid. We are used to them faded.

Thursday, March 18

Rush Rush - But Spring is Rushing In, Too!

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The good news is that I was called in to work suddenly during "inventory." The bad news is that I've missed a whole lot of bloggie frens' posts and must rush off to work again today. And I'm so flustered I can't recall what I posted and what I haven't...this may be a repeat.

Vintage Free Graphics

Right-click to save. If you regular-click this, it should load up another, much much larger version.

I'd advise that bunny to hop away slooowly from the love-sick giant chickie...

The Dutch girls below are from an old advertisement. Klomp klomp klomp mit die Klompen?

Wednesday, March 17

'Tis St. Pat's!

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Happy St. Paddy's Day donkey frens near and far!

Now, I did warn you awhile back that I had another frightening and peculiar image up my old sleeve...and here it is...a horrid visual pun...I think the artist had a wee bit much o' some whiskey...imagine reaching into the potato sack and pulling this lil' creetur out...


"St. Patrick's Day is an enchanted time -- a day to begin transforming winter's dreams into summer's magic." 
                ~ Adrienne Cook

Free Vintage St. Pat's Graphic

Left-click to enlarge, or right-click this size to save it as a smaller image.

Tuesday, March 16

Nearly St. Pat's

Banner Haus News and Musings

I am glad to see our tailless squirrel made it through the winter and has found the birdseed bell hung on the back fence. I love to see him eating steadily, winking in the sun and withstanding the angry flapping of doves' wings as they try to land on him.

Don't fergit to wear green tomorrow, or someone may give you a pinch!


It's spring fever.  That is what the name of it is.  And when you've got it, you want - oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so. 
            ~Mark Twain
Free Vintage Graphics

An incredibly limber bunny pulls a baby bunny and some delicate eggs. Click on the image to get a larger image to save, or just save it at this size. Right-clicking lets ye save any image. A menu will pop up and you can save the image onto your own computer or Photobucket account.

Monday, March 15

Pretty Bunnies But A Homely City

Banner Haus News and Musings

This is just the most troublesome post, and it was supposed to be one that could be uploaded quick as a wink, as I was in Lubbock yesterday and didn't have much time to prepare it to load automatically.

M'dears, that's something I often do, but many don't know you can do this. You can prepare many posts in advance, and choose exactly when they will post. Look on yer composing pane, to the lower LEFT, above the "PUBLISH POST" button. It should say, "Post Options." Click it and ye can choose things like when it will publish, and if ye will allow comments, etc. VERY handy.

Lubbock is actually much uglier than Midland. Now, I don't mean the flat, sun-baked desert. That looks okay to me. It's the housing. It's awful, terrible, falling down, wretched, unkempt, and generally just nutty. There were literally multi-million dollar professor's homes next to torn-up hovels with yards full of garbage. Tens of thousands of deteriorating clapboard houses!

Yes, the poor must live somewhere. I myself can be considered poorish. But I don't have a Hummer and Harley parked outside and a filthy garbage-strewn yard and cardboard stuck in my windows! Too late for Lubbock, but I think strict zoning may indeed have a place within cities.

Vintage Easter Postcard

Two bunnies appear to be cracking up. I believe these are rare hypnotizing bunnies. I think they should go up to Lubbock and hypnotize the people to clean up their homes.

Right-click to save.

Sunday, March 14

Take Time

Banner Haus News and Musings

Did you remember to, lil' donkey frens?


Some people deride donkeys. Some still think I'm evoking something negative when I mention donkeys. Donkeys are smart. I find them lovable, good, steady, wise and just plain decent animals. They'll work their hearts out for you.

For those into the Good Book, kindly recall that Mary rode on a donkey to get to Bethlehem...Jesus was born in a manger...and rode into Jerusalem on a donkey on what is now known as Palm Sunday. Take a look at any donkey, and observe they all wear a cross on their withers and back!

Vintage Free Postcard Image

This lovely lady is remembering to take time for the sweet lil' things in life. Click to enlarge. You can save either size, lil' frens.

Saturday, March 13

Lovely Irish Angel

Banner Haus News and Musings

Happy news that bloggie fren Molly's old Labrador retriever, Levi, is back home after being missing for days. He ain't in great shape but Labs are tough. When our pets go missing it just puts a terrible anguish on our hearts.

I would like to say here, that if you've ever lost an animal, and have that sad feeling that you don't know whatever happened to your pet, I will tell you that I have rescued over 150 animals over the past 30 or so years, including many that the vets said were purebreds. They were obviously pets, and since this mostly happened in the days before microchipping and the Internet and such, I was not able to trace the animals to their original owners, but they were cared for, cleaned up, and adopted out. I know that sad feeling won't abate, but there's still a chance a lost loved companion was found (I even found rats) and had a happy ending. My husband rescued many himself, too, before I knew him. I have met quite a few that did so.


If you're enough lucky to be Irish, you're lucky enough. 
        ~Irish Saying

Free Vintage Image

An Irish angel rests on her swing of lucky clovers and fergit-me-nots. Right-click to save it this size. Regular-click to let a larger image load, then save with the right-click. The large image is really pretty, I think.

Friday, March 12

Easter Parade

Banner Haus News and Musings

Howdy donkey frens!

After accidentally wearing my "house shoes" to work, I am now wearing them everywhere. I feel black plush goes with EVERYTHING. My poor lil' hooves have seen better days, m'dears.


Oldtime Tip

When blowing out a candle, put yer index finger up to yer lips as if yer going to "shush" someone...then blow...the airstream splits and it puts out the candle without making the flame stream and wax droplets fly out.

Vintage Postcard Image Fer Free

Here we evidently have an Easter parade, with plenty of bonnets to view, and a chance of rain, judging by the parasols. Right-click to save this size; regular-click to make a larger image load and then save it.

An Irish miss drinking a cup o'tea rounds out today's graphics. It's from a vintage postcard and has been altered.

Thursday, March 11

Pretty Chickens and A Pickle Recipe

Banner Haus News and Musings

 The wild West Texas wind got my jonquils this year. Only a few had bloomed before the rain and then the bad winds. It just tattered the blooms into pieces. But my flags (some call them irises) might get a chance to bloom this year if both cold snaps and wind will kindly stay away.

I'm on a pickle diet. I eat pickles a lot, when actually I'd rather be delving into the bags of cheap Easter candy. I used to eat tons of sour pickles and I was skinny as a rail. With my disposition sour pickles are a must.

Old-Time Recipe

Don't throw out pickle juice. Put tender spears of asparagas in it (donkey frens, REMOVE the asparagus from the can, drain, then place in a glass container and pour the pickle juice over it) and let it pickle for a few days in the refrigerator. Then take out, drain, and roll up the asparagus in thin slices of ham or turkey that's been spread with cream cheese. If yr a vegetarian try it rolled up with really thin slices of baby Swiss cheese and the cream cheese.

Free Vintage Postcard Image
Here's a fine fowl family. Right-click to save the size shown here. Regular-click to load a bigger image first, then save.

Wednesday, March 10

Daffadowndillies and Some Unusual Birdies

Banner Haus News and Musings

Lil' donkey frens and dearies, my thoughts right now would be mere musing, not a-musing. Just heavy-hearted...have cried my donkey self sick just imagining that a poor lil' muskrat, somewhere, was born blind...imagining a baby sloth falling out of a tree...a legless lizard getting into a knot...accidentally stepping on a caterpillar...I just love all animals (mixed emotions on tapeworms and scorpions)...might need a dose of caster oil or somesuch, I'm just a weepy ol' gal this week!


Keep on keepin' on.

Original and Vintage Free Images Fer Scrapbooking, Cardmaking, and So Forth:

Right-click to save.

Look, three of my bloggie frens posing in a tree! Howdy howdy, gals! Lookin' pretty as always!

Tuesday, March 9

Hens and Chicks, Heavy on the Chicks

Banner Haus News and Musings

Chickens and chicks. I hope someday I can live my dream of getting all sorts of fancy chickens and plain ol' banty hens, too. Of course, being a vegetarian, it will soon turn into an old hens' home. That's fine with me, though, pardners.


"Regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral.” 
       - Frank Lloyd Wright

Vintage Image Free for the Clicking

Right-click on these to save them in the small size. Or regular-click to make them load up the big size, then save it.

The lil' boy looks right thrilled to be in this picture...ha...prolly grew up to be a maniac, just from wearing that hat.

Monday, March 8

March Marches On

Banner Haus News and Musings

Howdy donkey frens. Just thinking about how much easier it is to get up in the warm months than the cold ones. 


"The flowers of late winter and early spring occupy places in our hearts well out of proportion to their size."
-   Gertrude S. Wister

Free Vintage Graphics

Right-click to save. That hen looks mighty mad. Seems as if the Easter Bunny's helpers are "helping themselves" to her eggs, the naughty things. Click it to make it larger, if'n you want the post-card size.

Sunday, March 7

Confused Donkey Frens and A Dapper Hare

Banner Haus News and Musings

Ah dearies, many thanks to those who answered yesterday's question about which Easter candy you DON'T like...*sigh*...Evidently quite a few lil' donkey frens have never met a candy they didn't love, judging by the comments...a few good lil' donkeys actually answered the's a sugar lump fer you, honey frens...

So, which Easter candy is yer FAVORITE?

[Watch a certain percentage of very confused donkey frens now reveal the candy they can't stand]...

Old-Time Tip
Next time yer bathroom mirror fogs up, take a very small dab of Vapo-Rub and rub it into a soft cotton cloth real well, then "buff" the fog off the mirror. It won't fog up again fer a long time, weeks even. And the smell is good fer you.

Free Vintage Postcard and Sidebar Images

Herr Bunny gets bigger if you regular-click him first. Right-click to save.

Saturday, March 6

The Worst Candy in the Easter Basket

Banner Haus News and Musings

Do you know those "nest egg" candies that are sold at Easter? They are a very old, very modest candy, with a hard colored sugar shell and a softer "marshmallow creme" white filling, and are often used as "ballast" in Easter baskets, along with the lowly jelly bean.
Fer the last five posts, I have been having one hang out my mouth while I type. Horrifying image, ain't it?  I clench the smaller end in my side teeth like a cigar, and kind of chaw on it during the process. Every so often I bite it a bit too hard or fergit to concentrate on balancing it on my bottom lip, so it drops onto the floor, where it's quickly retrieved and more quickly eaten.  A little cat hair never hurt anyone.

It's taking about 3 eggs per post. Sadly, tonight I already ate all of them that I smuggled back here (hidden from the ever-alert doggies), way back in paragraph one as a matter of fact. Kept messing with the wording and wondering what was worse than linty jellybeans in a basket, and danged if I didn't look and have nothing but wrappers left.

I'm wondering what candy you donkey frens consider as mere ballast in the basket...but I'm too shy to ask outright...see, I'm dragging my hoof back and forth in the dust, and got my mane pulled over my lil' eyes...don't like to bother you...


"Every trail has some puddles."

Vintage Free Images: