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Tuesday, March 9

Hens and Chicks, Heavy on the Chicks

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Chickens and chicks. I hope someday I can live my dream of getting all sorts of fancy chickens and plain ol' banty hens, too. Of course, being a vegetarian, it will soon turn into an old hens' home. That's fine with me, though, pardners.


"Regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral.” 
       - Frank Lloyd Wright

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The lil' boy looks right thrilled to be in this picture...ha...prolly grew up to be a maniac, just from wearing that hat.

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  • Marjorie (Molly) Smith

    I've always wanted to raise Gennies I remember Granny having some and they made great watch dogs.
    I can't believe what some folks will put their little boys through, just for a picture..yikes burnt that silly hat quickly, before it gets away.

  • sjhackney

    Thanks for the pics Holly. That first one would make a nice card. Sally

  • Walk in the Woods

    The images that you share contribute to the sweet ways in which I start my days ~ with a smile. Thank you for that. :)

  • Amrita

    Seriously Holly, you are vegetarian???

    That quote is is such a guidepost.

    Oh no that little Victorian Age boy grew up to be knighted by the Queen.Maybe he is resting in Westminster Abby now.LOL

    I just made some snack mix with puffed and beated rice, peanuts, tumeric pwd. etc. Its cheap and healthy.

  • Julia

    That little boy gave me a good snicker. Could you see Wyatt wearing it? Ha!

    Did you ever see a photo of our chicken coop? If not go here...

    It would make F.L.W PROUD!! LOL. Not really. He'd probably faint.

  • Beansieleigh

    Hi Holly! Love the saying by Frank Lloyd Wright! I always love the shamrocks, chickens and roosters too! Thanks! ~tina

  • Holly, the Old Western Gal

    Pssst...does anyone know the phone number for the Society for the Protection of Chickens??? You ought to see what ol' Julia's got 'em living my...

    Howdy all...

    Amrita you crack me up...

  • Carmen C.

    Those are lovely and yes that little boy looks like he is up to no good, lol!!!! For your predictions, I can't imagine silver as a wall paint, of course it would be better than some of the color combos of the 60's and 70's:)

  • The Joy of Nesting


    La palabra por "Bee" es la abeja. Course you and I would be abeja de la obrera (worker bee) as apposed to abeja de la reina (queen) ;)

    EEEGads you are so right that poor kid is scarred for life!! But then I guess that's not all bad cuz he can always claim insanity when he is caught cutting the rims off of all the straw hats in the local straw hat factory.

    Funny thing about chickens. Here the more yellow the chicken skin and meat is the healthier,richer,and better tasting the bird is. So they feed them lots of corn and marigold blossoms. As both will turn their skin and meat a rich shade of yellow. And their egg yokes are almost orange :) I can't taste the difference but the color did take some getting use to!! :)

    And that concludes our cultural lesson for today. Have a lovely spring day and make a bit of time for art. Speaking of art I have a job for Western Girl. I'll send ya an email.

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  • ~~Carol~~

    I've always wanted to raise some chickens too! Not to eat though. I just think they're such beautiful creatures. But that would be illegal here. So I will live vicariously through Julia and her chicken penitentiary!

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    Would love having a few chickens a two sheep for live fun for the corgi kids. They'd all get herded and exercised. And no grass to mow for me~
    These pics are wonderful, love 'em all!

  • Jen in NY

    I'd love to raise chickens too. Wouldn't it be so nice to gather pretty brown eggs in the morning? I think I'm a farm girl at heart. Anyway love the chicken pic...that boy is a tad scary!

  • Debra

    I love alll of the graphics today! I would love to hace chickens too-but I am sure Molly would never leave them alone!!
    That is quite a hat on that litle boy!!

  • Ms Sparrow

    I also aspire to having free-roaming chickens, scratching and clucking and fluttering around to entertain brighten my world.

  • ClassyChassy

    Had a look at Julia's coop - yikes! My hens are sure spoiled!!!

  • Angela

    I know Monica is loving the chicken pictures! She treats her chickens like queens! She gave them clean sheets just today!


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