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I'm not a Southern Beauty,
I'm not an Eastern rose;
I'm just a lil' Western Gal
With freckles on her nose.

Tuesday, March 23


Banner Haus News and Musings

Yesterday I went to Michael's crafts store to get a $1 journal. I have filled up one journal with Etsy sales already, thank'ee customers. At $1, the lil' journals can't be beat. 

I wanted one with a "K" on it, fer my last name. Ye'd think I could come out of the store with a K, correct? Wrong! Seems I wuz a bit confused between my K's and my R's. Been told it's an R. Back me up, a K is almost indistinguishable from an R, correct? Fine! My middle name is Rose, so there.

I have a cat who "knows her Z's" as we say. We have taught her that her name begins with a Z. She will look right at a Z if we write it down for her. RIGHT at it. Think I'll teach her what a "K" looks like and bring her along next time.

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I had no idea chicks were used as beasts of burden so often. The poor ol' thangs. Well, mayhap they were giving some lil' donkeys a rest.

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  • Bernie

    Well yes it is hard to tell the difference between an R and K ..... I mean we could all make that mistake, seriously I am sure we have. Have a great day sweetie.....:-) Hugs

  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    Oh I like those pretty chickies, and yeah, it's hard to tell between a K & R. But then again after hitting age 50 I can't seem to read squat anymore and come home all the time with the "wrong" things! Ah well...

  • Carmen C.

    YAY for you filling up journals with sales, way to go :-D
    Love the chicks and of course the forget me nots, I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  • Amrita

    Hi Holly, now you are minding your P&Qs too Ha...ha...ha!

    The chicks are so cute. Our temps climbed up to the 100s, you could fry an egg on the pavement.

  • sjhackney

    I couldn't ever make fun of you mistaking a K and R. Some mornings I comment on blogs while I'm not quite awake. I must always proofread or the messages can be alittle "wierd". Smile. Sally

  • Doris Sturm

    That's an oximoron: chicks as beasts of burden, poor little things! But it sure looks cute in a graphic, doesn't it?

    Well, what a great excuse for having to go back to Michael's for a K... I bet you planned that all along, even on a sub(un)conscious level (he, he, he)!

    Sorry, I'm picking on you, Holly...must mean that I like you :-)

    Have a great day, m'lady and maybe the Easter bunny will bring ye that yeller scarf?

  • Knitty

    I love coming to the Bannek Haus fok daily bits of news and pketty grakphics. I lire to loor thkough old grakphics on youk fokmek site too. Plus I love to tease you whenevek possible. Could you tell?


  • ~~Carol~~

    I once mistakenly brought home a wire and pearl K ornament from the Michael's dollar bin, thinking it was an R. So obviously be both need glasses!

  • Holly, the Old Western Gal

    CRUEL Knitty, most cruel!

    Hi donkey frens!

  • Dawn

    Oh good, that chick got help pulling the cart!

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    Sheesh! I'm all balled up now...K's looking like R's and such! My education only goes so far, and I'm totally corn-fused!
    A squirrel is sitting on the fence, right outside the window here....I need to send out the's eating my birdseed!
    Love the chicks of the day Holly!
    The colors are so pretty.

  • Rosemary

    I like your middle name!!
    I will get out in the sun like you say!! This sinus thing is driving me crazy!
    Chat soon,

  • Ms Sparrow

    I was kinda saddened by the weary intelligence in the chick's eyes. They are beasts of burden forced to haul their unhatched siblings around.
    Poor little things!

  • NancyD

    Love the chicks, thanks, Holly! OK, we are allowed a little slip once in awhile, K DOES look like R... at least to these eyes! When I was working I had the dickens of a time telling the 5 from 6 on the skew numbers, just too small I tell ya!! That's my story and I'm sticking to it :)

  • Debra

    Congrats on the Etsy sales!! Rose is a pretyy name so that R will work just fine!
    Love the little chicks!

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