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Thursday, March 4

Earring Winners and Another Strange Image

Banner Haus News and Musings

Who won? A couple of nice gals, that's who.

A new donkey fren and an old donkey fren! 


Thank'ee for playing! Email me with yr earring or ring choice from the Etsy shoppe along with yr addy! The email is in my profile...don't want to write it where those webcrawlers and spambots can find it...

By the by, some folks are wondering HOW they can get into the site I was mentioning - the place that pays a little bit of money fer articles you write. It has a bug in it -- you have to scroll down and look at the right bottom quarter, and there will be the login place, once you have registered. Just clicking "Login" at the top right does nothing. 

Not musing about much. I was glad to see the "severe and profound" special ed high schoolers on an outing at Walmart yesterday. They are too often hidden away. But yesterday was also the day the ambulatory elders at one of the big retirement homes visit the store. That means dozens of requests for help. It does no good to attempt to explain my usual "I work for Hallmark, not for Walmart" routine, which always ends with me pointing at my Hallmark Crown badge as a visual cue. Luckily I know every square inch of that store and can help them out. The real employees won't do a thing for them.

Vintage Postcard Image and Sidebar Image
Right-click to save, honey frens. 

I think this image -- "Echoing Call of the Cowgirl -- is actually more appalling than the human-headed chickens of the other day. If you click it, I think it will get bigger. Take a shot of whiskey first.

This is from last year. It is from the brush of a Japanese artist of long ago. What a talent!

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  • Mary

    I'm with ya, the bunnies are cuter for sure!

    You know, as a teenager I once worked for a discount store called Rose's and I tell you I worked my behind off back then! I don't understand the lack of concern the stores these days when it comes to customer assists. Do they really have that much else to do??? God bless you for helping out those folks even though you didn't have to. I'm glad there are still people like you in the world.

    Congrats to Carol and Squareby on your new ear bobs!

  • Bernie

    Congratulations to Carol and Squareby, well done....
    Oh I am not a fan of Walmart but I was pleased to read that you help folks who need as they shop there.....have a great day.....:-) Hugs

  • debbie

    hi holly,
    that girl looks like she was tied on to a wild horse and the horse bucked, ran, jumped fences for over 5 miles before the horse headed back to the barn....she doesn't know which way to look because she is still spinning and scared to death....or she has a wandering eye that acts up when she drinks whiskey with the boys....i wouldn't want her to shoot because she would kill the innocent one out of her right eye.

  • Marjorie (Molly) Smith

    Holly what a sweetie you are. It's the same at our Wal_Mart, finding help is like hunting hen's teeth, just ain't there. And they can't say they are busy stocking shelves, cause they are empty most of the time. I guess they are busy moving stuff around so you are having to constantly hunt for it I swear it ain't never in the same place 2 days in a row...aghhhh, I want to run from the store screaming pulling my hair out sometimes...plain and simple Wal-Mart sucks...
    Now that off my chest...feel so much
    I just want to say I love your little cowgirl...she looks like my kind of gal..all wild and raring to go.
    The bunnies are very cute too.
    Have a good day

  • Walk in the Woods

    Woo hoo - congratulations to ~~Carol~~ and Squareby! Lucky gals, indeed!

  • Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage

    Congratulations to the girls for winning your wonderful earrings! I love the bunnies. Have a wonderful day.


  • Carmen C.

    Congrats to the winners!!! You are so sweet helping folks out, our walmart has some nice, helpful employees but there a are a few there that are MEAN and wouldn't help someone if their life depended on it!

  • Doris Sturm

    Congratulations to the lucky winners. It's nice to know that people still use common courtesy and help one another just because we are all in this thing called "life" together - It really "chaps my hide" when I hear or see the "it's not my job" attitude....rrrrrrrgggg!

    But, the bunnies are so sweet and loveable looking - yep, Spring is on its way :-) I would love Spring a lot more if I didn't know all too painfully well that summer is right behind it and I detest Summers here - it means house arrest for Doris for the next 8 months.

    Have a wonderful day, M'lady, and contact me about getting your scarf crocheted, ok?


  • Amrita

    Hi8 Holly,Nice to hear about the special day in Walmart. Wish we had stuff like this here too....we are too over populted.

    Today around 65 people died in a stampedem min a temple in our district. The guru was having a special celebration and distributing free stuff to the hapless poor, but no crowd management.

    The cowgirl looks real mean

  • sjhackney

    I like the bunnies better too. Congrats to the winners! Sally

  • Dawn

    As a mom to two kids with special needs you get a great big hug and Thank You from me today!

  • Sarah

    That cowgirl has had one shot too many!

  • ClassyChassy

    You are very sweet to help out the folks like you do - even though you aren't an employee for the STORE - you are employed by a higher power. Does my heart good to hear of nice deeds like you have reported doing. Yep - the employees at those stores are lacking in courtesy and polite skills when it comes to assisting customers. We need more people like you in the world! Thanks for being "Out Standing In The Field!" (tee hee!)

  • Donna

    Congratulations to the lucky winners! And the face on that cowgirl. Oh my. What is she riding??? The whiskey didn't help me...

  • Knitty

    My friend works for Viking Sewing Machines which is housed within a Joann's ETC store. Most customers don't realize the difference there either. My friend and her co-workers are often the helpful employees on the floor. Sad commentary for the main stores. I realize the economy has dictated cutbacks but lack of friendly direction has to hurt sales too.

    I'm not sure what the cowgirl's expression is saying, but I am sure that I am glad she isn't saying it to me!

  • Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space

    Hello! This was fun to see! Blessings.

  • Tabitha@ichoosebliss

    I love your new blog Holly!!

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    I'm snagging the bunnies...that cowgirl looks like trouble to me~
    You're dang nice ol' western dame...but we already knew that!
    Happy for the winners who will delight in your earrings.

  • Gwen

    Yippe Ki Ya, me loving the cowgirl!

  • Crystal

    Now why am I not one bit surprised that it's *you* who helps the customers - and not the store employees?

    You are a treasure, Holly! :-)

    Now, about the Echoing Cowgirl...

    You are just too funny! There I was reading along with the description - never expecting the last line:

    "Take a shot of whiskey first."

    But it's ok; I'm a fast healer. Those black and blue marks I got when I suddenly fell off my chair laughing will be gone in no time! lol

    Crystal ;-)

  • Julia

    Don't know whether I am more afraid of the psyco come hither looking cow girl or the head-shrinker chicken beasts. Its a close call. I'd call it a tie in ghastliness.

    Now how can you ever go wrong with bunnies? Never. Well, except when Cadberry eggs are involved...

  • Ridgetatter

    Gee! I kinda like the 'crazed cowgal' After running a few barrels on a horse that had a habit of jumping the pipe fence instead of staying in the arena….well, I think I've probably HAD that look. LOL Or perhaps she was a bull rider, that would do it! In the old days (40's) the cowboys use to go in the corrals and knock back a fifth of Jack.
    I'm not recommending it ~ now days, a few of them are known to use a heavier drugs. But I digress.
    Yee Haw Yee Haw

  • ~~Carol~~

    Yippee! Thanks Western Gal! I've sent you my address.

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