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Thursday, March 25

Cascarones and Other Fun Eggie Games

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Easter is frightfully near! I ought to put the "countdown counter" on the sidebar.

I bet those of you who are into stamping and scrapbooking could make some very interesting stamped eggs!

Something else fun to do is to take a raw egg and toss it back and forth with another donkey fren. Keep stepping back, and throw sweetly and gently. Eventually, someone will miss or drop the egg. Cracking confetti-filled eggshells on one another's heads is also amusing. I have two dozen eggs ready to go.

Doggie wished to play.

Free Vintage Easter Image

Here we have two versions of an old postcard, featuring a bunny guarding eggs, mayhap a prairie chicken's. Conversely, he may be considering "borrowing" the eggs and coloring them.

If you click on them, a larger image will load.

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  • Carmen C.

    Love the bunny guards and your confettied doggie is sweet:) hard to believe it's almost Easter, I better get busy on my son's basket, lol, he said he didn't want a basket just some $$ of what I would spend on candy (how clever is THAT?) so I will give him a small basket with a little chocolate and a little $$$!

  • Amrita

    Dear Holly, If eggs were cheap, Iwould have certainly played raquet ball with them - and your game too.Unfortunately we can hardly afford them. ..twice a month.Ha...ha!

    Your doggie looks so cute. He would make a good friend for Sheeba.

    Like the bunnies.Have a good day Holly

  • Doris Sturm

    Time's running away from me - as usual - and before I know it Easter will have come and hopped away...

    Wishing you a lovely day, m'lady,
    Doris :-)

  • Debra

    Oh My! You dog looks sweet!
    Love the graphics!!

  • sjhackney

    We had chickens growing up and I remember tossing eggs back and forth. Is there anything harder to clean up than a egg? I think the more you try to wipe it up, the bigger it gets. Enjoy your day. Sally

  • Tabitha@ichoosebliss

    I love the postcards! They look beautiful!! Thank you for always checking in on me and uplifting me with your kindness..You will never know just how much it means to me.

  • Linda in New Mexico

    Cascarones.....yeah, one big ole mess, one fun time to be had. One year at a church at which I worked, I introduced the kiddos to the finer points of cascarones. Needless to say, the kids loved it, the parents thought I had lost my mind, and the janitorial staff never did forgive me for all the everywhere. TeeHee

  • Denise Marie

    Dearest Holly, you just totally rock and I can't believe a kid kicked ya!! Dadgummit!! lol

    I marvel at your gifting! The vintage images make me swoon. I've collected 2 of them. I had to have the bunnies playing baseball and got another rabbit image that makes me think of blogging buddies visiting.

    I think they were free to take but would gladly pay ya. Beagles are smart but they can't always figure out how to buy banners from donkey gals?

    would love help, Blessings dear cutie patootie!!

  • Walking on Sunshine...

    Love the images! And yes I can't believe Easter is here! But you know me, I'll be happy when we're all complaining that Christmas is almost here! Hope you're enjoying a good week!

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    I hope that you kicked that kid back!
    Sweet pics today, especially of your old dog with colored spots!

  • Angela

    I've bought lots of goodies to put in my kids Easter baskets so I'm ready I hope!!! lol It is getting harder with my 12 yr old daughter though.

    Lovely graphics!


  • Ms Sparrow

    Enough of the bunnies and chicks! How about some nice little spring lambs for a change? Just asking...

  • Dani

    Time is going by too fast..can hardly believe its almost Easter time.....thanks for the bunnies, they are so cute....

  • Nydia

    We used to throw an egg on the bushes to make the rain to stop, when I was a little girl. Sometimes it even worked! LOL
    Oh, loved your doggie all decorated with confetti!

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