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I'm not a Southern Beauty,
I'm not an Eastern rose;
I'm just a lil' Western Gal
With freckles on her nose.

Tuesday, March 2

A Rant, Three Lil' Chicks and A Frightening Easter Image

Banner Haus News and Musings

Take a look at this, donkey frens. Disturbing. I keep getting chills, especially after looking at the lil' ones a-peckin' over there on the right...

Anyone having chicken tonight?

Now, my rantlet. As if happening upon those human-headed chickens wasn't enough, last night I went over to Etsy to upload some of my earrings. 

I am really on the wrong track with my earrings. I try to make unique, pretty things. 

Evidently, I ought to be doing something like hanging erasers with push-pins stuck in them from earwires, and selling those for $50 a pair. Or taking a bunch of broken watch parts (looks like mayhap some donkey stepped on an old Timex) and glueing them any-old-how to a piece of ratty ribbon and calling it a necklace and putting a $110 price tag on it. Or hanging hairballs from hooks and selling are my dear lil' earbobs going to be seen in the midst of these hip angsty creations? 

Now, I have a bloggie fren, and bless her cotton-pickin' heart, she made a necklace where she glued a doll head to a salt shaker. I still have nightmares. Salt already runs my blood pressure up, but a discombobulated HEAD sitting on top of it? Honey frens, does that seem like a FRIENDLY piece of jewelry? I'd be scairt it would take a bite out of my neck while I wasn't looking. [Now, m'dear fren, if yr reading this, you know I love yr bloggie and yr art, except fer that one lil' piece! And too bad, so sad fer's yr art!]

I just want to get my flail, wrap a few more turns of barbed wire around it, and start swinging at those jewelry slackers! Maybe hold a six-shooter on 'em: "Git busy with some pretty beads, young-uns, or yr goin' to be pistol-whipped! Put down that thar GEAR and pick up a Swarovski crystal and start stringin'! NOW!"

Hmph!Well, I'm 451 years old (<---yep), this modern world is beyond me.

Well, I'm doing my part to combat jewelry discombobulation. You know the rules: You don't have to follow, don't have to do a thing, no tweeting, clicking, or hollering out yr front door, just comment if you want to win a pair of relatively NORMAL earrings [example below] from my Etsy shoppe (*clickable* link). International bloggie frens always welcome. Gentlemen, try to win them for yr wife! I'll put up the winner Thursday.

Don't matter if you won before, enter again! ANY comment enters ye.

Vintage Easter Postcard Graphic, and Some Free Sidebar Graphics

Three lil' chicks have hatched from pretty eggs, and seem to be having some strange emotions about it all. The front chick was later reincarnated as Winston Churchill.

The sidebar graphics are from last year. They are transparent images that will seem to just "sit" on yr blog or website background and thus match just about anything.

Right-click to save. 

32 bloggie frens have visited the Comment Corral:

  • Bernie

    Holly, your earrings are beautiful....I tried to find where you are showing them (did I mention I was computer illiterate) so will keep trying to find you on Esty.
    Thank you for the lovely photos you share with all of us.......:-)Hugs

  • Lady Farmer

    I am trying not to laugh so loud that I wake up poor Gentleman Farmer, but you are just too funny! Yes, human headed chickens are very scary~I'll keep my normal ones, thank you! And I have to agree about the wierd contraptions they sell (and buy?!) on etsy! Seems if people are hurting for money THAT isn't what one would purchase! (You couldn't pay me to take some of that stuff!)
    But I simply adore the beauties I received from you ~ and they are the only pair I can wear that don't hurt my ears! The fact that I already won a pair probably knocks me out of the running, but just in case, I would love to be entered in your giveaway for the NORMAL earrings! ;~}
    The next batch of chicks I get, I'm naming one Winston!

  • Mary

    Okay, I love the chicks and the bunnies, but those freaky chicky thingies, um not so much.

    And your jewelry doll, you just keep on doing what you're doing and disregard all that other odd stuff!

  • Cynthia K.

    Hi! Human-headed chickens, roosters - too hideous..

    There is so much truth to your rant...

    And Winston Churchill?! You're terrible!

    But funny...

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  • Crystal

    Oh Holly, you are so funny tonight! Somebody ought to be serving a meal with this show!

    I've never been to Vegas, but this must be what it's like at one of the comedy shows there! Thanks for the giggles! :-)

    Boy, do I hear ya on the "dryer lint" jewelry. And the sewing!! Have you ever seen some of the things sold as "dolls"? It's a scary scene these days when you search for handcrafted "art".

    Your earbobs are gorgeous!

    Crystal :-)

  • Barbara

    Morning Holly, Truer words about some of this jewelry have never been spoken and the prices are outrageous. I agree some people must have too much money in this down ecomony. I love the earrings I got from you...keep on keeping.

    You are funny!!!!!

  • Carmen C.

    You are on the RIGHT path with your lovely earbobs! I sure hope there aren't any human faced chickens running around these parts, those are the stuff nightmares are made of, LOL!

  • lynda

    These are so pretty! I would love a chance to win,,,thanks!

  • Walk in the Woods

    I *LOVE* your "relatively NORMAL earrings" and wear them frequently (well, I did 'til one vanished from my ear the other day ... but I'm sure it'll show up sooner or later). I was just considering make a purchase for a second (and third) pair! Maybe I win a pair instead!

    As for the rant ... please don't get me goin'! Just because I feel that *all* forms of creative expression are healthy and promote holistic wellness, doesn't mean that I feel all earn a space in the marketplace. Judging by much of what I see on the front page, it seems (with all due respect) that Etsy has evolved to honoring a "quality photo" above all else.

    Yet, I'm reminded that "one man's junk is another man's treasure." Ah well ... as I so, so often say to folk, "Whatever trips your trigger!"

  • Faith

    I'm living in a world I don't understand....I to am 458 years old. We came up in a different time you and I...Thank God....the chickens with the faces...deeesturbing...but love the little vintage chicks n bunnies.. Your earbobs are very pretty, and you have displayed them beautifully with the pearl vase and pink roses...what a pretty simple backdrop the showcase your creation..what are the stones in the earbob? Looks like lovely sea glass.....and yerself a loverly day.......Miss Holly

  • Amrita

    Holly, who are thos e people you' ve turned into chicken? The man looks like a cuz of Hitler or Saddam H. Pre-Winston Chruchill looks cute. Better than his latter trappings actually.

    No I am making garden fresh veg soup, potato salad and chicken salami sandwiches tonight.
    Used the Italian dressing from you....gave it a violent shaking and it blended. Real fun.

    My Mom' s friend visited this evening. She nice and brings us a lot of gossip too. Good company.Sent a bag of veggies and a woman' s mag. with her.
    The earrings are adorable

  • SueLovesCherries

    I like your "Western" style earrings much better! Problem is, I only wear them to church on Sunday; that is, if I remember to. My long hair hides them most of the time, anyways!

    I'm so glad you're "back"! The first few days of Bannerhaus were a little strained, but now you've let your true colors fly again - yahoo!

  • Tammy

    I think you are on the right track with your ear-bobs...they are ever lovely...I wear my pair that I bought from you a lot!♥

  • Linda

    Love your regular earrings. I am really old too and think that may be the difference! Would love to wear those beauties in my ears!!

  • sjhackney

    Holly, I absolutely love your earbobs, count me in! Your pic of the human-headed chicken is so demented that I will print it out and show it to my grandkids when they come home today. I'll tell them that they will get one of these chickens for supper if they act up. hehe! You gave me a good laugh today. Love, Sally

  • Donna

    I think your earrings are gorgeous! But what do I know because I am 893 years old! I totally agree with you on some of the odd things that younger folks are selling on etsy. Perhaps it is all those years of eating handfuls of medications for ADD that have "add"led their brains. Just saying, LOL!

  • Julia

    I swear I am like 1489 years old cause I've even worse things to say about the "youngins." Your are totally right when it comes to the effort on jeweler and "fashion." Let's just leave it at that.

  • ClassyChassy

    I hear ya about the jewelry offered for sale, but many other strange things show up on etsy - and the big prices the artists demand are being paid! Guess the ideas of art and creativity are changing with the times....Perhaps I should photograph my Corgi girls and add blood-dripping chicken brains in place of their sweet little faces? What a (not) great greeting card photo that would make!

  • NancyD

    I have so much fun visiting you blog! :) I'm with you, Holly, I don't like the ridiculous...some people really march to their own beat, don't they??? Your earbobs are darling, traditional. I do tend to like the primitive-styled dolls though, unlike a lady here, but again that is totally my rythm! LOL As always, thanks for the "rant", your graphics are wonderful today. Never enough bunnies, I always say. Ü

  • ~~Carol~~

    Now THOSE are earrings that I would wear! You crack me up! I would love to see the earrings with hairballs on hooks. I have a real problem with Etsy. I feel that most of it is WAY overpriced.
    I'm going to have to take that chicken image, but I won't put it on my blog. I wouldn't want to scare anyone. But it's like something so horrifying that you can't look away. I will keep it safely locked away in a folder on my computer!

  • Holly, the Old Western Gal

    Laughing myself sick at the comments today...

  • Sarah

    Chickens creepy...earrings gorgeous!

  • Gwen

    We were gonna have chicken tonight, but now I am thinking about the whole cannibalism thing and sort of freaking. On the other hand, nope, that is it, I am out of pithy things ta say.

    RE earrings: screw them. Different strokes for different folks. Different bobs for different jobs. Some of us etsy buyers are way past the age of making mistakes, we don't need to wear erasers on our ears!

  • Holly, the Old Western Gal

    Dang it, tho, Gwen, you look real good with erasers dangling from yr ears...

  • xashee's corner

    this is what i have soooooooooooooo missed!! Thanks soooooooo very much for sharing the giggles this morning! AND some GREAT graphics too! oh how i laugh with your posts AND the comments you get here! it is truly WONDERFUL! as are your earbobs!! Thanks, too, for the chance to win such LOVELIES!! Have a TERRIFIC Monday! :D

  • Country Whispers

    I'd much prefer your normal than the latest fashion trends. Same with the clothing now a days. It's just down-right scary out there!

  • Angela

    Hey Holly!

    Those sure are some creepy looking chickens with human heads! Love the bunnies though!

    Please enter me in your giveaway! It is scary what people are doing these days to their faces with the lip piercings and all. Just sayin!


  • Rosemary

    That is a scary picture!!
    I don't get that Etsy thing either.
    The weirder the better I guess.

  • squareby

    Oh my, you are one heck of a riot. I wear a lot of earrings, and I do confess I own a couple of ridiculous pairs, but they're more along the lines of ginormous and sparkly than severed doll head. However, erasers as earrings would work well for a teacher costume on Halloween. Your etsy store is beautiful, by the way - very wearable but cute pieces.

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    With the current rage in Twilight, Trueblood, and all things vampire....the jewelry reflects that somewhat.
    Heck, I wear your earrings to work at least twice a week, out of my four days. I have a nice selection to pick from, as does my MIL~
    We swapped your earrings at Christmastide.
    Love your text crazy cuckoo headed donkey fren you~

  • Judi

    Nah, I don't want no furballs hanging off my ears or any other parts! Maybe ya'll can contact me so ins I can buy me a banner for my shop ~ ye know where I is!!! Judi

  • The Joy of Nesting

    Ohhhhh my Little Donkey Friend,

    I fall behind a day or two and miss all the fun. Now you listen here Missy, Dragonflies don't have teeth so you tell me how they are going to bite you in the neck???? HUH???? Oh and I know you well enough to know that you have had plenty of times where you have wondered what would something look like if you just replaced this for that!! :) Oh and one more thing you tell me how come you didn't get nightmares playing with those dollies made out of corn cobs when you were a wee sprout running around the barn yard!!! Hmmmm?? Okay I've got to quit now it's getting way to hard to hold a straight face ha hahaaaaaaa haa haaa now look what you've done!!

    Not to worry little sister I know ya still love me, and I've already added saltshaker dragonflies and Mexican Catrina dolls to the list of things that sketch you out! :)

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

    PS Oh and the chickens with faces now that is what nightmares are made of!!!

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