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Sunday, March 28

Vintage Dusty Roses Images and Goodbye, Best Pea Salad in Texas

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As if the recent shock of seeing my childhood homes gone wasn't enough, we drove by Cattleman's Steakhouse today, only to see that it is CLOSED. PERMANENT-LIKE. Out of business.

It was an old-timers hangout, looked dreadful. George W ate there. Million-dollar deals, maybe billion-dollar ones, too, were done across its formica-topped tables, back in the "oil boom," when all the big oil companies were swarming all over Midland and the living was high, very high. I didn't see those times, wasn't here then, but the Midlanders tell of it, constantly. They are not understanding that those times are not coming back. But Cattleman's being closed, that's a body blow to the city. Changes, changes.

Free Vintage Calling Card Images

You know, I ought to offer these images in PDF format, so that the resolution could be greater. I always offer png format, because that's what I like to work with due to my love of making some of the images "transparent" in places. 

But for now, they are just lil' pngs. Right-click to save. They will enlarge if regular-clicked, I do believe.

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