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I'm not a Southern Beauty,
I'm not an Eastern rose;
I'm just a lil' Western Gal
With freckles on her nose.

Sunday, March 14

Take Time

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Did you remember to, lil' donkey frens?


Some people deride donkeys. Some still think I'm evoking something negative when I mention donkeys. Donkeys are smart. I find them lovable, good, steady, wise and just plain decent animals. They'll work their hearts out for you.

For those into the Good Book, kindly recall that Mary rode on a donkey to get to Bethlehem...Jesus was born in a manger...and rode into Jerusalem on a donkey on what is now known as Palm Sunday. Take a look at any donkey, and observe they all wear a cross on their withers and back!

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This lovely lady is remembering to take time for the sweet lil' things in life. Click to enlarge. You can save either size, lil' frens.

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  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    I think it's probably because in several cultures to call someone a donkey is a bit derogatory. You know the whole jackass thing. That and Gordon Ramsey on tv calls people a donkey when he's basically calling them idiots. The reference doesn't bother me but I think some negative connotations are connected to it.

  • Amrita

    I the cute donkey.In my country they are used as beasts of burden , now in the rural areas mostly, otherwise the dhobid or laundrymen used them to carry clothes to be washed to the riverside or wash houses.
    The pooor animals were really not esteemed, they are so gentle.
    There is a proverb in Hindi which compares a lonely forsaken person to a donkey abandoned by a laundryman who neither belongs at home or the washing house. How sad.

    Thanks you for your comforting words to me Holly.

  • Doris Sturm

    Good morning :-)

    I love the Easter Greeting graphic with all those beautiful blossoms. Those remind me of my childhood when I was growing up in Germany. On our property we had many fruit trees when they all bloomed at once, it was like Paradise. Easter was my second most favorite holiday (right behind Christmas) and my dad was THE BEST easter egg hider ;-)

  • ~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~

    Hi Holly, ok-ok, I fess up!!! I'll admit it~there are T W O donkeys in the pasture that run the length of our driveway:) They are brothers named Colors and Blue. Donkeys are natural born protectors of sheep/goats and will stomp to death any coyotes, etc that get into the pasture.


  • Carmen C.

    I love donkeys, some can be stubborn but they are hard workers! I used to work with a gal that had one as a pet, he was quite ornery but she loved him just the same:) Love the image, and I do that too, every May you can find me out back with my nose up the apple blossoms!!!!

  • Holly, the Old Western Gal

    A "Jack" is a male donkey. A female is a "Jenny." I won't speculate too much further.

    Every time I hear what someone "on TV" is doing or saying, I'm even happier I don't have one and haven't for DECADES. Seems like a downer scene, including so-called comedies!

    Amrita, how sad a saying about the abandoned donkeys!

    Sue kindly pet yr beautiful lil' watchdonkeys for me!

    Now I am off to Lubbock to see about some donkey property.

  • Debra

    I love donkeys- they are so cute! And they do a lot of good work- would love to have one my self someday!!

  • Faith

    We like the little donkey's at our place...too..
    They have a noble beginning, carrying Mary and the babe Jesus...

  • sjhackney

    Such a cute donkey! I grew up on a farm but we didn't have a donkey. I think they are gentle creatures, but if we had one, it would probably get spoiled and be ill tempered. Have a good Sunday. Sally

  • Knitty

    People should remember that how a word or name is spoken (used) reveals the intention of the speaker (writer). I have never been offended by the term donkey. Most of us love dogs, yet it once a common term of derision to call someone a "dirty dog". Let's not forget the "B" word. I don't want just anyone calling me that, but I have good friends who use that term with humor and even *gasp* affection. :D They mean it as a term for strong women who stand up for themselves, women who were once derided for not "knowing their place" in a former society.

    You can call me anything you'd like, just keep that flail in your flail pocket. :D

  • Amrita

    Actually there is good new. The animal protection groups in India is making sure that working donkeys are being treated well.One doesn 't see them on the streets anymore.

  • Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls

    We just booked a trip to St John is our 5th visit! Donkies run wild on the island......I have lots of pictures of them.....they will come right up to your car fact the villa we rented had a large iron gate to keep the donkies off the property.....when we drove up for the first time to the villa we saw a sign on the gate that said "no asses allowed" my husband and I both looked at each other and burst out laughing!!!!

  • Bernie

    I love donkeys but then I love everything it seems......cannot believe anyone could be mean to any animal........:-) Hugs

  • Buttercup

    I've never thought about donkeys very much before, being the city gal that I am, but I am happy to counted in their company, if I am good enough. I pray to be "lovable, good, steady, wise and just plain decent." Holly, thanks for giving me a good refocus. Always appreciated. My next trip is to Maryland to meet up with blog buddies next month. I am very excited.

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    When we drove through Custer Forest, in South Dakota, the little dears, the donkey gang, came up to our car windows and stuck their heads in, giving Jake quite a scare. I got some pics of course. I always wanted a burro, and love the white cross on the donkey backs. Hope you find what you're looking for dear fren, in Lubbock.

  • Jen in NY

    Lovely picture today. Makes me think of the delightful smells of spring!

    You know, half the fun of coming to your blog is reading all the comments people leave you! OK, maybe not half, but it's definitely up there. You've got some funny and interesting followers!

  • Country Whispers

    I've been wondering when you would share some donkey graphics with us!
    Yes, we remembered to spring forward. I prefer to get that extra hour of sleep when we fall back but the longer days will be greatly appreciated.

  • craftychick

    Well well well!! I been wondering where they heck u went!! LOL the boys send their kisses to Auntie Holly!! Hope all is well, love the new blog!! A male donkey is a Jack and a female is Jenny but u probably already know that! LOL
    HUGS my friend!!

  • Brenda Leyland

    Hey there.... I hadn't been around for a wee while (not blogging as much as I'd like, as there are other things needing attention).... so I didn't realize you'd moved to a new blog until today!

    I like it....... AND I enjoyed your comments about donkeys. I like donkeys, not that I know any personally and up close, but I do look into the Good Book, as you call it, so I'm thinking maybe donkeys are one of those 'foolish' things God is known to use to confound the 'wise'.


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