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Friday, March 19

Postcard Makeovers, and Tweeting At Work

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I often get comments and questions about where I find the vintage images I post. Those lil' donkeys who have been part of the herd fer awhile know that not only do I collect vintage images, but I also hunt them down on the Internet, rope 'em, and then free them. "Giddyup! Git! Out ye go!"

I also get comments about tweeting and texting at work. I scan in and out to tweet, to assist the elderly by walking them to the item they want, and to use the restroom. I have been standing out of the way, messing with my phone, after helping all sorts of folks, and on my own time, and dead tired to boot, only to have someone walk up and say something snide about "stop playing with yer phone" and demanding help. I don't even look up. "Ma'am, I don't work here and I am off work besides." But I get extremely flushed, which sort of ruins the effect. My donkey ears get blood red. With a badge, apron, cap, and two nametags all saying the word HALLMARK on them, you would think these folks could figure out I don't work at Walmart or Walgreens. YOU'D THINK!

Free Vintage Image

Here is an example of a well-loved antique card, before and after I messed with it. The hen looks good but the gal is a bit worn, a victim of flaking.

Right-click to save. If'n you click it regular first, it will load up a larger image. Bear in mind that originally, these vintage cards were quite vivid. We are used to them faded.

19 bloggie frens have visited the Comment Corral:

  • Bernie

    Holly I do hope those rude people will just leave you just don't deserve those rude comments.
    Love this post card my friend. Have a wonderful day and ignore, ignore, ignore those idiots........ah God bless them they really don't know any better.......:-) Hugs

  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    Oh my you've been on a roll lately! My ears do the same thing when I get mad too by the way. Have a great weekend. ;)

  • Anvilcloud

    That's quite a difference. Very good. Now get back to work, eh.

  • Carmen C.

    Where are people getting their "rudeness" from these days? You need to maybe keep a HALLMARK badge in hand so you can flash it right in front of their eyes:D
    That's a beautiful lil' gal feeding the chicks!

  • Doris Sturm

    Holly, I have worked in customer service most of my life and you just have to learn to laugh it off or else you'll grow angry, and we don't want that. Buy yourself a big ole hat for when you're off duty that says: "Go Away!" or "Leave me Alone" in big letters - maybe they'll stop bugging you - he, he,'re the best! That's what you get for having a sweet and approachable face - keep in mind that these old people are probably lost and desperate - all they know is that you're young and it's your duty to help them - regardless!

    Don't worry - be happy! and don't fergit yer yeller scarf!
    Doris :-)

  • Holly, the Old Western Gal

    It's ladies my own age that give me grief! I think mayhap they are used to unhelpful staff. But I got a few "direct tweets" from complete Twitter strangers who took me to task for tweeting at work, without even realizing I "scan out" to do it! Get the horsewhip! But it's a good lesson fer me about the oddness of the virtual world!

  • Amrita

    Who are these meddlesome people? Why can 't they mind their own business. Feel so bad for you Holly. You do a good turn helping the aged and infirm.
    Lovely vintage display here.
    I am off to a prayer meeting but I posted a picture of some common frens on my blog.

    Abd by the way today is WORLD SLEEP DAY.
    So here' s wishing you lots of sound restful sleep.

  • Dawn

    Great restoration on this card Holly.

    I hope you know I was just joking about tweeting while stocking cards yesterday! I figured you were off the clock on breaks. It's just interesting to hear all you see at work. It was actually a compliment about multi-tasking'cause I can't walk and chew gum at the same time!

  • Holly, the Old Western Gal

    Dawn, my bloggie frens are allowed to rib me! These are Twitterfools I never even heard from before!!!

  • Debra

    That just goes to show that things are not always as they appear. When I lost my hair to chemo treatments I had a woman come upo to me and ask why in the ---- I would shave my head!
    When she l;earned the real reason I was bald she fely pretty sheepish! People should know the facts before they open there mouths!
    Lovely graphic this morning!

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    The "public" is perhaps the most cruel, and demanding, because they can do it all anonomously...think I spelled that wrong...anyhoo, 'cause they just can!
    Mankind, overall, is pretty ok, but there are many who make you shake your head...wonder about, drop your jaw over, and despise!
    Love how you remake these old postcards. Girl, you've got a good eye and talent for it.
    We appreciate your lovely efforts and their wonderful results.
    Now...about that dreaded public....
    I'm thinking a sack of potatoes could make you feel all better...there's a lot of mufflers out there in the parking lot...go at it, and get happy! ( always works for me!)

  • sjhackney

    Holly, you cleaned up that little girl right purty! She is so sweet and so are you. Thanks for helping those older people too. Yesterday at Wal-Mart, an older gal need soap off the top shelf. When I handed to her, I gave her a coupon for it too. She started to weep alittle and I told her it was only a dollar. I'm glad she kinda laughed then. Amazing how a couple nice gestures makes a person feel good. Enjoy the day. Sally

  • Knitty

    Bitter people assume the worst and don't think to ask something politely. A rude shopper snipped at me last week in the fabric dept at Joann's. Why she thought I worked there when I had a jacket on and was carrying a purse is beyond me!

    I am flaking and fading a bit myself. Could you schedule me for a makeover? Take a few pounds off while you're at it and I'll give you a big tip.

  • Ms Sparrow

    You did a beautiful job on the girl and chicks. I will be sure to use it on my blog. Your generousity certainly brightens a lot to blogs!
    (The little girl reminds me of Snow White in the original Disney movie.)

  • Dani

    I worked with the public for years...most back in the 70s and 80s......people weren't too bad then but I think its gotten worse as far as can only hope it starts going the other way....

  • Lady Farmer

    It hasn't changed since I worked for Hallmark. People are used to 'vultures' when they don't want help and when they do need help, the place is empty of employees. I knew the stores and merchandise better than the employees anyway, so I helped the customers. I don't remember anyone being so rude to me as they are to you. Sorry to hear that.
    Love the card! Thanks for sharing your talents and collections!

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    Holly, there are some donkey frens you can take on my blog today. Am emailing your some flower faces today too.

  • Holly, the Old Western Gal

    Gosh that baby donkey is the cutest thing, my corgi-maniac fren!

  • Walk in the Woods

    Wow - so cool - seeing the before and after. You are amazing!

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