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I'm not a Southern Beauty,
I'm not an Eastern rose;
I'm just a lil' Western Gal
With freckles on her nose.

Saturday, March 13

Lovely Irish Angel

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Happy news that bloggie fren Molly's old Labrador retriever, Levi, is back home after being missing for days. He ain't in great shape but Labs are tough. When our pets go missing it just puts a terrible anguish on our hearts.

I would like to say here, that if you've ever lost an animal, and have that sad feeling that you don't know whatever happened to your pet, I will tell you that I have rescued over 150 animals over the past 30 or so years, including many that the vets said were purebreds. They were obviously pets, and since this mostly happened in the days before microchipping and the Internet and such, I was not able to trace the animals to their original owners, but they were cared for, cleaned up, and adopted out. I know that sad feeling won't abate, but there's still a chance a lost loved companion was found (I even found rats) and had a happy ending. My husband rescued many himself, too, before I knew him. I have met quite a few that did so.


If you're enough lucky to be Irish, you're lucky enough. 
        ~Irish Saying

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An Irish angel rests on her swing of lucky clovers and fergit-me-nots. Right-click to save it this size. Regular-click to let a larger image load, then save with the right-click. The large image is really pretty, I think.

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  • Bernie

    I think you are an angel in disguise taking care of lost animals and I am sure this post brings much comfort to many. Love this Irish Angel........:-) Hugs

  • Anvilcloud

    I wonder how many were deliberately abandoned. I hate that.

  • Holly, the Old Western Gal

    Bernie, thank'ee. My rescuing has slowed way down due to various factors, but I have rescued maybe 15 the past 8 years.

    Anvilcloud I rescued many, many strays/abandoned/wild but quite a few were obviously just lost. I will say that I rescued one that WAS eventually traced, to New York, because she was wearing tags, and I found her in Tucson, Arizona. But her owner had passed away in the interim. I would gladly horsewhip anyone who abandons an animal.

  • Amrita

    I am so glad the dog got back.
    Sheeba did not have a repeat of the shivering/pain spell after yesterday 's vet visit.

    God bless your heart as you rescue and take care of animals.

    I have a confession to make. Seeing your lovely angel make me feel guilty, because I am feeling very un-angel like right now. Had an eletricity problem and did my utmost to fix it -which is hard.After I fixed it ,my Mum kept repeating the very obvious things , was silent for a while, ( and I have this cold coming on)and when I could not stand it any more I spoke to her in an irritated manner.Nothing good dwells in me...Roman 7

  • Carmen C.

    The angel is beautiful, alot like you:) bless you for rescuing all those lost fur friends, I can't stand to hear about people who abandon animals, and when I worked at the vet clinic I sure heard some horror stories! When you hear about those that abuse or abandon animals you wonder where their soul is, they don't seem to have one:(

  • Angela

    Hey Holly!

    Your little Irish girl is pretty indeed!

    I'm so glad that Molly's dancing bear came home too! What a relief! Now, you are going to have to bring your horse whip over to my house! I believe someone dropped another cat off at my house just a few days ago! Cat's really don't fare well in the woods. Yes, my house looks all nice and welcoming and they can see that we have kids that would probably love a good cat. But.... There are the dogs! My girls HATE cats! They kept running up the side of the hill. I thought they were chasing squirrels but no. They had a cat stuck up in a tree! I couldn't get the girls to come down long enough for the cat to escape until around 10 pm that night! Poor kitty cat. Hopefully it made it ways to my neighbor down the road who has a good dozen of cats of her own.

    Hope you have a Great Weekend! I know I won't as we are flooded in and can't go anywhere.


  • ~~Carol~~

    I've found a couple lost pets too and it's such a gratifying feeling to be able to return a pet to it's owner and.....wait a minute. Back up. You've found rats??? Rats that were pets? Well bless your animal-lovin' heart! Every creature needs to be loved, even rats!

  • sjhackney

    Holly, you're such a good gal for your animal rescues. Thanks for the Irish lady pic. Have a great weekend. Sally

  • Linda

    I love to hear that about rescuing animals. My cat Emily went missing last summer and I keep praying she was found and loved and in a new home now. Miss her still.

  • Rosemary

    Glad to hear the dog is back!!
    Have a great weekend,

  • Ms Sparrow

    I've taken in lots of stray cats and dogs over the years. Having a free pet show up at your door is like finding a pot of gold.

    Bless you for all your work in finding homes for animals. Only the best people do things like that!

  • Marjorie (Molly) Smith

    Aww thanks Holly, I was so glad to see my big boy. DH finally put the Beagle in her pen and he stays around her all day and night. He was so glad to see his soul I said in my blog they were insperable. Don't know how he got away from her, unless someone back behind our house on the other road had him tied up. It had been known to happen,
    Thanks for your help with out lost animals.

  • Doris Sturm

    Hello there - I made it in! I'm happy to report I've upgraded my Internet and after Monday, I may be able to download quicker - we'll see!

    Lovely photo of the little angel and I'm so happy the dog and his owner got reunited. I know how much it hurts to have a pet lost, not knowing where they are or if they're's heart wrenching. They are a part of our family and tug on the same heart strings. I love happy endings.
    Have a wonderful weekend M'lady :-)
    Doris, Gizzy and Middi

  • Gwen

    Can I give you a hug? Both of my furry babes are rescues and we are always opening our door for the occasional lost one or stray. We are thinking of bringing in a homeless bunny rabbit this week. The only thing that has me hesitating is how he will be treated by the dogs.

  • Holly, the Old Western Gal


  • Walk in the Woods

    I will help you horsewhip.

    Glad Levi is back home and my prayers, intentions and love go out to him and his. Poor baby.

    And I love the Irish angel ... she's gracing my blog at present. :)

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    You really do have a mushy heart when it comes to animals, he hee.
    You have a good soul Holly girl, and animals are nicer than most people anyway!
    It's wonderful that you've helped so many.
    Doesn't matter the breed or the story, but that they found a kind heart and care along their journey.
    Your Irish lass is a real beauty.
    There's not Irish anything in our gene pool, but still love the wearin' of the green and shamrocks.

  • The Joy of Nesting

    OWG Rosey here,

    You are a very good human animal!! Besides the 5 dog menagerie here at the house, we will start to get calls from the hotels to come get the duck hatch-lings. They hatch on the 3 islands then swim across to the mainland to feed in the marsh lands that aren't there any more. Soooo Martha and I will go pick up these critters take them home feed them till they are a bit bigger. Then it's off to the little ranch to be turned loose in the lagoon! :)

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  • Debra

    I did not realize you had rescued so many animals. Your kindness & compassion are so wonderful! We are so lucky to know you and be able to share in your kindness!

  • Davine

    Oh I agree isn't it devastating when a pet goes missing. Thank you for being there for them.

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