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Tuesday, March 30

The Importance of Eggses, and Some Vintage Easter Lass Images

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I'm dreadfully behind in the things I like to do -- drawing, making bloggie posts, anwering emails, and the like. All my free time is being spent spring cleaning and writing article after article after article for I'll write about practically anything. Yesterday I wrote about green amethysts, mulching, bangles, lasers, and vocational training in boiler repair in the UK, along with several articles that now escape me. Words run into my poor brain, then out through the fingertips, and away...

Old Time Sayings About Eggs
Egg on yer face
Walking on eggshells
Goose egg (lump)
Goose egg (zero)
Last one in is a rotten egg
She's a good egg
Egg in yer beer
Don't put all yer eggs in one basket
Nest egg

For the other "The Hobbit" fans -- remember poor ol' Gollum, and how he'd say "eggses"?

Free Vintage Images

Lil' gal with a big egg, and an old French postcard with a mademoiselle blowing a kiss. If clicked, a larger image will load fer each. Right-click any image to save it.

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  • Bernie

    Hi sweetie, I have heard of all these expressions except egg in yer beer....what does this mean? Okay so I am a bit slow..grins

    Thanks for all the lovely pictures you give us, so appreciated my friend....:-) Hugs

  • Crystal

    Hi Holly :-)
    I love your "egg" sayings. I have a slight variation on one of them that may bring a laugh...

    My mother had 6 children. Often, as she said "goodnight" to us, she'd add: "First one up in the morning is a rotten egg!"

    Bless her! It couldn't have been easy. ;-)


  • Carmen C.

    BOILER REPAIR IN THE UK?????? I always knew you were smart and talented but wow, this blows my mind!!! The graphics are wonderful and have a great day, make some time for what you enjoy!!!

  • Debra

    It's wonderful you are so knowledgeable!! I am amazed at how well you are doing at writing!!
    I love the egg sayings! Didn't realie there were so many!!
    Great vintage graphics!!

  • Anvilcloud

    I have read LOTR out loud ti Cuppa any number of times and always enjoy trying to Gollum-speak.

  • Walk in the Woods

    @Carmen C - I took a pause myself at reading THAT as well. She's really something, that beloved Holly of ours. What exactly, is yet to be seen. :)

  • Julia

    I've never seen a list of egg sayings so you have made a nice list. I always like the eggs in a basket saying myself, it's a good way to live.

    Ella always calls eggs "eggers," as in "I don't want to eat my eggers!"

    Ungrateful little child....

  • Denise Marie

    terrific post, Holly!! We are HUGE Hobbit fans, Lord of the Rings...can't get enough of around here. We crack up about the Shire folk wanting to eat about 6 times a day...11ses?..does he know about 11ses? lol You know trying to feed 2 pre-teen boys and all.

    I didn't know there was green amethysts. Very interesting. I'm gonna have to look that up because Amethyst is my birthstone but green is my fav color (peridot).

  • Carrie P.

    cute egg sayings. Thanks for sharing the Easter graphics.

  • sjhackney

    Boiler repair...Hmm... You are versed in quite a few different subjects. Take time to smell the flowers today. Sally

  • Ms Sparrow

    Hi Holly, I signed up with TextBroker but haven't had the nerve to try and submit anything yet. It's so intimidating! I feel like it would take so much research to write a small article that it's not worth the time. How finicky are they?

  • Holly, the Old Western Gal

    Halloo donkey frens and dearies!

    Bernie, that saying is pretty obscure: "Egg in yer beer" -- person who wants to be treated special, kind of demanding. "Next ye'll want egg in yer beer, I suppose..." [not speaking of YOU, hon!!!]

    We forgot "egg someone on..."

    Let's egg Carmen on. She has gone over the edge and is sanding her her bloggie...

    Debra, I'm amazed at that site. They actually do pay for writing! All my years of being a crazy bookworm are paying off (pennies on the dollar, but hey!)...

    Laughing at Crystal's mom's saying...WHY do kiddos get up so durned early? It's awful...

    AnvilCloud, I'd be interested in hearing your Elven voices, when Legolas or Elrond speak. Elrond, mighty among elves and men!!!

    WITW...ow...yes, what will I become when I grow up? tee hee

    Our cat Hadji is also named "The Hobbit," aka "Hoglet" because he's really small and eats 3 breakfasts, four lunches, and as many dinners as he can get...Denise, I had forgotten elevenses!!! Don't waste yer money on "green amethyst," it's just a heat-treated quartz...oops, I mean it's a rare and lovely stone also known as prasiolite, you should buy it!!!

    Hi Carrie P! Thank'ee!

    Hi Sally m'dear m'dear!!! Yes, spending a lot of time outside today, going to be 96 degrees!!!

    Julia tell Ella to eat her eggers RIGHT NOW so her hair stays shiny!

  • Amrita

    Thank you Holly for your eggy post, very cute graphics

  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    That is one big egg indeed! Glad that you are making some money writing - do you do research on the topics to write or is that just general knowledge that fills yer noggin?? :)

  • Doris Sturm

    Hello - sorry for being late - I loved your eggs sayings...and enjoyed your images of the girls, especially the first one of the little girl in the green dress holding that huge egg. I wonder, are those buttercups in there?
    Wishing you a wonderful Easter week, m'lady :-)

  • Dawn

    Love the blue of that first egg. I want a car that color! I've always wanted a blue car but speical ordering one from a dealer isn't in my realm of finances.

    I'm glad the writing is working for you. I checked out the sight but chickened out, no pun intended.

    I am a master at walking on eggshells.

    Enjoy you spring weather.

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    Holly, I'd LOVE to read some of your articles. You're so clever, and wordy, and humorous, and have such an array of interests and knowledge about so many things. Multi-faceted, fits you to a T.
    You're a good egg. Seldom caught with egg on her face. Thanks for egging us on with such a dandy post and beautiful pics today!

  • Dawn

    Saw Denise Marie's new header at Bloomin' or should I say at What's Bloomin' at Beagle Run Cottage? Great job!

  • Bhavesh Chhatbar

    You are just amazing, Holly. You're creative with graphics, with language, everything.

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