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I'm just a lil' Western Gal
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Friday, August 6

Shockingly Adding Ads, and Winners

Argh! What I just "hate" about giveaways is reaching in the bowl and pulling out just one winner.

It gets me nervous, and it disrupts the karmic flow on the bloggie. So I got my son to pick two winners. It's not great, but it's a bit better! I'd wish I could make everyone a necklace. I got a lot of valuable advice in those comments.

AkasaWolfSong and Miss Peach, send me yer addy and I will send along an Autumn Jumble Necklace to you. My email addy is in my profile.

I have loads of beads coming that I ordered very quickly when a BIG OL' GOOGLE ADSENSE check came my way, and am going to keep forcing offering the Jumbles for giveaways up thru Christmas. World domination through jewelry!

You will notice ads on my bloggie now. Yes, over on the sidebar. Some will remember the big fit I had when Google was sneaking around looking at where visitors went, through the ads somehow. But they have a way to opt out of that now. I have tried to put the "filter" in place so that tacky ads will not be shown, but it's taking awhile to work. My apologies fer sticking ads on here, but Google did change their settings so I can now place them without letting Google "follow" you around like it loves to do. And I cannot resist the money. BEAD MONEY. I am weak, donkey frens. Very weak. BEADS are my weakness.

This is from a vintage card. Right-click to save. Altered a bit. Gets bigger when regular-clicked, or can be placed a sidebar and "shrunk to fit."

19 bloggie frens have visited the Comment Corral:

  • Dawn

    Very interesting tree! It grows a bit of everything! I noticed the ads the other day.(don't see any now though) They don't bother me. If I had a bead fetish I'd do ads too!

  • Jane

    Sounds like a great way to get some extra cash!


  • Amrita

    Congrats to th e 2 winners. Now you wear your necklaces with pride. They are really unique.

    Holly you are really compu savvy. I am mile s behind. Tried all options but the pictures I lost are gone. At least I have some save d on my PC.

  • sallypaper

    Congrats winners! Keep on with those fall pics...I love them. Today our temps will only get to 80...woohoo! I understand your bead weakness. Mine is all kinds of paper bits. I'll be watching for your necklace listing. I can't wait to order one. Have a great day. Smiles, Sally

  • Carmen C.

    I DO remember that fit, LOL, but hey, money is money and it's all good! Congrats to your winners and have fun bead shopping;)

  • Nydia

    Congrats lucky girls!!! I know you'll love her creation! :o)

    Hmmm... Google money... Never thought of it, Holly, you need to teach me if it's worthy for me too!

    Kisses and love from the pack.

  • Donna

    I understand the need for beads!

  • Faith

    Congratulations to the lucky winners.....:)
    Have a good weekend Miss Holly

  • Anvilcloud

    Go for the ads. Most of us will never see them anyway, nevermind click. I'm into Gmail constantly and very seldom even realize that there are ads on the page.

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    Ads? Where are they?
    Oh, those lucky ducks, that necklace was really something!
    So glad that you've found a way to finance your love of deserve that happiness that a little ol' bead can give you dear lady!
    Hope all is well in the land of TX. Our Florida kids move there today to start a new adventure being houseparents at Happy Hill Farm Academy, near Ft. Worth.

  • AkasaWolfSong

    Oh My Godstars! Wooo Hooo! Thank You soooo much Miss Holly! I love those beautiful Autumnul Necklaces. I will wear it with delight and tell everyone I know where they can find one almost but not exactly like it! :) As each one is unique in its own way.

    Very cute Harvest Tree today! I need to figure out how to download these onto a disk so I can free up some room on my 'puter! You've so many I love that now I'm beginning to be choosy?

    I say go for the ads too if you are making money on it...the only one I see on your blog is done in good taste.

    Thanks Again Sister/Friend...stay cool down there in Texas...we are going back into heatwave mode again tomorrow with high humidity. I've been enjoying Mother Nature the past few days and getting things done outside in my garden and yard. You have to make hay while the sun shines!

    Love and Blessings to You!

  • Linda in New Mexico

    Congrats to the winners...
    I understand what you mean about only one winner. I can't do that either. I have to give more. Whatsamatta us. We's goodies that's it. I just wish I was independently wealthy cuz I would share, share, share....I love it.

  • Debra

    Congrats to your lucky winners! They are getting a great prize!
    Love the graphic- wish I had a tree like it in my yard!!

  • Dani

    no problem here with the ads..nice to get a little extra once in a while....

  • ~~Carol~~

    Congrats to the winners! I wish you would make everyone a necklace too, Holly. Wouldn't that be easier than having a giveaway? I think so. And I don't mind that teeny tiny ad thingie on your sidebar. If it keeps you in bead money, more power to ya!

  • MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~

    Hello dear Holly!

    We are ever so delighted that we have been chosen by your son as one of the winners. Autumn delights us to no end and we are so eager for her to arrive and dispel this heat wave of summer. Wearing your creation will usher in the season purrrrfectly and we thank you so much for your kindness. We wish you well in your business venture and that all your days are blessed.

    Thank you for all of the wonderful graphics you share with us…they fit purrrrfectly on our sidebar and we love to stop by the Banner Haus to collect them!

    Miss Peach
    We have emailed you our addy. Please let us know if you have not recieved that email.

  • Bernie

    Congrats to your winners, they will be so happy. I am wearing the necklace I won today and when I met my friend for lunch she loved it as well.
    Don't worry about those ads, what you make with those beautiful beads are well worth it and I'm not sure anyone would of noticed them anyway.
    Have a great weekend......:-) Hugs

  • Ms Sparrow

    I say indulge your passions, no matter how tiny they may be!

    BTW-Everytime I open your page, I think the pair of earrings in the upper left are a bat sitting in the corner of the ceiling. I wonder what that says about me?

  • Holly, the Old Western Gal

    No wonder they're not selling, Ms. Sparrow. What a batty ad! Think I'll change it!

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