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Monday, August 2

New Necklaces - Giveaway - and A Ladybug Photo


Fer those hangin' on to summer (in August! Fer shame!), here's a ladybug who came out to get a drink of water. Scroll down fer it. No, that's not rain. Just me watering these poor thirsty plants.

Fer the giveaway, you are about to find out that there's no free lunch, even on this bloggie. Nope, nothin' free. You have to WORK fer this giveaway.

OPINIONS NEEDED. Prize is the necklace below.

Wondering: It would sure be easier fer me to make a "type" of necklace and just show SAMPLE PICTURES of SEVERAL of them in each color class. It would save me a heap of money and save the buyers a heap of money, too, because if I were free to use this-or-that bead here-or-there, I could quickly and easily make these brass-n-glass Jumble Necklaces. In various colors.

I love making these. I'm addicted to them. Someone bought one RIGHT OFF MY NECK yesterday. It had a lil' Jack O'Lantern bead on it. Tee hee. Rush, rush, come on autumn!!!

I love these necklaces because it's a way to get beads I have hoarded for decades OUT of the beadbox and into the world. I have been keeping beads fer pure greediness on my part and karma-wise, it was no good. The beads were bummed. Now, they're happy.

QUESTION: Do you think it could work to show several examples, and the buyer knows they will get a creation that is VERY VERY SIMILAR to the ones shown, but not one of the exact ones shown?

Kindly give yer opinion to enter. I was going to sell these fer around $20. Each necklace features at least a few spendy beads, some Czech beads, maybe some metalized lucite, a freshwater pearl mayhap, and some vintage beads, too. On some I will make several dollars, but on others I won't make as much, depending on which bead ends up where.

This one is around 27" long and hangs a nice way down but not too far. Autumn colors with a few grape or purple beads fer contrast.

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  • sallypaper

    I love this autumn colored necklace. Is it for sale? I seriously want that! I like that longer length too.
    I like the idea of a jumbled assortment of beads. They can go with so many different outfits. And a dark brown or black ribbon is a good neutral choice.
    And yes, I think if you show a couple examples, people will get it. I kinda like the idea of getting a surprise. $20 is pretty reasonable. Gad, don't ask my opinion again...I do go on! Smiles, Sally

  • Dozer and Coop

    I think if you say that each necklace is unique and the one you will receive will be similar in appearance, then you are right on the mark. Think how many times you have seen it in higher end catalogs - "each **** is unique and as such will be similar to what you see here but not necessarily identical". I see this necklace is ALREADY taken! I love it too! ~ Nancy, Dozer and Cooper's Mum

  • Linda in New Mexico

    I love that idea. And the other commentors are correct, high end catalogs say that all the time. Darling girl these are wonderful and so........autumnal. Fabulous

  • Julia

    I LOVE these!! Like grape clusters on steroids! I want one! I'll buy one! Yep! You're on a roll with this one.

  • Dawn

    Absolutely! I see it all the time. Show the style and colorways and say each is handcrafted, no two are exactly alike and the actual beads will depend on present stock or availablity or something like that! I love the longer length too. Us big boned donkeys need a little more rope to play with!

  • MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~

    Oh my goodness what a charming kaleidoscope. The complete spell of the season strung out like the bounty on a harvest table! In nature no two things are ever the same...not even snowflakes. I think each necklace should be a unique creation offered in similar colors. You could name each according to the color themes... From the Blueberry Bush...In the Strawberry Field...The Fruit Salad...From the Grapevines...and of course our favorite season...Waiting for the Great Pumpkin (with Charlie Brown)
    My favorite berries are Beauty Berry and Bittersweet...purple and ocher. You could combine colors. yes I would stand in line to buy at your fruit stand!
    Have fun with your harvest...
    Purrrrs Miss Peach from the cozy cottage

  • Jen in NY

    Absolutely, I think that is a great idea. I would love to see how my personal necklace is unique but similar to the example. The autumn necklace is GORGEOUS!

  • Carmen C.

    I think it would be fine, because since there are many different colors and beads on each one anyway if you photographed each and every one they would still look very similar? I think folks like having something unique too, they know no one else will have the exact same necklace:)Good luck with them, them are lovely!!!

  • Nydia

    This necklace is gorgeus, Holly, I can't resist. I think there's nothing wrong in showing examples and explaining the buyer will get similar one, that's what we call an "OOAK" - One Of A Kind. It's how I list my items at Etsy. There's disclaimer on my main page stating exactly that: "As everything is OOAK, made with love, in a magickal mood, please be advised that items may look a little different from the ones pictured. No two dolls are exactly alike."

    It's fair enough!

    Crossed fingers and toes! :o)

    Kisses and love from us.

  • Amrita

    Hi Holly, I have never seen a necklace like this and I think they will sell very well. They are so seasonal American women would like to waer them during Thanksgiving events

  • Knitty

    Definitely should work. As Nancy and Linda said, you often read that items will be similar but not exact.

  • Jeanne

    How lovely! I think a mention that every necklace is unique would be just fine. These colors are just my was 104 here yesterday, so I am READY for fall!!

  • Faith

    Beautiful and always..I'n a visual, and really like to see what I am purchasing..but that's just me. Similar may indicate size, but not color or style count ne out I won a giveway not too long ago...just adding my 1 cent worth......

  • AkasaWolfSong

    I agree with all who've commented Holly...I would love a longer necklace if it were mine but the beadwork is outstanding and one of a kind! Twenty dollars is not too much to ask for these are very talented!
    Making several samples is a great idea!!!

  • Prim Princess

    That is the most gorgeous necklace! I think it would be perfectly fine to show an example of a certain color scheme, and then state that because each necklace is handmade and unique, theirs may be slightly different from the one pictured.

  • ~~Carol~~

    I don't think there's anything wrong with stating that the necklace you receive will be similar to the one shown. Who knows if you can get the same exact beads, but you'll use the same color palette. And I think $20 is a good price, because beads certainly aren't cheap like they used to be. Can I tell you that I think these necklaces are some of the prettiest things you've ever made, and you make really really pretty jewelry!

  • Dani

    love these! and I don't think there would be any problem offering unique fact, I think customers would feel flattered you are making something special for them....I know I would

  • Anet

    Oooo... very beautiful!
    I think that's an excellent idea.
    Your jewelry is always so fabulous... I own about 6 pairs of your earrings and wear them everyday... today is the pink pair:)
    I'll be excited to see your necklace creations.

  • Carol

    I don't think it matters a bit that you post a similar sample online. These are terrific, a little cornicopia on a ribbon. I'd LOVE to have one to wear on my warm, wooly fall sweater.

    Ya know, I don't drop by to your site too often. Clearly I'm going to have to become a regular. These are too much fun to miss!!

  • ~Deborah~

    Wonderful work! Personally, I would be delighted to know that I would be getting a 'one of a kind', similiar to what you show, especially for something such as your Jumble necklaces. Something more structured - perhaps I would require an exact replica.

    Deborah in NC

  • Julie

    They are all beautiful and I think just letting everyone know each is unique but as beautiful will be good enough.

  • Wildflower Cabin

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I've never seen anything like it! I would be proud to wear one just like it! I feel most people like to think what they wear is unique in it's own way and perhaps no one has one exactly the same. Artists usually do make "no two exactly alike" but similar. Go for it! You are doing a superb job! Will you be making and selling more of these? I think we all want

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    I've missed a few days and had to backtrack to see what was going on here....lots! So, you've got a new job which sounds extremely interesting....and, you're making necklaces, which are lovely! Just the right length, and I agree with the OOAK thinking...easier on you, by making them similar, not exactly the same.
    Am going to visit your other jewelry site next.
    You're always up to never stagnate! You'll never grow algae, that's for certain!

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