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Friday, August 27

Tag Yer It and More Gloomy Blog Talk

And here we have a small tag welcoming autumn.

Before I slip into my Ol' Gloom and Doom mode, the giveaway winner!!! It's someone very lovely indeed -- CYNDI/Frstyfolk of ByLightOfMoon!

I would like to weigh in on my assertion yesterday that blogging is a form of communication that is on the way out. But I don't wish to hurt feelings, either, and a full expression of my perceptions would likely do that.

I think Anvilcloud is very much onto something with his comment: "Perhaps you're right, but I wonder if with FB etc it's just the purely social aspect that is dwindling. Maybe content-based and/or creative blogs will continue to flourish. Who's to know?" [Apologies to Anvilcloud for any embarrassment associated with being associated with any of my thoughts.]

Yes, I think a few content-based blogs will remain -- as team-based mega-blogs hidden behind a single public persona, like a digital version of Betty Crocker. I write for one, you know. Of course, I know you didn't know. But I ghostwrite quite a bit. For a made-up person. I do his blog posts. It's a bit underhanded of me, yes. Several people are writing for this made-up person.

As for the creative blogs -- I have my doubts as to their longevity. There's only so much poetry and so many artsy photos a person can stand without picking up bad habits, like the Jack Daniels bottle.

And I realize that many bloggers/blog readers are at a very different place than I am, in terms of years spent doing it, and also that others blog for different reasons than I do. This is a wonderful situation where everyone is right, no matter their opinion [crosses fingers under computer desk].

As I have maintained through half a dozen years of running daily blogs under as many personas -- if you are happy with the experience, it is a success, for you.

For me olde self, my path will undoubtedly diverge in the not-too-distant future, or so the vibes say. And you know how trusty my vibes are. I truly live by them. But that's my path, and has no bearing upon any other bloggers' paths.

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  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    Well I think you should fully assert your feelings! That is what blogs are about, right? Who knows what will happen, things change so darned quick anymore. And I can't believe that you ghostwrite for a made up person!! Who knew?! :) How does one even find out about that kind of a thing?! On the other hand, a couple of things here gave me a chuckle, so guess it's not all gloom and doom, eh?

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    You have so many irons in the fire Holly, I don't know how and where you find the time to blog daily as you do! I despise change, and life is filled with nothing but change. If it were up to me, it would be the 50's again...the world would be slower, and not as enlightened.
    I trust your gut though...your brain fascinates, as do your many layers. You're a real onion!

  • Jane

    I hope that you will continue to blog as I love to read your posts!


  • Anvilcloud

    Who is this ridiculous Anvilcloud guy? Oh ...

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm... who are you ghostwritng for? Do tell! You are such a busy bee with blogging, working and making jewelry. Some blogs are so long and full and I seem to get distracted and bored. Prob some form of adult ADHD or just lack of sleep. The Jack Daniels line made me lol. And so does Anvilcloud! Thanks for the tag. Smiles, Sally

  • Dawn

    No,no,no, Holly, those aren't gloomy vibes you're feeling. It's just me, out here in California stomping my foot, throwing a tantrum cause I can't fine the right box for this darn donkey!

  • Debra

    I love this tag! I sure didn;t know you were a ghost writer for a blog! You are full of surprises!

  • Carmen C.

    Hmmm...that last paragraph seems to be leading somewhere, but I will put on my big girl panties and deal with it:( My blog has gone downhill the last yr. or so, I just don't have as many interesting things to share anymore, I still enjoy it though, for now:)

  • Holly, the Old Western Gal

    I got hired for the ghostwriting through a contact made in, that writers' clearinghouse site that pays you pennies to write articles. PENNIES. Luckily, I am verbose.

    Ha ha oh Carmen, you are perceptive. And I always find your blog very interesting!

  • Amrita

    Many blogs I used to follow have died actually and I do miss them. Just go easy an d you will find enough to blog about. for me blogs are about friendship.

  • the primitive country bug

    Hi Holly~
    Thanks so much for your help on my blog. I thought I was getting somewhere through draft blogger as you suggested, but alas it still didn't work.
    You're absolutely right about these possibly being my sons best years as he loves it there already. Thanks for your help and encouraging words.
    Blessings~ Birgit

  • Dawn

    Found a box...hope you can help this little donkey out. Her feelings were hurt after being marked half price.

    THIS big donkey refuses to read between the lines. I will throw fits until the very end. (stomping feet again!)

  • ~~Carol~~

    I hope you're wrong, and it's Facebook that will curl up and die! Do I really care what someone is making for dinner? Or that they've developed a mysterious rash? No! Some things are better kept to yerself. Love Live Blogs!!!

  • Faith

    I'm with Carol.....too much info...a very dangerouse thing..I hope ma dear Miss Holly, you will not be leaving us for what mayhap be
    greener pastures...? Thanks for stopping by and smelling the bacon, and having some joe w/me....I always enjoy our morning are a wonderfully mysterious gal..and I am intrigued and appreciate knowing you.

  • Ridgewoman

    I will miss you! I've always had a life that meant 'leaving' so I didn't make many friends along the way ~ acquaintances, yes. Real friends, no. My grand and I were talking about friendships the other day and she's experiencing the same thing as I'm experiencing. Not having real friends…those who share ups and downs and make an effort to get in touch, do things with (altho my days of going out and doing are over ~ for he most part). I think that friendship has been replaced by FB virtual friends, along with the blogs.
    But I will miss Holly as she'd become a part of my everyday life!
    bj sad in NM

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