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I'm not a Southern Beauty,
I'm not an Eastern rose;
I'm just a lil' Western Gal
With freckles on her nose.

Sunday, August 29

Exasperated Angel

No, not me, dearies. Although the "exasperated" part of the blog title often applies, the other part does not!

This is such a charming vintage picture of a little angel who looks a bit exasperated.

It looks to me that she could be used in many situations!

Mayhap she is dismayed at your blog's lack of comments?
Or that something didn't turn out well?
Or that she has to watch over goof-balls all the time?
Or that the rose seems to be a bit tired?

Whatever it is her expression says to you, she sure is cute!

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  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    Or, that the spammers have been out in full force! Grrr... have had many comments full of spam links and such but thankfully Blogger's new spam buster is catching them. Still gotta go through the list and delete them though. What a pain.

    On the other hand, I think I have seen that look upon my own face a few times in my life.

    Happy Sunday Angel! ;)

  • AkasaWolfSong

    Love the Angel Girl! Such a look of great ponderance on her face....

    Here's to a Great Sunday Holly...May it be a cool one for you! Ours is to be hot and humid this old girl will be staying inside again.

    Many Blessings and Thank You's!

  • Anvilcloud

    Are you sure those aren't horns? I don't think she looks very angelic. :)

  • Faith

    She is cute..mayhap she is in time out! Or she is bored and doesn't know what to do with her cute self. She looks as if she is contemplating what her next good deed may be, mayhaps she has been told it is out of her realm, and she is unahppy..very thought provoking..thank you..have a loverly day Miss Holly.

  • Faith

    I think my favorite you listed was that she has to watch over the goof balls all the time.. A daunting task...that fits the look of total frustration and perhaps she is thinking of a new job.

  • Debra

    Oh My gosh! This graphic suits me to a tee!
    I try to help everyone I can every day but some days it's like pulling teeth!!

  • Anonymous

    This could be me watching over the "goof-balls" in my life. But I probably wouldn't be described as an angel. Happy Sunday, Holly. Sally

  • debbie


  • Amrita

    Oh I don 't know want to exerperate such a cute angel, so here is my comment.

    Today was such a hot and humid day, th e hardest thing to do is to cook, but can; t avoid it.

  • Carmen C.

    Very cute, hope you have a lovely Sunday!

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    Just read your latest twitter comment on sidebar, loved it!
    Jim's been north of Dallas for about 3 days a truck stop, hoping for a load north!
    I'm thinking that he could possibly have this expression on HIS face!

  • Heather's Blog-o-rama

    oh...very nice..I wonder what the artist was thining who sketched this image? :) :) :) you always find interesting things :) :) Have a great week, Holly. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  • Doris Sturm

    She's really pretty - to me she looks like she's really studying me ... It's nice and breezy today and I even opened up the house to let the fresh air for a change. Can't wait to open up and leave everything open day and night...

    Fall is coming - I feel it! Hang in there!

  • Ridgewoman

    Finally, an angel who looks like she could be "my guardian'. LOL An exasperating job, that! love, bj

  • Home and Heart

    Hi Holly! I know how she feels! Thank you for the paintshop tips too!!

  • Julia

    That is just a beautiful drawing no matter how you look at it.

  • Dawn

    LOL! Watching over goog-balls all the time! That's me. Goof balls is one of many names I call affectionately call my kids.

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