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Thursday, August 12

Free Image of Some Sort

Don't ask me, dearies. I'm bushed. Running all around getting ready fer that rotten job I just got. Running to the notary, running to the fax place, running to the drug-test place, where a desperate-looking young man asked me if I could spare a cup of urine.

Did any of ye happen to see the list of the 12 worst cities in terms of personal income dropping between 2008 and now?

MIDLAND was the very worst of all. Three times as bad as any of the other top eleven! But I knew it, despite the many denials here. The store shelves are getting empty, people aren't buying anyway, and there's a peculiar feeling of gloom. Traffic is lighter. Restaurants closing right and left. National chains pulling out. All the want ads fitting onto 1/4 of a page in the paper, which has gone up to $2. So many being forced into part-time work when even fulltime work isn't paying enough. Hundreds of houses going up for sale while hundreds of apartments are being built and standing empty.

But some wealthy nut is building a gated community with a fake river meandering through it. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Now you see why I jumped at this job, although it's truly a bad job. 

Here's an elegant gal. Flapper, by the looks of her.

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  • Allie

    Sounds like Detroit in the 80's - we never recovered - today it looks like Beirut! Thanks for the darling flapper!

  • Bernie

    Oh it does sound bad where you live Holly, I have noticed many houses up for sale here for several months and no one buying them....I think times are bad all over as my sister in Scotland says they are seeing the difference as well.
    Love the flapper.........:-) Hugs

  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    Wow. Wow. Had no idea! That's horrible!! What is the reason? I mean we got hit pretty hard by Katrina and then the economy, but gotta say it isn't as bad as that. Though there are a lot of homes for sale and rent, even here in my general area, that is blamed primarily on sky high insurance rates from Katrina. So sorry to hear this about Midland. That's awful.

  • Cinner

    Holly I hope things do turn around in Midland and other areas. Our province here in Canada used to be booming, now it is Saskatchewan that is booming. things seem to go in cycles, like Bernie said, lots of houses for sale, and lots of jobs lost. I wish you all the best and hope there is a vast improvement in the area. take care.

  • Jane

    A lot of places have lost the boom and many employers have gone to offering part time work to get out of having to bear the cost of benefits. Good luck with your job, will be thinking about you,


  • Carmen C.

    I wonder who will live in the gated community with the fake river if no one has a job, so sad! It is bad here too, although not quite that bad. Best wishes on the new job:)

  • AkasaWolfSong

    Holly Dear...I do hope you have a better day than yesterday? I see on the side bar you are done with Home Depot too! I've never shopped in that store but I've heard lots of comments over the past few years on their store and not good ones either. I hope you get resolution with that.
    As for economy our town is really bad too...the highest unemployment rate for Wisconsin.
    Your little Flapper girl is quite cute!
    Blessings for a Better Day Dear One!

  • sallypaper

    Thanks for the flapper gal Holly. And more good luck on your new job. Things are barely holding steady in our area...but just. Hope things turn around soon. Smiles, Sally

  • Debra

    Oh My- Midland sounds just like it is here- except ther is no building going on here.
    That was a lot of running you had to do for that new job!
    Love the flapper gitl!

  • Julia

    I hope your job turns out better than you are thinking. At least expecting the worst leaves room for improvement in expectations.

    I hope you get to move soon. Anywhere but Midland. :(

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    Remember that old sucks and then you die? It's very hard not to be cynical during times like these which seem to be nationwide. It does sound worse in your area though, hit harder by the changes in our world.
    My gut tells me though that we have not seen the worst yet....maybe I'm just in a mood...but fear not. Plese, please western gal, be safe in your travels. Be brave little one as you venture out to earn your dollars. We'll all be thinking of you, and hoping for your safety.

  • Faith

    Dear Miss Holly, I hope this job will lead you to bigger and better are gaining experience which can help you further you along...Isn't Midland where "W" lives? I always thought Texas was a rich state...oil and all. What do I know I live in the Heartland..which isn't doing well either...corrupt goverenment...stealing money...I agree with corgidogmama,we arn't bottomed out yet...but then...comes the dawn..there is always a new beginning, and we are moving toward it....yes times are changing...but we will rise up out of all of this..I have to belive that.. A new is exciting...I willl keep you in my prayers ma safe....

  • Amrita

    The situation here is like yours. We are getting hit hard. Pray the new job works well for you Holly sweetheart.

    Thank you for your email, sending a YETI BEARHUG and will reply too.

    I am a bit tired tonight. Deep cleaned the kitchen and living room, bathed Sheeba, colored my hair, did the laundry and cooked so I am flaqt out. My knees hurt and i 've got a backache.

    Take care my dear

  • Dani

    This doesn't surprise me..our county is the poorest in California and things are similar here too....don't believe the main stream media that things are getting better...not!

  • Dawn

    It's so sad. I hate seeing empty buildings and homes. Regarding your comment, we usually don't have too much humidity. We always hear "at least its a dry heat". Dry or wet, it's still hot enough to bake you right through!

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