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Sunday, August 22

A Certain Famous Card Company has issued several cards concerning "hard times" and "coping in a tough economy" and "aren't times difficult" and "no one has a job."

Really, is someone going to buy these cards? If you have no job, you don't want to spend money on a card! And if you're the recipient of an "I'm sorry for you" card, flipping it over and seeing that it ran the person $3.50 isn't likely to improve yer mood!

Tee hee.

Here's an apple.

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  • Bernie

    I can't believe how insensitive these card companies are, as if anyone would want a card when they could use the $3.50 for a loaf of bread for heavens sake....greed is a horrible thing. oops sorry for venting Holly. I truly do wish you a happy Sunday.....:-) Hugs

  • Debra

    You are so right! Could not have said it better!

  • Carmen C.

    I LOVE that apple, it's coming home with me:) I agree on the cards, that's just plain strange and i would never give someone a card like that!!!! Enjoy your day, it's "sit by the phone day" for me in case my son gets phone call time:D

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree Holly. What a silly card! Have a great day. Sally

  • Heather's Blog-o-rama

    I think I know which famous card company you'r talking about, since I used to work at one of their stores :) :) Yeah...I'm with you...I don't want an "I"m sorry for your card" way...for that much money I'd rather have a "sympathy" coffee from my favorite coffee stand...Yep!!! You are so funny!!! Thanks for making me laugh..quick story..I'd been layed off from my job since February and just got called back to work two weeks I know the feeling :) :)..but I always find something funny and good in everything...

    LOVE the apple...I'll glady take the apple!!! Have a really good Sunday...Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  • Buttercup

    Somebody must have thought it was a good idea...I'd be embarrassed to send one. They sound like sorry excuses for phone calls, visits and actually reaching out to friends.

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    If they want some sort of feel better therapy card then they should consider these ideas....
    1.) Let's stick a 'tater up somebody's muffler who drives a Lexus (for example the boss who let you go).
    2.) Bag up dog poop, tied with a pretty bow, and leave at the door of your scary or crazy EX.
    3.) Have discounted coffee at the local McD's with a gang of friends, for as long as you want to chat, getting endless refills.
    4.) Scope out roadside embellishments for the coming change in season. Bittersweet, weeds/grasses, elderberries, butterfly weed, wild asters to dry for arrangements.
    All of these activities will make you feel better than getting one of those silly cards, sheesh. (And...they're all (sorta) legal!) Heehee.
    Love your apple wedge Holly girl.

  • Ridgewoman

    oh sure. Let us just wallow in our misery together. What a ghastly idea.
    My granddaughter and her hubby would be on welfare if it weren't or the fact that we believe family takes care of family. He has a piddling job at the local University where he is finishing his classes; and she gets some 'gig's with her BFA in photography. That is a hard area because anyone with a camera fancies themselves as a photographer; where as, 4 years training to be a genuine artistic photographer is who whole different genre. Plus friends who think you should just give that talent away because they are a friend. However, she is doing some work.
    Their only expenses are their personal items…we cover everything else and do it willingly and no strings attached. this is a horrid time to begin a life together; but, it has been done through other lean times historically. but I digress. I don't think if they received one of those cards, it would exactly thrill them. LOL I am glad we are blessed and able with some scrimping to be able to be there for our kids. They are a splendid Christian couple ~ exemplary in this day and age, really.
    I still need your snail mail address Holly…please?
    xxxx bj

  • Doris Sturm

    LOL - isn't that the truth! If someone cares to send the "very best" and send me a "poor, pitiful you" card, then let them put their money where their mouth (or card) is and buy me lunch instead!

  • Linda in New Mexico

    Seriously???? Okay that's it I officially give up to the greed parade's right to strut their stuff. The Olde Bagg

  • Amrita

    Hi Holly I love that apple. I am using so many of your pix.

    Just posted on 2 blogs , so I am tired. Made the McCormick beef stew today- real good.

  • Angela

    That is so sad that someone would need a card to tell someone they don't have a job. Do keep us posted if those cards actually do sell!

  • nancy huggins

    I agree with Corgidogmama..I like all of her ideas.There are sick people out there that send disgusting cards and my #2 son (but I am disowning him) sends..even to his Mother..I sent them back return to one needs depressing cards right now that are having a bad time.
    I love the apple Holly and will look nice on a tag with some of my apple scented soap.
    Thank you sooo much for you donation to help "Mia" Nellie left a comment in my blog to you also...Funny isn't saw it right after you got paid and were able to help :)
    The Lord does work in mysterious ways doesn't he?
    If anyone would like to post about Mia in their blog it might help a lot also...ya just never know

    Hugs Nancy

  • Home and Heart

    People will do anything to make a buck. I think for a lot of people the only way they'd want one of those cards is with a wad of cash in it!

  • Kate in NJ

    Seriously? I'd rather have the $
    Here's me, trying to get back into the swim of
    all things "bloggy".lol
    Thanks for always visiting!!

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