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Monday, August 2

An Early Fall, At Least On the Blog

I pulled my back out, donkey frens. Pulled it some crazy way, prolly by hauling a box onto the forklift. It's amazing how hard it is to get anything done, with a hurt back. 

So I'm late gettin' a giveaway ready. Hopefully, by tomorrow. Somethin' rather interesting, I think, in the offing.

Here's an autumn leaf, to the delight, mayhap, of my season-rushing kindred spirits, and to the disgust of the summer fans.

I have been trying to catch a vibe about whether or not it will be an early fall, and what the winter will be like. I just now had a vision of ice and snow and rock-frozen ground and blizzards. Hmm.

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  • Bernie

    Oh Holly I am sorry to hear that you hurt your back, you should be resting it for a few days at least. Don't like the sound of your winter...
    Be well sweetie......:-) Hugs

  • Cinner

    Holly, sorry to hear about your back...hope it gets better quickly for you. take care, be well.

  • Amrita

    So sorry about you hurt back Holly. Take care my dear. The fork lift is a man 's job isn 't it?

    It rained a bit this AM and the lights did not go off thankfully, that 's why I am able to visit you this early.

  • SparkleFarkle

    Be kind to that ol' back of yours. Rest! REST! REST! (Thank God you're not bad-wicked, because there's no rest for them. LOL!) Be well soon, honeybunch!

  • Jane

    Take care of your back and feel better soon!


  • Debra

    Hope yer doin better frend.....
    I'm not really liking that vision of ice and soforth.....
    Love, Debra

  • Pam

    Take it easy and I hope your back is better very soon! I'm new here and really like your blog and looking forward to future posts!

  • Debra

    I am so sorry you have hurt your back and hopr it mends quickly. I am sure you are right on with that weather prediction- at least in my neck of the woods!!

  • sallypaper

    Oh, you silly donkey...please be careful. I've had a bit of a back problem and I know where you're at. OUCH! I picked up my mail yesterday and found a surprise. Many touch my heart with your kindness. I love snail mail! Any hints on this next giveaway...hmmm? Thanks for the fall leaf. Smiles, Sally

  • Carmen C.

    Fall can come as soon as it wants:D I sure hope your back settles down soon, I sure know how miserable that is and I sure don't miss the horrible lifting I used to do at the animal hospital, they had their own incinerator too and the top was about chin level to me, and if you can imagine 2 people trying to lift a huge deceased dog that high to get it in............UGH!

  • Faith

    Dear Miss Holly, Sending warm and healing thoughts over to the summer lovin donkey've had your's our turn..I'm a fall season rusher...I am a fall donkey fren....:) Take care ma dear....

  • AkasaWolfSong

    Holly, I truly hope you can rest your for Autumn I say let's get on with it already! This week is predicted to be close to the 90's again here and I am not look forward to it. I have a vibe too...and it coincides with yours, lol! Bring on the snow!
    Well, anywho, take care and get some rest when you can and use some ice on that back?
    Sending healing your way!

  • ~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~

    Oh Holly, so sorry bout yer back, a spa day might help! Bring on the cool temps, ready for Fall here:)

    Hope you feel better real soon.


  • NancyD

    Oh Holly, you take care of your back, that's not a lot of fun for anyone! Thanks for the leaf, I'd love to use it on my blog :) I cringed when I read your "vision" of winter...ughhhh! It can stay away for as long as possible!! LOL Have a great day and REST!

  • Beansieleigh

    Frozen ground and blizzards??!!.. What?! Did you say something?? I know I didn't hear those words, did I?.. No, no, no. I'm SURE I didn't.. Sorry to hear about your back, though. Enjoy some rest and relaxation while you can in the meantime, and I hope you're feeling better soon. ~tina

  • Ridgewoman

    Somehow, with DH hip replacement and all that time lost in May and June; fall is creeping up on me and I've LOST summer. It has been cool here and the monsoons have arrived; so we are in the 60's most afternoons. I've never LOST a summer before, it is truly weird.
    I am sorry about your back..and no fork lifts are not just for men (this from a gal who use to operate a D8 Cat back in the day)! Power tools, equipment, bring it on~ I AM WOMAN…lol
    Do take care lifting though…it can really come back and haunt you as you grow 'more mature'. I never knew tossing those 3-wire bales of hay would get me in my 60's ~ let alone my 70's…
    Hangeth thou in there….xxxxx bj

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