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I'm not a Southern Beauty,
I'm not an Eastern rose;
I'm just a lil' Western Gal
With freckles on her nose.

Monday, August 16

Gyp Graphic Fer Monday

Oh, what a gyp.

You clicked all the way over here fer a teeny scarecrow? 

Somebody ought to report this to the Blog Police! Except I got my rear-end covered -- I warned ye right there in the title.

Happy Monday, donkey and bloggie frens!

Now who was asking the other day about Ol' Fatty Lumpkin in Lord ofthe Rings? That's the very wise pony that Tom Bombadil lent the hobbits as they walked towards Bree. The human mind is a very strange sieve, catching some things and yet letting important facts slip through.

9 bloggie frens have visited the Comment Corral:

  • Debra

    Very cute graphic! I am the first one to comment because my insomnia is in full gear tonight!
    Have never read the book but I believe you! You are knowledgeable! I am sure you are right!!

  • sallypaper

    Hey, there's nothing wrong with this lil' scarecrow...I like him. It is 60 degrees this morning and I am happy. So nice and cool.
    I've never read Lord of the Rings(don't flail me) but I trust your knowledge. And about the mind being like a sieve...I think my holes are larger and closer together than most other peoples' minds. lol Smiles, Sally

  • Carmen C.

    I pop over every day regardless of what you have, and just to see what's up in your world:) I love him, he's adorable and yet another wonderful sign that fall is on the way:D

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    I remember a Rod Mckwen poem from the 60's...."the mind is such a can remember Frank Sinatra's middle name, but not the day that your best friend died..."
    Love your little scarecrow!
    It's ten degrees cooler here today, hope you got some of this too!

  • Anvilcloud

    Forgot about that pony. Does this mean that I have to read those books one more time?

  • Faith

    I have no clue what any of you are talking bout.never read these books...but I love the little screcrow....who can resist the little scarecrow...:)

  • Linda in New Mexico

    And unfortunately, the older ya get the larger the holes in the sieve get.

  • Amrita

    Very smart lokin fella this one is Holly. I rwad that book in school, don 't remember most of it. Have a good day too.

  • Buttercup

    The little scarecrow is too cute. I'm just about ready to start thinking of fall. Hate to see the summer go, but love to see the arrival of pumpkins and friends!

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