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Thursday, July 8

Summer Elf Clip Art

Some bloggie frens are experiencing a frightening heat wave.

I hope those in the unusual heat (as opposed to my area's expected heat) are staying as safe and cool as possible.

This lil' elf is unaffected by temperature extremes. He's dressed as a bee to enjoy summer. From a long-ago illustration.

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  • Bernie

    Finally the heat has arrived in Alberta and I am loving it......only wish I could store some of it for our cold season. I too though want those who suffer with the heat to be safe and hydrated........:-) Hugs

  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    Ssshhh... don't tell a soul but it's been cooler down here for a day or so. I love my bees - there were a few buzzing around in the garden today!

  • Debra

    It is supposed to be cooler here today. Love the little bee elf graphic!

  • Crystal

    Here in New England, we've been sweltering! The humidity is especially oppressive this week. I keep thinking of the line from Wizard of Oz - "I'm melting!" lol

    I've thought of you, Holly, as I know you put up with a lot of heat in your area. How do you do it, Girl?

    Any tips for getting through a heat wave?

    Hope your beads are no longer being pushed aside. That's a tough one to put up with! You're such a good mother. I'm sure your son would agree.

    Crystal :-)

  • Beansieleigh

    Ugh... It's only 9:30 in the morning, and the heat is already getting uncomfortable!! I sure am missing my air conditioner. Before the move we decided to get rid of it, as it really wasn't working well enough to find it worth running the electric bill up. Right now I think we'd settle even for what little good it DID do!!.. Oh well, we'll get through this, and your cute little elf is cheering me up already! Have a great day, Holly! ~tina

  • sallypaper

    That little elf is a cutie! Right now we're experiencing the phrase, "It's not the's the humidity!" The air is so thick and heavy. But I'm sure we'll pull through. Keep cool, Sally

  • Anvilcloud

    Let's say that we're not spending much time in the great outdoors this week. Fortunately, the weekend is supposed to be more moderate -- not exactly cold but more bearable than this.

  • Doris Sturm

    Yes, it's very, very hot and I have the electric bill to prove it - but I'm going to surround myself with snow and Christmas images, maybe listen to some Christmas music and we shall survive!

    It could always be better, but I'm thankful it is not worse!


  • Amrita

    Lucky elf. If I had gossamer wings I would fly away to cooler climes.

    Heard parts of N America is having heat wave.

  • Carmen C.

    It is HOT here! We aren't used to 94:(

  • Dani

    Its been nice here in Southern the high 50s nights and mornings....typical weather for us...its not humid so high 80s and low 90s aren't bad....only when it gets over 100 do we get uncomfortable...

  • Jen in NY

    That is such a cute elf. Makes me feel a little better about it being summer. I'm in upstate NY, not used to this crazy heat...I actually drank Gatorade today, blecch! But you gotta do what you gotta do...

  • NancyD

    Finally turned hot here, heat wave in the west. I really dislike a/c...but grateful for it. Cute elf!

  • Ridgewoman

    Here in the high desert south west, we've had rain in the northeastern part of the state. Here it has been dry...promised rain this week end. I hope so, it will green up the pinion and pine.
    Horrible thing happened. The in the house cat, Cossette, whom we all love, sneaked out today (never been out 'cept on a leash). Missing now 9 hours. Poor fat big cat...she is a beautiful cat...has a ring tail...
    Granddaughter is in tears and Loyal just keeps going out side in the dark and walking about. I'm not much of a cat person, but Queen Cossette has ruled the roost around here for 4 years! I'm praying she'll get spooked outside and want to come back mewing and growling. Ever the optimist, I am...xx bj

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