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Tuesday, July 20

Eye of Newt, Butter of Beer

Oh, my my. Here we go with some very silly graphics.

Can you tell I have taken a break from my usual readings, and am, ridiculously, rereading the Harry Potter series?

I tell myself that I keep the books around in case I need kindling some winter's day.

Warning: Don't attempt to operate a broomstick after drinking.

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  • Nydia

    HP rocks! :o) I love the whole series and have read the first three ones to Lucas some years ago. Don't feel ridiculous, I just finished reading the Twilight series and loved it!

    Kisses and much love from us.

  • Nydia

    PS: And I adored these graphics... Can't imagine why, lol!

  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    Love the graphics!

    Do you know that when I first heard of the Harry Potter series and bought the first book - for myself, I might add - I was reading it at work and not a single soul knew a thing of good ole Harry! What a change came after that huh?

    I am currently reading the first Twilight though the teenage angst is difficult to relate to, so I'm not completely drawn into it like a girl I guess, so I'm reading To Kill a Mockingbird in between.

  • Bernie

    I bought the Harry Potter series for my niece, she loved them so I read them as well. I love wizzards and my niece is into vampires.....I am not going to go there with her for sure.
    Love the graphics my friend.....:-) Hugs

  • Anvilcloud

    I'm not a big fan. Liked the first couple but couldn't bring myself to go on after that. But do enjoy.

  • Carmen C.

    Hmmm....I *almost* seem to detect a hint of HALLOWEEN in this post! My son read all those Harry Potter books, I tried reading one but just couldn't keep up with the "big words", LOL!!!

  • Debra

    I have never read Harry Potter- maybe I should !
    Nice graphics!
    Have a wonderful day!

  • sallypaper

    I'm getting ready to re-read the books again. I've read them all a couple times and we own the whole series on CD. Listening to them on a car trip makes it go by faster. And the guy who reads them ,Jim Dale, is wonderful. I like these HP-themed pics. Thanks! Smiles, Sally
    p.s. Grandchild #10,Rudy, came Saturday and #11, Natalie, came last night. I should blog about it but just too to nap! ;)

  • Amrita

    Very pretty graphics Holly.
    I have a Harry Potter book tried reading it twice, but couldn 't go beyond the first chapter.

    We had cool refreshing rain today

  • Anet

    Awesome graphics!
    My son has read all the Harry Potter books and he's only ten. The other day he said he's thinking about re-reading them.
    He's had butterbeer at Hogswart Camp...(it was really cream soda;) He loves camp, they learn potions, spells and play a rousing game of quidditch. I kind of wish I could go too:)

  • Faith

    Never read them myself....fot some it is there cup of tea,,,just not for me..Enjoy your summer read Miss Holly...

  • xashee's corner

    i just had to comment, first saying thank you for sharing such FUN graphics! and second, i sure hope you run with your idea of decorating a dress(shirt, pant, whatever)!! that is one GREAT idea, for sure! heck i went to a yard sale and talked with a woman who slapped paint on, cut up and spangled up jeans and sold them online to other countries who paid her $80. per pair!!! i say GO FER IT and BEST of luck to you if you do!! so many of us thought it was an idea that would take off like cRaZY!! Have fun with it, girl!! :D

  • The Joy of Nesting

    OWG Rosey here,

    Now that sounds like a good project for the hot August days rushing to meet us!! I am woefully behind on completing the whole series. But LW ordered and has waiting up in the states a Kindle just for this girl!! I know how lucky can one gal get!! :) But now we can read something other then the usual beach/vacation novels that are donated to our English Lang. library!!

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

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