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Monday, July 26

Hysterics All Around

I have been battling a terrible computer virus, but my son stepped in and saved the day, working for hours to fix it, despite my constant meltdowns, screeching spells, and generally horrid behavior.

I got the virus by looking at one of my own creations -- one of the witch silhouettes I drew -- that was placed on a bad site by hackers. When people go to these sites to get "free clip art" their computers are infected. I went out of curiosity as to who was luring people in with a silly little witch. And thus began several days of hysteria, crying, etc.

I really despise hackers and scammers. At one point I was trying to open the bedroom window wide enough to THROW the computer out of it.

But it's really made me think about the whole blogging experience, the whole online experience. I am doing a lot of deep thinking. DEEP THINKING and some of it isn't very pleasant. Someone pass me an aspirin.

Here is a lil' sidebar decoration. I'm looking forward to autumn.

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  • Bernie

    Holly do you have Norton or another program on your computer to prevent viruses......what a shame. I had one once many years ago when I first bought a computer, cost me a small fortune for an IT guy to fix it, so happy you have your son there.......I also hope you have a wonderful week........:-) Hugs

  • AkasaWolfSong

    Holly I soooo feel for you...earlier this year I got a nasty virus that totally wiped my computer out over on Facebook and my computer is working now but it wiped out my one registry key I really need! I have so much spyware and malware on it now it is difficult to get into some places and Facebook can bite the dust! I will never go there again. I'm happy your son was able to help you out. I worry about blogger too, you can't help but worry. the little graphic for today! I love Autumn and Winter so it is very in keeping with my thoughts right now to let go the grip of heat!
    Have a great week Holly Girl! :)

  • Dawn

    I have to admit I'm starting to think a little about autumn too. Mainly 'cause my girl threw a whining fit this morning trying to decide if she's going to take her lunch or buy lunch this year. School doesn't even start for 3 weeks!

    Please don't think too deeply about the whole cyber experience. Viruses and scammers come and go but your little graphics have a place in my heart forever! In fact, you'll see one I used on a button on my post today! You always have just what I'm looking for and none of those annoying pop up ads!

  • Amrita

    So sorry about the virus trouble Holly. I feel awful when it happens to me . I have to call an expert to clean out my hard drive and reload everything. Hope everything is fixed up real soon.

  • sallypaper

    Don't think too hard about the internet. It's just not worth your precious time. OMG, I'm glad you didn't throw out your computer and that your son fixed you up! Today, the weather is so pleasant here...the first time in awhile. The AC is off and I'm enjoying a cool breeze. I love fall and can't wait for it...thanks for the pic. Smiles, Sally

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    Eventho Fall is about dying...for me, it's always been a time of renewal. Summer makes me slumber, not rev up, but Autumn, ah Autumn, it wakes me up again!
    Your little acorn is a welcome sight.
    So sorry for your computer, oh man, there are some real stinkers out there!

  • Carmen C.

    Thank goodness your son was able to save the day:) I've been worrying more about online stuff lately too, especially my new blog, I love having it and sharing those things with those of you that I trust, but you never know who may be lurking and do they really need to know some of those things?? Let me know your thoughts, I'm wondering if I should just do a written journal for him? I am for fall all the way!!!!

  • Debra

    I am so glad to see this post this morning! It is so wonderful that your son was able to fix things for you!
    Love the Fall grahic!!

  • Faith

    Fall is a beautiful time of year...the trees and flowers get ready to slumber, and gain energy to bring us shade and beauty in the spring and summer...It is my absolute favorite time of year....The summer makes me sluggish...the fall and cooler spring vitalize me....We had the blue screen of death...what a headache...your son computer savvy....good thing...handy to have around.

  • Linda in New Mexico

    Autumn feels always like sanctuary to me as well. We've had a rainy spell and that too reminds me of cooler weather to come.
    Twice in the last year I just went cruising to get directions for making something and ended up having virus probs with my computer. Can't say I am all that much safer now but I have given up cruising that's for sure.....
    And hey, excuse me, meltdowns are my thing, give it back. tee hee

  • Knitty

    Hooray for your son being able to help! I hate scammers and hackers too and now avoid all FB applications.

    Try to remember that most of the internet is good people with good information and fun things to share, just like life offline. The bad stuff always gets more attention, and unfortunately requires attention when you must battle the virus or the evil on the streets.

    The world is still a wonderful place, especially with people like you in it. Now that, my dear, is really deep. :)

  • Ms Sparrow

    A pox on all those evil-doers who pollute the internet with their dastardly deeds! I always wonder, what is the fun of doing dirt to unknown people--what is the payoff?

    I'm glad you're past it, Holly. Stay strong!

  • Dani

    Dittos on what everyone has said...I run protection 24/ far ok....but in the past, I did have problems so know what its like and it ain't fun.....there is alot of good on the internet....including you!

  • Julia

    Oh misery. Sorry to hear about this. I use Antivir and fingers crossed I've been viral free for a few years. I'm just glad you did not get it on my blog... Laughing...

    I am looking forward to acorn season. I'm gonna plant acorns this year. I just have that itch.

  • Donna

    I hate spammers! Despise them with a passion. Glad that you got your computer back to normal.

  • debbie


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