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Sunday, July 18

Flour Sack Finery

I am determined to make a long, sweeping skirt out of vintage flour sacks, if I can find some that aren't too rotten to hold the stitches. Or maybe just a sleeveless shell to wear.

I doubt I'll ever do it, though! Mayhap I'll try something simpler, such as making some fabric yoyos out of the sacking and sew them on something store-bought. I wish that like in scrapbooking, stores would sell "ready to decorate" dresses and such. Just plain Jane versions of things and then we could put doodads on them.

This is a redo of a previous "transparent" image fer bloggies. This one has different wording than before, and a hen.

Right-click to save, and Happy Sunday.

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  • Anvilcloud

    I think that would be quite a skirt.

  • Carmen C.

    Hmmmm...ready to decorate dresses, sounds like a GREAT idea!!!! It would be fun to see how some folks would decorate theirs, LOL!!!! Love the feed sack:)

  • Amrita

    I like country dresses too. Here we get a handloom fabric (cotton) called khadi which is excellent . It keeps you cool too.

    Sweet gign Holly.

  • Faith

    I wish that I liked sewing more..I make a few things...very basic, but for me it is stresful. I would need a very large sack to cover my pack, I don't think they come that size....Are flour sacks itchy? I am thinking burlap...I have never seen, or felt a floursack...something to do...

  • Linda in New Mexico

    Hey girl, you come up with the best idears. That would be so much fun to be able to buy a plain dress to decorate.........and I too wonder what folks would do to decorate them....??? I'd just hang Olde Baggs off of mine.

  • Debra

    A flour sack dress would be wonderful! How do you think of these things!
    You know yo could make your own muslin feed sacks with you images you have- iron freezer paper onto the muslin and the print!

  • Ms Sparrow

    What a great idea! If you could raise a little capital, I bet you could get a thriving business going. Buy rolls of muslin, make a pattern and sell online real cheap, but sell all the accessory kits for profit!

  • sallypaper

    This is a cute little pic Holly, thanks! One grandbaby born more coming tomorrow. I need a nap! Smiles, Sally

  • nancy huggins

    Love the flour sack image..That is my latest crafting idea..with flour sack prints..Still mulling it around in my brain..ya never know what I might come up with.
    Be sure and wander over to my blog Holly..I am going to be having great sales every week to add to the savings I have to rent a U Haul and finally be able to go home..I know the dogs will all be happier..They can go out and play and I won't have to worry about snales getting to them :)

  • Bernie

    My mom always wore country dresses, she would always change and put a fresh one on, comb her hair and put on lipstick just before my dad was due home from brought back a memory here my friend.......:-) Hugs

  • Baggaraggs:

    You know, I buy alot of plain stuff and jazz it up. I like linen for that reason, and have used fabric scaps and yo-yo's and buttons and whatever else I happen to have. Flour sacks sound very cool. Show us the finished project PLEASE! Hugs, Robin

  • Doris Sturm

    Actually, I have seen plain white dresses ready for dying and those could be used for embellishing as well...if I ever remember or figure out where that website was, I'll share it with you.

    Have a nice evening :-)

  • Doris Sturm

    back again: I found that website for buying those clothes - and they are reasonably priced too:

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