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Saturday, July 3

Popping in

Well sweeties, this is another image taken from one of those old iron-on towel transfers, and altered a bit.

Tomorrow I am laying in a small supply of smoke bombs. Since it is raining and will rain through the Fourth, it will be safe for me to light a pack of six in the backyard. What I don't like about the variety packs is that some years the purple-colored one's smoke is really purple, but other years they fool you and the purple one's smoke is merely white.

A Fourth without a smoke bomb is just not a Fourth. Without that smoky gunpowder smell, the year does not seem complete.

One good thing about our fireworks ban on all firecrackers and airborne rockets is that you do not hear "pop-pop-pop" fer weeks before and after the Fourth, as I did in other locales. One of the dogs hates fireworks and is much calmer in Midland than the other places we've lived.

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  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    Well, if you love that odor you'd love my neighborhood on July 4th because the smoke is so thick you can barely breath. I'd like to toss about a dozen smoke bombs in my neighbor's yard to tell ya the truth. And we have no ban so it's been popping around here since the stands opened several weeks ago - my little puppy barks at it but it stresses the lab poor old girl.

  • Debra

    We have had a little popping for a few weeks- not like years ago though.
    Enjoy your smoke bombs- be careful though!!

  • Home and Heart

    Super cute!!

  • Doris Sturm

    Glad to know people observe the law where you live because here not many people care much about the law...the motto seems to be here everything's ok as long as you don't get caught...happy Fourth of July!

  • AkasaWolfSong

    Happy 4th of July Holly! Smoke bombs eh? I haven't seen those in a good long while. It is supposed to rain here too so I don't know if we will have a fireworks show this year or not. I can sit on my back deck and watch all the fireworks without ever having to go to the river along with the crowds to see them, which is nice for me.
    I remember those graphics from my Aunt, lol. Cute!
    Many Blessings and Smoke Bombs Away! :)

  • Amrita

    Enjoy the smoke bomd and BarBQ.

    Herer no one cares about the law and during festivals and the wedding season we have loud firecrackers - practically all year round. Ther wedding parties are a nuisance. We are surrounded by wedding halls and post hotels and guests where big fat Indian weddinggs take place causing such a disturbance.
    Luckily these days the auspicious season is off so its quiet.

    BTW in India smakoe bombs are used to disperse rioteers and criminals LOL, of course they are of a different kind.

    Smoke bombs can chase away stray dogs too BTW.

    2 days ago one of them attacked my Sheeba

  • Amrita

    Sorry about all the typos. I type with 2 fingers and sometimes I can' t see what I am writing

  • sallypaper

    Hi Holly, have a wonderful Fourth of July! It is illegal to sell and set off most fireworks in Illinois but most peolpe just go to Missouri to get them. And honestly, it's only once a year and I kinda like it. Cut loose!! Smile, Sally
    p.s. Love that sugar pic!

  • Carmen C.

    Enjoy your smoke bombs! Someone was setting off fireworks down the road from us last night and Kiah was barking viciously, defending the homestead, LOL! Enjoy your weekend:)

  • Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls

    Enjoy your weekend and BE SAFE!

  • Knitty

    Well, aren't you sweet to share this graphic with us? :)

  • Linda in New Mexico

    Halloo Holly. Happy smoke bombs to ya. We have a ban on an higher than 10 ft in the air and louder than a cap gun but well, that's here in the city. Just on the other side of the mountain, there is the biggest manufacturer of fireworks in the for all the good it does....none. Fireworks start so many forrest fires and also fires in the bosque (an area near the river) here. It is quite frightening some years. This is gonna be a bad one I fear. Hope you and yours, most especially the furry ones will be safe for the fourth.

  • Jacquelyn Stager

    It's been noisey here the last two nights. Tomorrow night will be fun though because we have a couple neighbors who seem to be in competition with each other with their fireworks. We just watch'em from our deck and hope nothing blows onto our roof! I haven't thought about capguns in years! Oh that used to be so much fun. We'd unroll them and lay them out and whack them with a hammer on the sidewalk. Those were the days...Have a nice holiday!

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