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Sunday, July 25

Ladies Getting Along Swimmingly

It's very hard to prepare a post when "Potholder Cat" keeps sitting on my mouse tablet. Yes, the cat so horrid he must be handled with oven mitts -- the long kind.

Here we have some ladies simply shockingly clad. What is the world coming to? Right-click to save.

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  • Debra

    Love the bathing beauties!
    Wow- mean kitty!

  • Julia

    Are they actually showing their arms!!! My word. What is the world coming to?

  • Bernie

    I am so glad I wasn't born back then, I kind of like to show my ankles.......:) Hugs

  • sallypaper

    If those gals get too tired swimmin', they can catch a ride in in of your shoe/boats! Thanks for the pic, Holly. Smiles, Sally

  • Carmen C.

    Those gals look like they are having fun! Potholder cat must want to be close to you:D

  • Faith

    This bathing suit was designed for the curvacious full bodied woman..not shall we say for the skeleton type of fashion plate..this is my kind of suit..I would have fit right in they didn't get a coppertone tan....or get burnt.

  • Buttercup

    My suit, too. I'd like to be cooling off in the water with my bathing beauty friends.

  • Debra

    Very cute graphics! Back when the world was a tad moral.
    We have some horrendous hot and muggy weather here. I was wondering if I could send it your way? We are thankful for showers and fans!
    Love, Debra

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    Can you imagine how heavy those suits must have become when wet and loaded with sand?

  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    I could not even imagine swimming in that down here in the Gulf of Mexico! Ugh. Of course, modesty has gone completely out of the window these days. Such wish there was a happy medium to be found.

  • Knitty

    I'd agree to wear that suit, but can you imagine climbing out of a pool with all that wet fabric? Yikes!

  • Ridgewoman

    Just think, those swimming costumes were made of wool! echhh!

    My Dad had swim trunks made of wool; I remember him wearing them when we swam at Lake Mead in the early 40's.

    xx bj

    I'm looking all over for your home address so I can mail the graphics I have for you in an envelope…wahhhhhh

  • Ridgewoman

    Well duhoh! e-mail me your addy, plz Bev

  • Amrita

    Last night we had no electricity so I couldn .t visit an d this AM th e Sunday post did not show up. I am glad to see it now.

    Look at these lovely modest ladies. I like their choice of swim wear.

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