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I'm not a Southern Beauty,
I'm not an Eastern rose;
I'm just a lil' Western Gal
With freckles on her nose.

Monday, July 5

A Fascinating Post

The Fourth is over. I did get to light the smoke bombs and ran through the smoke.

I say "ran," but I guess hobbled is a more accurate -- but pesky -- term. I imagined I was running. About two years ago I got my son to go with me to help rescue a lil' kitten from a nearby alley. I had been "taming" him and wanted to try to catch him and get him home. So we went, and the kitty came up for the food, and I popped a pillowcase over him and started running for home.

I thought I was running. I kept panting out, "We got to hurry, he's making a hole in the pillowcase!" to my son, then noticed he was jog-walking. Backwards. Slowly jogging backwards, facing me and grinning, while I was running full speed forwards. That's when it really hit me: I'm old. A dead snail can outrun me.

By the way, the title of this post is supposed to be sardonic. No, dearies, that doesn't mean it has something to do with atomic sardines.

Here is a jar full of summer. I picked those polkadots right off the polkadot plant just fer this graphic. Ow! The stickers on that plant! Right-click to save.

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  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    LOL in a mood are we? Atomic sardines and polka dot plants! Must've been the smoke. :)

  • Faith

    The mind is willing and able, but the bod doesn't keep up...I the hips and knees...did you at least have fun when you ran through the smoke bomb ? Every little thing counts for us least you got from one side to the other..maybe not as fast but you made it.

  • Debra

    Hi Holly! You can always make me smile! I can't run any more either! Love the graphic!

  • Angela

    Your running story was the bomb! hehehe Reminded me of the last time I tried to run. A snake had came out of the barn and curled up right in front of me. I turned around to run and there was my daughter who was around 2 at the time. I grabbed her and ran too steps when I fell down on top of her! I was only 5 feet from that snake at that point! Whew! So I had to make her run and I hobbled because my knee swelled up instantly that it wouldn't bend. I made it to the house and I'm yelling at my husband in the front yard. He couldn't hear me because he was mowing the lawn so I had to jump in my car and drive to the front yard to tell him about it because our collie dog was tied up at the barn right where that snake had came out at me at! No one was harmed or hurt by the snake except for me. The snakes life was ended that day! We later tore that barn down because it was just a habitat for snakes.

    Have a Great Weeek!

  • sallypaper

    Watch out for that polka dot plant w/thorns. I, too, don't run anymore but I tell myself it's because I'm not in a hurry to go anywhere...but I know the true is that if I ran I'd prob hurt myself!! Did the smoke from the bombs make you see atomic sardines? If so, you better cut back. Do you need an "intervention"? teehee!! Smiles, Sally

  • Carmen C.

    Gosh and I thought it was only me that *ran* that way! Yes, a sad thing to realize age is taking over, but we just must keep on keepin' on;) A lovely jar of summer dots!

  • Knitty

    One never knows how many running steps are left in our personal inventories. It is prudent not to waste them on a jog around the block, or worse, a marathon than causes perspiration, demolition of coifs and possible depletion of running steps.

    Just think how sad and foolish marathon runners will feel when there is a true emergency that requires us to run and they find they've used all their quick steps! You, your donkey frens and I will be able to run to the broken down ice cream and eat the perishable commodity before it melts and oozes into the sewer systems and wrecks havoc! We'll all be heroes!

    Don't run! Save yourselves for ice cream emergencies!

  • Anvilcloud

    I understand about running. In my mind, I can still do it.

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    You are officially cuckoo, ol western gal.
    Such a fun place to come visit for our daily snickers!

  • ~~Carol~~

    You're such a silly li'l donkey! Don't you know to wear gloves when you're picking the dots off of a polka dot plant?

  • NancyD

    I even DREAM about not being able to run!! Love your post today, well needed chuckles and good to know I'm not alone (wink wink).

  • Doris Sturm

    Yep, we can tell by our kids how old we're getting..."a dead snail?" - maybe if your son was carrying it ;-)
    Funny you're posting a pickling jar today because I've been thinking of learning how to make jam or preserve for the first time in my life seeing how I have all those blueberries...

  • AkasaWolfSong

    Holly I think the heat is gettin' to ya Gal!
    He He...of course I'm laughin' hysterically over here!!! And just for the record...I cannot run anymore either...oh well! Life goes on, ha ha ha
    Thanks for the cute graphic!
    Blessings and stay cool!

  • Ridgewoman

    Oh good! Some one for me to 'run' with…we can both pant at the same time! LOL I always say i'm like that poor fish, landed on the dock and gasping. Only I don't think I'm that flexible…

    I'm so glad for the jar of summer! We still haven't had any real hot weather and I'm not complaining. But we aren't getting the rain that the rest of the state experienced; and, I rather miss the monsoon. We need it here amongst the sage, pinion and pine!

    Silver had their FIREWORKS on SATURDAY night; but that fact failed to reach our ridge….so there we sat with the fabulous view of the village and desert below. . . On SUNDAY night (the fourth, mind you).
    Thank goodness for the fireworks at Tyrone (15 miles away) and even down to Deming. One year we even saw Paloma's fireworks and that is in Mexico. But we had a lot of fireworks going on below us, I kept thinking how fast fire would fly up our ridge. So it was bitter sweet.

    I miss seeing Fireflies…I haven't seen fireflies since 1991. I loved them as a child. They were summer to me…we did see a bat!

    Thinking of you in your flat rockless place! LOL My friend, Joe Pate (deceased) came from Midland, TX and told me about the Palms waving along side the Pecos. Yes, one of those stories "Ajax would not warsh off" LOL

    xxxx BJ

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