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Monday, May 31

Remember the Fallen, and Perm Advice

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Memorial Day Greetings. 

Never forget those who have fallen while serving our country. I grew up still referring to this as "Decoration Day." Today, few bother decorating the graves of fallen veterans. And it's a damned shame. Whether war is right or wrong, just or unjust, take a look at those graves. Most of the fallen lived but a few scant years before being drafted or volunteering for service. PROUDLY they served, BRAVELY they died.

Some folks have "expanded" Memorial Day to include honoring all who have passed. But Memorial Day is fer those who died while in military service. Veterans' Day is fer honoring all veterans, past and present. We had All Soul's Day fer honoring all dead, where I come from.


On a much-less important subject, yet one that can cause hysteria, concerning perms: M'dears, if you've ever gotten a perm and it messed up yer hair, and you then cut your hair short and were cryin' yer lil' donkey eyes out: STOP.

There's no need to cut yer hair. Think about the chemical processes of a perm. What does a perm do? It realigns the bonds of the hair. Dissolves, reconnects. Specifically, the double bonds, the di-sulfides, are unlinked, then relinked. That's why a perm stinks. SULFIDES loose.

Donkey frens, just get another box of perm solutions. Put the one that dissolves the bonds on yer hair, then comb straight. Keep combing it through. Once it's straight, put on the solution that reconnects the bonds. Comb straight again. The hair is realigned, straight. No need to go chopping it off.

Memorial Day Clip Art

Here's but a few of the vintage images concerning Memorial Day.

14 bloggie frens have visited the Comment Corral:

  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    We have a VA hospital here and a national cemetery where the vets are laid to rest if they so desire. Since we visit the VA often, it never escapes me the number who have died and continue to die in service to this country. And that is only one cemetery. The Cajun has already given me the orders that he wants to be buried there when he passes.

    As far as the unofficial start of summer, well I hope you got a day off!

  • Amrita

    Its good to remember our bravehearts those who have sacrificed their lives for our safety and peace. May their souls rest in peace.

    I read a while ago that a Veitman veteran (American) in his 70s is requesting political assylum in India as he is dissatisfied with the American govt. I don 't know how the Indian govt. responded.

  • Carmen C.

    Those are lovely patriotic graphics and I think too many don't appreciate the *real* meaning of memorial day, sadly alot of the younger generation.

  • Faith

    beautiful vintage as usual. I like the name Decoration Day...and you are correct All Souls day All Saints day, include everybody. Have no clue about this perm business. putting chemicals in your hair..I don't know about that....just not my cup of tea...I would be a feared I would end with a bald head....

  • Robin Ennis Willson

    Hugs! Hope you have a wonderful day.

  • AkasaWolfSong

    Ah yes...Decoration Day! We used to call it that when I was was my Paternal Grandmother's Birthday so we knew we were going to decorate the gravesites. It is sad our heritage in tradition has gone by the wayside. I first began noticing it at the local parade we have in my hometown each Memorial Day...when the U.S. Flag went by I'd put my hand on my heart and give I began to look at others the only ones who did this act were older people. I am grateful I have taught my children and grandchildren to give honor in this way.
    I have had a bad perm Holly! OH MY! Wish I had known this years ago, lol!
    Your graphics are awesome as always!
    Happy Memorial Day to You!

  • Doris Sturm

    Have a safe and peaceful Memorial Day, m'laday - and thanks for the perm advice - I probably won't do it for several reasons.

    I hope you and the family (including the critters) are doing well today. Thanks for the lovely Memorial Day graphics! War stinks - even more than a perm!!!

  • Julia

    Good reminders. Appropriate. Most folks don't get it.

    We went to Alameda yesterday and went on the USS Hornet. That aircraft carrier leaves quite an impression and the conditions that the crew had to live in were just as eye opening.

    There should be more mandatory programs that involve military recognition in schools. Kids just don't know any more.

    On the up note there were several groups of highschool kids spending the weekend on the ship as part of an education program. That was nice to see.

  • Debra

    I remember it being called decoration day too! In this country there have been so many wars and so many have fallen - it is good we remember them.
    I haven't had a perm in years but you gave some very good advice in case I get a bad one!

  • Donna

    A stay away from perms! If folks don't like my straight as a board hair, then they can make friends with someone else, LOL!

    And God bless our soldiers who have sacrificed their ALL for us to live in freedom.

  • ~~Carol~~

    I'm reading Gone With The Wind right now, and I'm at the part where one of the characters wants to pick the weeds off of the "Damn Yankee" soldiers' graves, even though she is a Southern belle! I do declare, it is causing quite an uproar!
    Sounds like you're speaking from experience on the bad perm subject! I've had many bad perms, usually involving alot of breakage down my part. I would end up looking like I had a teeny tiny mohawk!

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    You weren't a chemistry major, were ya?
    Love these patriotic graphics!

  • Baggaraggs:

    Another Brilliant POst from our fren Holly! You are just amazing. Hugs, Robin

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the Memorial Day words and graphics Holly. Sally

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