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Wednesday, May 19

Now You Be Sweet

Banner Haus News and Musings

Just slappin' this one up. My nerves are jangling because we just had to change an area devoted to Festive Gift Bags (Feminine) into the new Teen Birthday Cards area, Serious and Humorous Split. Before this, we had only three cards especially for teens, and none of the grandmas could ever find them unassisted. Gosh, these grandmas STUFF the cards with money, evidently.

And, we are redoing the kids' cards into a special Kid Zone area. This mainly consists of putting up a sign that says "Kid Zone" and switching all the girls' cards into the boys' cards area, and vice versa. Don't ask me what this is supposed to accomplish! I think there is far too much mingling already. Is it any accident that I always find the Miley Cyrus card snuggling up against the Spiderman card?

Well, I'm glad for the upheaval in a way. It gets boring when I have all the cards memorized. "Oh, the Bakugan It Is Time card goes HERE...G-Force Special Day goes HERE...Dora the Explorer You Are 3 goes HERE...To A Special Granddaughter Glitter Kitty Wearing Crown goes HERE..."


My grandmother is over eighty and still doesn't need glasses.  Drinks right out of the bottle.  
    ~Henny Youngman

Free Image of Vintage Bee

I'm pretty sure this is a bee. Once again, some European Paper Wasps have built a nest on the front porch, this time hanging down in the middle of the door frame. One wasp is always guarding the nest, so we can't get it down and move it. It crawls up and guards the little "stem" that the nest hangs from when it sees me coming with the hemostats. Guess I have to put our "Beware of Wasps" sign back up. Between the wasps and the harvester ants, the front porch is a very unwelcoming place.

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  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    I don't shop much these days - probably a good thing - but seems when I do wander over to Walmart they've gone and changed things around where I can't find a thing! Good old marketing trick. And it works. When you have to look harder, you seem to find other things you just have to have and then, spend more of your hard earned dollars.

    I love having the wasps in the yard & garden, but darn it why must they always nest around the doors!!!

  • nettysue

    hi, from here in england,love your site and check in every morning .just like you i love my animals,reading and garden!love your great sense of humour.only seen a few wasps here ,but lots of bees,big bumble bees,the dogs like watching . annette

  • Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls

    I know how "useful" bees are but not when you are allergic to them! Just came back from vacation in the Carribean where there was a huge honey bee nest on the roof of the deck of the villa we were in...5 calls to the management later and the "bee keeper" came to take care of it!

  • Carmen C.

    Yikes, I'd be runnin' around to your BACK door:) Glad you have some new things going on at work, it makes it not so tedious to change things up now & them:) Hope you enjoy the day!

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    What is it with bees, always building their nests right by an opening with folks going in and out? They seem to like doors, don't they?
    Love your bee graphic today, and oh, your stories are very entertaining.

  • Doris Sturm

    Oh, I snatched that graphic in a hurry becaue I love the bees...yes, it's a bee! But, beware of the wasp. They are ornery and sting more than once. The bee dies after one sting and is therefore a more selective and cautios stinger, she really hast to feel threatened. A wasp, on the other hand is in a bad mood and stings you just because she can.

    Have a great day and Bee Sweet, m'lady!
    Doris, Gizzy and Middi :-)
    p.s. it's been hot as H and the A/C runs practically all day - I'm soooooo not ready for summer!!!!!

  • Amrita

    All those card swaps got my head spinning Holly.Guess they have a specialized zone for everything under the sun! Ha ha ha.

    Loved the quote.And sweet Bee

  • Baggaraggs:

    yeah but a wasp nest on the front porch is a great doorbell. AHHHHHHHHH. LOL. Hugs, Robin

  • AkasaWolfSong

    Henny Youngman eh? What a hoot! He was just too funny! I love the quote...

    Loved the Bee Sweet graphic for today as well.

    I don't shop WalMart much as everything I buy there usually falls apart on the first washing...that has been my experience. I do like the card section and the gardening department though! Guess we have to take the bad with the good eh?

    I just turned my AC on too as I cannot take the heat whatsoever! My outside door faces the morning sun and so the heat pours in here till 1 or so and then I can tone it down a bit...I agree it is just too early in the year for this but it seems like it is the way of it anymore.

    Have a Spectacular Day! :)

  • Ms Sparrow

    I wonder if the corporate thinking isn't that mixing the cards up will make people linger and maybe pickup more cards?

    Your bee graphic reminds me of when my 6-year-old daughter tried to pet a furry bumble-bee. This was followed by howls of pain when the bee didn't take kindly to the attention.

  • Anonymous

    That Henny Youngman quote made me snort! How ladylike huh? This time of year, the people are swarming around the cards, kinda like the wasps, right? I love to look at bees and this bee graphic, but I hate being near them. I'm gonna put this on my blog right now. Thanks and Smiles, Sally

  • Crystal

    Hi Holly,
    There's a bright spot in the work of card-sorting . . .

    You are continually "cool" and "with it"!

    Usually, once the kids have grown, a person hasn't a clue about the newest craze or fad.

    You see the "latest" on the cards - you're forever young!


  • Jen in NY

    Funny quote--I'm going to have to use that one! We have an exterminator spray for wasps every spring. Otherwise they make tons of nests and scare the crap out of my kids. One once landed on my little boy while he was just sitting there and stung him for no reason. So now I can't tell him that if you don't bother them, they won't bother you!

  • Angela

    I currently have a bird who has built a nest on my front porch. She is a very big black kind of a bird. Nothing I've really seen around here. I have no idea how many babies she has but she is feeding them well as I can hear them when she comes with their food. Hopefully they will be gone soon so we can reclaim our front and only porch! lol


  • Debra

    No one knows better than me how sweet u b!
    We have wasps that get into the house everytime the door opens in the summer- sure wish they would find a different spot to nest!
    As for changing the cards around- I too think it is to make customers linger longer and maybe buy more.

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