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Thursday, May 27

Ungratefully Impatient, and A Country Graphic

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I am too impatient now. If a website takes more than a second to load, I am already peeved at "the wait."

I used to go into work, turn on the computer, go make two big pots of coffee, get the coffee, and mosey back to my office before the danged thing was even ready. And it had a tiny lil' gray and white screen, too. Later, I had an amber and dark green-gray screen that made me feel like it was autumn year 'round. Had a big ol' trackball, too, and liked it way better than any mouse, even though it weighed about the same as a brick. Did my own programming back then. Now the world is at my fingertips and I chomp at the bit ridiculously if I have to wait more than a moment for incredibly sophisticated code to load. But I am betting other donkey frens are likewise impatient!

Free Country Clip Art

Here is a version of my lil' country graphic, this time with strawberries. It is a "transparent" graphic. Remember that to make a transparent graphic seem to just "float" on yer webpage, you will likely have to go in and mess with the HTML/XHTML code to remove yer borders. But it's easy! Or, if you have a solid color behind the graphic, you can just match yer border color to yer background or sidebar color and take the easy way out.

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  • Bernie

    Oh sweetie just breathe, all will be ready for use soon enough. You are so creative I can't imagine you being impatient......:-) Hugs

  • Julia

    Goodness me oh my. I am sending you a peaceful patience thought to help you cope with those dastardly slow blogs. Hope it helps.

  • Jacquelyn Stager

    Hi Holly! Long time, no talk to. Thanks for stopping by my place yesterday...and for those great comments. I'm glad I "found" you again since you moved over here. I hope my blog isn't one of the slow ones. But I know what ya mean about the patience thing. I took over our MacBook and my hubby has to deal with Vista. Surprised you can't hear him yelling clear to Arizona or wherever you are! LOL! I love this strawberry sign...Strawberries come in Ohio in about 2 weeks. I'm drooling to go pick some. Have a great day!

  • Carmen C.

    Love that graphic and YES I am to the point where if I visit a new blog and it takes more than a few seconds to load I move on:) I hope mine loads fairly quick with the new ready made graphic? Hot here today, high of 87, will have to turn the AC on for the pets, LOL!

  • Faith

    I learned something new about graphics and what trnasparency means...Thanks you Miss Holly. Some folk have so much "stuff" on their blogs, advertising,pictures, blinkin things it takes a while for it to load...I somethimes don't have the patience with that..and I move on also, and go back when I have more time to wait..or find something else to do while I'm waitng.

    Lovely patience to you on this glorious day Missy.

  • Knitty

    I stopped visiting a blog that has a huge following but takes forever to load. That wasn't the only reason though. The author may have thought she was being helpful to some of her readers who had commented about not being able to view some components of her blog, but I thought she sounded bossy. She told them to adjust their settings. I think it is one thing to explain that your settings may be prohibiting something and another to tell someone to, in essence, "just do it". Not everyone is comfortable changing things on their computer.

  • AkasaWolfSong

    Very cute graphic Holly! I love those 'em year around. It won't be long and they will be ripe in our area...I see the blackberries are coming on too out by my back fenceline so I will be fighting the birds for those little jewels.

    Patience eh? I am very patient...after a lifetime of rushing to and fro, raising family, working sometime two jobs it feels wonderful to be patient...well, just be! :) Often times when I am going to a blog or website that has lots of stuff I just move on to other things and come back. I love living life in the present moment.
    Have a Superb Day! :)
    Thanks for stopping by this old gal's blog!

  • Doris Sturm

    Oh, my - I hope my blogs isn't one of those slow-loading ones...

    I don't get impatient anymore, because I know what goes on behind the scenes and I know what I must do to speed things up - pay a higher price for faster DSL and buy an external hard drive to free up some space - until I can afford to do that, I'll just wait a few seconds longer...

    I used to be very impatient till I ended up in a wheelchair for a year and a half and that has taught me tremendous amount of patience - in all things.

    I hope you'll have a wonderful day today. I can't believe the gardeners woke me up with their loud machinery at 7:30 am...geeesh!

  • Debra

    Hope mine aren't the slow loading blogs! I love the strawberry sign! I had 4 plants last Fall- but only ended up with one this Spring. It has two tiny green strawberries on it- hope the birds don't get them!

  • Anonymous

    Being impatient is one of the things I am working on. I'm getting better, but I wish to rid myself of it completely. Have a great day :)

  • Amrita

    I have a slow connection and some pages take ages to load (not yours) The moving graphics give me trouble and too much content. I prefer easy to load and easy to read blogs.The font size and color also matters to me.

    What is a trackball?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Holly, I still have a few strawberries left from the weekend. We ate them with whipped topping and angel food cake. I think a snack is comin' on! I used to be more impatient. I figured I'd better slow down some and relax or my blood pressure would be totally out of control. Anyway, I got grandkids to drive me plenty nuts...first day of summer vacation. This is me tryin' to smile, Sally

  • Ms Sparrow

    I wonder what causes some blogs to load sooo slow. There's one I follow that always kicks me off if I try to leave a comment. I swear, I have evil little Gremlins crawling around inside--oh, there's one now!!

  • Dawn

    Okay, Okay, I took off my blinkie, simplified my blog list and what ever else I could do. Stop pouting, you did leave a comment on my giveaway post you silly donkey! I guess I won't send you any graphics, I don't want to enable you! Plasma huh? I'm saving for postage by not eating out, it's a great diet tip too!

  • Anvilcloud

    My somewhat old laptop, which I keep at the kids place whilst I babysit, teaches me patience. It takes about ten minutes to fire up. My new desktop at home loads in seconds.

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