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I'm not a Southern Beauty,
I'm not an Eastern rose;
I'm just a lil' Western Gal
With freckles on her nose.

Tuesday, May 11

Know Yer Noses, and Some Fairies

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Just to clarify yesterday's post, to those hoping to "dumpster dive" and get those discarded goodies Walmart and other stores throw out -- Walmart compacts them so that they can't be used, and places like Michael's place them directly in a storage container that will be hauled off when packed full. There's no way to get into it, donkey frens -- I tried! Alas, fellow packrats, we are outmanuevered!

I'll just warn ye: I'm on a jag. A jag where I cannot let go of the words "puppy nose." And like all jags, I am going to inflict it on you. I get irritated with myself when I get on these jags. I think, "Who in the world wants to hear about puppy noses? Yer crazy, self!" True, but that doesn't stop me. I just...keep...saying...PUPPY NOSE.

Origin of this jag: One of the cards for kids has a purple dog with a large purple foam circle for a nose. Now, what do you supposed might happen to those noses? They come right off, of course, as soon as some fiend shoves the card back into the card slot. When I find a puppy nose on the floor, I just can't discard it. Could YOU?  The card has to be torn in half and thrown away, but I ain't throwing out the puppy nose. Noses are LUCKY. "Find a nose and pick it up, and all that day you'll have a nose." Today I snuck 2 noses into my ol' apron pocket.

Here is my son, wearing puppy noses behind his glasses and looking rather long-suffering -- he refused to put the puppy noses over his own nose, and even $20 wouldn't budge him. I will say that my son could make a fortune as a model. His eyes are beyond gorgeous (behind those puppy noses) and where did he get those lips? Everywhere he goes, girls fall all over him. But he's devoted to his girlfriend.

Free Vintage Image of Fairies

The Puppy Noses picture is just a free bonus. Here is yer REGULAR free picture, of fairies, from an old German postcard -- right-click to save, but regular-click to make it enlarge.

I think I'm over the puppy nose jag now. Pshew. Unfortunately, I feel a DIFFERENT jag coming on...*sigh*...

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  • Crystal

    What a very handsome, not to mention tolerant, son you have Holly.

    He will put up with his Mum's request that he wear puppy noses!!??!! Not all sons would be as good natured.

    Lucky you, Holly! He looks like a very kind young man. :-) Of course the apple never falls far from the tree and with you for a mother, how could he be anything other than kind? :-)

    A very cute picture today - love it!

    Crystal xoxo

  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    Now I LIKE that pretty graphic! And your son, easy to see he is handsome, but look at his pretty mama would ya?! Hope that you had a nice Mother's Day! Now, those puppy noses... how BIG are those cards exactly LOL!!

  • Faith

    Handsome young man. But no puppy noses for me him... Hope those puppy noses bring you luck...Dear Miss Holly..

  • Debra

    Your son is very handsome! and wearing the puppy noses for you is wonderful! You know I love that fairy graphic!!

  • ClassyChassy

    Very pretty picture of the fairies - and your son looks handsome too - but lets see him without puppy noses over his eyes!!!

  • Donna

    What a cutie, with BIG purple eyes!!!

  • Carmen C.

    Your son is very handsome, puppy noses and all:)Shame on walmart for *wasting* all those good cards, I say if someone is willing to get in the dumpster, they should be allowed to have them!

  • Beansieleigh

    Hi Holly! I'm interested in a pair of your earrings.. and am wondering if I HAVE to be a member of Etsy to buy a pair or two?? I'm also not sure how to pay... if by card or money order. The pair I'm looking at are the Coral Belles. ~tina

  • sallypaper

    Hi Holly, puppy noses, oh now I've said it too! Your son's pretty tolerant to have his pic taken. Most of the males around here object to that. You know, it's too bad that the stores don't bundle together those cards and clearance them. Oh well, that's me tryin' to get a good deal! I'll be back tomorrow to check on your new jag. Smile, Sally

  • ~~Carol~~

    I thought your son was a little boy, not a handsome young man, puppy noses and all!
    I used to read a message board where people would post about what they found in dumpsters. They would find alot of great things, from Linens and Things, or Bed, Bath & Beyond. Places like that. But there was one guy who would dive for food outside some grocery store, and basically fed his whole family for a week on what he'd find. Yuk!

  • Doris Sturm

    That's interesting and I would NEVER go dumpster diving - too afraid what I might find (besides cockroaches) - I guess I've seen one too many crime thrillers!

    Too bad your son was hiding his eyes behind those puppy noses, but I agree, it would be almost animal abuse to discard a puppy nose ;-)

    Love ya :-)

  • Rosemary

    You have a very nice son!
    I was waiting to see what you would say about the chair (dropcloth) remember.
    Still waiting! Thanks, my back is a bit better.
    Chat soon,

  • Ms Sparrow

    I love puppy noses--the real ones that is. My granddaughter brought her 12-week old yellow lab puppy over when we got together for Mother's Day.
    The little darling was always "nosing" around and sometimes would come up and stick his soft, wet little nose in my hand. If nobody else was around, I might have even given that nose a little kiss!

  • Nydia

    You have a gorgeous son, Holly, I can see that even with him wearing those giant glasses!

    Stopping by to send you a kiss!

  • Anvilcloud

    Girls falling all over you. How well I remember those days. hahaha

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    I'll bet your gene pool gave him your unusual eyes! Girls are such suckers for good eyes!
    Jim's little boy green eyes with double lashes had me at hello!!

  • Julia

    Yer boy must have some kind of sense of humor to pose for you Holly!! Does he know you "blogged" him? Not many 19/20 yr olds would do that for their mom. Well not many I know. But then again I don't really know many late teenaged boys. Just being in the company of the five year old boy variety is plenty for me!

    He does not look like he is that much of a handful but maybe looks are deciving. ;)

  • Amrita

    3 times i tried commenting on this post and my silly PC rejected it. I am trying my laptop.

    You son is very handsome, takes after your good looks. Wanna see him sans goggles.

    In India dumpsters are scavanged for useful stuff... poverty driven. I would like to send a message to the west not to waste stuff.

  • Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage

    Well, you're a proud Mama, and you should be! You have a handsome son, as do I, only I happen to have three with gorgeous eyes! Have a good day.


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