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I'm not a Southern Beauty,
I'm not an Eastern rose;
I'm just a lil' Western Gal
With freckles on her nose.

Sunday, May 2

May the Twoth

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I had a friend who always called the "second" of any month the "twoth." May the Twoth, August the Twoth, and so forth. Queen Elizabeth the Twoth. The twoth time around. Somehow it affected my mind and now I always call the second the twoth, as well. And fer some reason, I am not-so-secretly hoping it gets into yer poor minds and makes YOU say twoth, too.

I lost track of this friend about 20 years ago, when she remarried and we both moved. I don't know her married name. I hunted for her fer awhile, then realized that if she is still alive, she's 85. It's quite possible, but it brought me up short to realize how very few of the individuals who once peopled my lil' world are still around. Gets a lil' donkey loneseome-feeling. 

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A spring-y image of a girl bedecked with poppies. I can't believe that some are still having snow, have yet to green up, etc. And others already have lil' green tomatoes on their plants. And on the OTHER side of the world, it's autumn. It's more than my poor brain can understand. Guess it's a BIG OL' WORLD is what it boils down to.

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  • Pauline (Polly)

    Hey Lil' Donkey ... it's sad when we lose track of those we hold precious.... people do drift apart... I've lost a few that I oft wonder about. But still, they've graced our lives for a time, and it's a blessing. I am a 'twoth' girl too....
    hugs from Oz,

  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    Yep it's a big ole world after all! ;) Isn't it funny how the language, mannerisms and quirks of folks can rub off on us like that?

  • Anvilcloud

    Ain't it the tooth that the twoth is habit forming.

  • Davine

    i love it - I can see myself using the word once or twoth

  • Debra

    Well Happy May twoth to you! Very unique- but it works!!
    I have friends I can not locate either- it is sad we drift apart- we are just all too busy I guess. Wonderful graphic this morming!! I love poppies!

  • ClassyChassy

    Hello Holly - Just saw this blurb about a new animal sanctuary project for Texas - do you know anything about it? Thought perhaps you'd have more of a scoop than this blurb mentions! I'm always interested in saving the critters, you know. Thanks!

    Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pet announced today the official site for the establishment of the organization’s first "Military & Veterans Pet" (MVP) Sanctuary. The site consists of 13 acres west of Fort Hood in Gatesville, TX and will be the future home of a pet care facility, the organization’s National Office and room for events to support the troops, their families and their pets. Receiving word that the organization’s offer was accepted by the seller to buy the land marks a major milestone in Phase I of the MVP Sanctuary project.

  • Knitty

    Great, now twoth will be in my vocab (rolling my eyes but smiling). I'll add it to "gription" a word my son once used to explain why he needed a new basketball. The pebbly finish of the ball had worn off but in his words, it had lost its gription. :D

  • Holly, the Old Western Gal

    Halloo donkey frens!

    Yes, it's so strange to lose track of people. I think it was easier to LOSE them back before the computer age?

    Classy, have not heard anything about that new pet sanctuary in Texas. I think it would help the soldiers and the pets.

    Oh Knitty, I like that new word, "gription." It is a NEEDED word. One pair of shoes has no gription and I slide all over in the store.

  • ~~Carol~~

    It should be called the twoth! It makes perfect sense to me. Tomorrow should be the threeth, because the day after is the fourth. The fifth should be the fiveth, because the next day is the sixth. It's so obvious. I can't imagine how hard it must be to learn the English language, when it's so confusing!

  • Anonymous

    The twoth sounds good to me. Yes, it's true, some of our good friends move on but then we find new ones. I used to get down and think "I'm getting to ole and tired to make new friends." Then I catch myself and kick myself in the arse. I just need to get over myself. Blogging has helped me meet so many different peeps than I'd ever imagined. Wow, what a sermon, but I guess it is Sunday. Hope the world is tilting your way today, Holly. Smiles, Sally

  • Doris Sturm

    Hello m'lady - hope you're feeling well today. I think that lady graphic is so lovely. I will write more once I'm back to normal...whatever that is ;-)

  • Carmen C.

    Happy May twoth!!! I love poppies, they are so bright and cheerful and LOVE the big fields of them that seem to go on forever and ever......Hope you are enjoying your Sunday, gloomy here with a chance for storms:(

  • Linda in New Mexico

    I too have a friend who calls the second the twoeth. She is from San Marcos, went to TCU, moved to Albuquerque and still tries to kill folks who call horned frogs...horny toads. And convienced both of her sons to marry on the twoeth of a month, which they did. Calls my daughter Shelley belly boo and is a character...sorta like some marshmallow popcorn eating diva I read every day....I'm just saying.

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    We have poppies blooming in our town now, and your poppy girl is a real beaut!
    It is sad to lose folks, isn't it? Have always enjoyed the older friends that crossed paths with me...their wisdom and humor.
    Life is so strange.....more so every single day!

  • Donna

    Oh, I say the twoth too! And threeth! Been doing that for years and year, LOL.

  • Bernie

    Holly I think it is this time of year that has us thinking of those in lives we haven't seen in a while, was just speaking about this feeling last week with another lady who felt the same way....could be because Mothers Day is next Sunday.......hope you had a wonderful weekend my dear friend.......:-) Hugs

  • debbie


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