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Tuesday, May 25

Hear, Kitty

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The tailless squirrel seems to be flourishing. Indeed, he has "lived to tell the tale of the tail." Today I put graham crackers and stale pecans out, and he was having quite a feast among all the doves. Everyone cleared out when the big jays came to look over the vittles, but they didn't seem interested and soon flew off to take turns dive-bombing my tiniest cat. They'd better watch it, because he is most fierce for his size.


"The smallest feline is a masterpiece."
    ~Leonardo da Vinci

Free Vintage Cat on Phone Clip Art

My son cannot recall such phones as these in his lifetime. He thinks a "slider" phone is ancient.

Right-click to save this small size. Regular-click to make it get bigger, then save the larger size with a right-click.

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  • Home and Heart

    I had to love over your Son's comment! I will never forget when my eldest son was thrift-storing with me when he was little and said "What's that???!" When he saw a record for the first time!!

  • Faith

    Rememeber, how long it took to dial, well in todays fast paced world it would be considered slow. And the sound that it made...? Nice memories of slower time...My boys have never seen these either, except in the older movies. But not in real would be fun to have one again...

  • Debra

    I am so glad that the squirrel is doing well! I remember those phones!! My how times have changed!

  • AkasaWolfSong

    What a cute graphic! Reminds me of the movie the Aristocats!

    Reminiscing must be in the air...I loved those old phones..and remember the very first time I spoke on one! I was in kindergarten and was calling my friend for a playdate to ice a memory you brought out, lol!

    Thanks for the graphic!

  • Amrita

    Those were the phones we had before the button types and now they are vintage. It took ages to dial a number. The kitty looks very cute

  • Ms Sparrow

    I remember the old wall phones on party lines where you had to shout to be heard. Every time a "rubber-necker" got on the line, the signal became fainter.

  • Doris Sturm

    This graphic is adorable. My Oma had lots of potcards with cats and also cats dressed in clothes and set in a scene, i.e. having tea or going to school...obviously they were digitally "enhanced" if you can call it that. The cats' heads were photos, but the rest was just drawn in. I always enjoyed cats, which is no wonder when I was growing up (an only child) I have captured many a kitties (my grandma had a bunch) and forced my baby clothes and bonnet on them - needless to say, they all ran away when they saw me coming ;-)
    Hey, I had to make up my own games - and I guess the cats had to suffer along.
    Have a lovely day, m'lady :-)

  • Anonymous

    I remember the party line...we had 6 houses on ours! I'm glad those days are gone, but I still fondly recall the sound of a rotary phone. Thanks for posting this Holly and invoking a sweet memory. Big smiles here, Sally

  • Angela

    That's funny about the phone! I was just telling my husband the other day how I would love to have one of the old dial phones we had growing up. Our kids wouldn't know what to do with one of those! lol Their poor little fingers would get tired trying to call anyone! lol Plus my 12 yr old daughter wouldn't be able to take it outside and leave it out there over night! Makes me wonder if I did find one if it would even work.


  • Rosemary

    Hi Holly,
    That is when phones were phones!!

  • Dawn

    Our kids live in such a different world than we do, don't they?

    I stumbled upon this blog today and thought you might enjoy the sweet donkey photos. You probably already know of it but here it is just in case:

  • Walking on Sunshine...

    That is so funny! My kids laugh when I tell them that I use to have SIT by the phone in the hallway to talk to my friends. They have no clue of what "long distance" is! When my father was alive and would call us from NJ, he would get impatient waiting for my kids to get to the phone. He would say, "Lois, tell them I'm calling long distance and to hurry." I finally stopped reminding him that there was no more long distance charges.

    Great photo!

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