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Friday, May 7

My "Mane" Problem, and Two Precious Sisters

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Howdy donkey frens...well, looks like I will be taking another picture of meself fer my avatar, on account of I picked up a pair of kitchen shears and lopped off my ponytail tonight -- or is that donkeytail?

I did this awhile back, then got my wits about me and stopped fer awhile. When stress gets to a certain level, while I might be smiling and going about my business, I will fer some reason suddenly take it out on my hair. My husband is quite elderly and the last few weeks I've noticed he ain't feeling well...he's just gotten really puny and it scares me, because doctors are very uncaring out here and seemingly stupid to boot...I can take their arrogance and idiocy, but it burns me bad to see them treat my husband or son poorly. And it scares the oats right out of me to see how age is changing my husband...

Something I've been thinking lately is that just "plain, simple, uneventful" days are the BEST days -- these ol' poke-along days are the ones to treasure -- nothing goin' wrong, no one particularly ill, things just perkin' along...

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Today we have a lil' drawing, likely from the 1940s, of a lil' gal with an apron full of flowers fer her mama. And we have a lovely "cabinet photograph," as they are termed -- pictures taken of folks in the olden days in various sweet poses -- these two are either sisters or good lil' frens. Look at those hairdos, THEY didn't go after their tresses with scissors, that's fer sure. Right-click to save the smaller size, or click to make it enlarge.

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  • Buttercup

    Prayers and good wishes for your husband!

  • Bernie

    Keeping you, your husband and son in my heart and prayers.....:-) Hugs

  • debbie

    holly girl,
    i'm gonna take those scissors plum away from you and use them on my own short did you cut it?
    it should be getting to the temp out there where you pull up to the drive-in and get ice water and pour all over ye self.
    you know will, cass, and you are always in my prayer and heart. maybe it is the medicine he is on or should be on....does he walk....he needs something to stimulate his brain....the golden years are not always kind especially if you have a chronic illness like diabetes.....oh how i would love some simple days where nothing went wrong.
    i'm sure your haircut is very pretty
    love and hugs
    thank you for the beautiful graphics

  • Debra

    I will pray too...I know what you mean about uneventful days.
    And we share the same hair-thing. I used to do the same thing only I'd cut mine every February. Weird. Mine is quite long now-I think the longest it's ever been, especially fer an old hen like me!
    Love the graphics-and I bet you look just as purty with shorter hair-you got the good looks fer it.
    Love, Debra

  • Faith

    Oh Holly, I know what you mean..the simple uneventful many days where that is not the case...I'm running toward the simple you know.but the world is right behind me ready to throw a kybash on it...I'll keep running and maybe it will give up...Prayers for you, and your family....slow down, let alot of stuff pass you by...don't let it drag you around girl...take care yourself and your family, it isn't life passing you's everybody going 1000 mph....we don't need to keep up....

  • ~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~

    Sending you and family love...


  • Donna

    I am so sorry to hear that your husband is ailing. Hold tight and cherish the normal, uneventful days. And make the minutes count...

  • Holly, the Old Western Gal

    Thank'ee gals -- kind words to this poor ol' donkey...much appreciated, you have NO IDEA how very MUCH...

  • Carmen C.

    OH DEAR, I remember the last time you cut your hair and colored and the allergic reaction, I know what you mean about stressful times though, for me I pick off my fingernails, then i get so mad at myself for doing it! I hope your hubby finds out what's going on and a Dr. who CARES, they are so hard to come by these days! I'll be keeping him and you and your son all in my prayers sweetie, you know I love ya like family!

  • Linda

    I do some rash things under stress also. Take a deep breath and try to enjoy your moments. Keeping your husband in my prayers. It is hard to see loved ones ill. You are much appreciated Holly!

  • ClassyChassy

    Sorry about your hubby - it is hard to bear when it seems that people (and doctors) treat a person like a sack of potatoes. I believe that younger folks don't realize how people change as they age, and even when they get to a point in life when they are frail, they are not addle brained, and need respect by the younger generation. I don't know your circumstances, but I hope things look up for you soon.

  • Ms Sparrow

    I'm so sorry you're burdened by so many stressful things in your life. I know how it can color everything and suck all the joy out of life.
    Thank you for the little moppets from the past with the chubby cheeks and curly hair.

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    So sorry that stressors are robbing you of joy and peace of mind. Galdarnit~plant something instead of going to the scissors~I do the same thing, chop up my hair, and so do several other pals of mine, when stressed. WHY, do women tend to do that? We go blank, and snip away.....
    Hope...that things get better. Sincerely, dear.
    Life's short, and change is ever present. Too short for folks to be treated wrong...and without the rightful respect that they deserve.
    Hang in there gal~

  • Anonymous

    O.k. Holly, step away from the scissors. I hope your husband is feeling better soon. I'm with your about the uneventful days. The good days are the one where everyone went to work, school, not sick or at the hospital. The "same old, same old" is just fine with me. I know that might sound really boring to some people but I've had enough drama. Keep smiling my donkey fren, Sally

  • Rosemary

    Keeping your guys in my prayers!!
    I can't believe you doubt the power of the drop cloth. You will see!
    Have a nice weekend!

  • Doris Sturm

    I can relate about what you are saying about the doctors because they are the same way here, unless you drive into the bigger cities. I've never seen such incompetence in my whole life. It is infuriating...and the staff, don't get me started. How in the world did they ever get hired? Customer Service is virtually non-existend and everyone so rude on top of it. I live in a very lawless town. You only get results if you have a certain name...reason number 1362 why I stay inside and block out the world most of the time.
    I've done that to my hair too, but mine's never been very long. I usually chop it down in the summer to keep it out of my face. I must say, I do a pretty good job.
    It's hard to watch people you love fall apart and grow feeble and old. I have a very dear friend who used to be strong and standing tall and is now shuffling along all hunched over just like a weak little ole man...very sad! At least when it happens to me, I can't see it ;-) Nobody stays strong forever, but I think it's more obvious in a man when they used to be strong and the "can do" types...can't wait to see your new hairdo - or don't ;-)
    Have a nice day and I agree that no news is good news and I like it too when nothing happens. One less thing to worry about, right?

  • Debra

    You are so rught- uneventful days are truly a blessing!
    You have such a pretty face I don't think it would matter what your hair looked like- but probably best if you don't cut anymore!
    Has hubby been mack to the doctor recemtly- if not maybe you should get an appointment- even if they seem to be uncaring- if something is wrong hopefully they will be smart enough to find it- you may have yo be the one telling the doc the symptoms though- men tend not to do well at that!

  • Knitty

    Prayers and best wishes for your husband's health and your peace of mind. As for the haircutting....have you considered getting a Chia pet to trim? (wink)
    Hugs to you my donkey friend.

  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    Pretty images today!

    My husband said to me the other day, "since you retired, all you want to be is a homebody." Well, um, YEAH! After 30 years of working in a high stress environment, hour commutes on the interstate among the crazies, office politics, and an awful lot of backstabbers, it's nice to be a bit more free flowing. I like being home and piddling around the house and yard.

    I wish I could take the scissors to my hair, but lord knows what that would end up looking like!!

    I sure hope your husband improves. God bless.

  • Country Whispers

    Another haircut???
    I remember the last time you took the scissors to it. It would take forever for my hair to grow out after chopping it off so I try to leave it be, other than a trim every now and again.
    I hope that you husbands health improves soon and I know what you mean about simple days.
    It seems that when it pours!
    And when it does I always wish for simple boring days with no worry.

  • Anvilcloud

    There's something to be said for being content on a quiet day.

  • Amrita

    Hope and pray your husband and sion are feeling better this week Holly. I know what its like. I get very anxious when my Ma is not feeling well. She is doing good these days Praise God.

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