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Thursday, May 6

Howdy Donkey Frens, It's Thursday!

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I know I said no more greeting-card rants...maybe a little whine? It's awfully early in the morning for whine, though, don't ye think?

I'll just say, to the maniacs in Midland, Texas, who pick out ten "For My Grandmother on Mother's Day" and fifteen "To My Sister On Mother's Day" cards, and place them in the envelopes, THE WRONG WAY -- and you used the more expensive envelopes that really didn't come with the card, I noticed THAT right off -- and then stuck some in the Sympathy section, some in the the Bakugan Battle Temporary Tattoos area, and the rest in the Fresh and Festive Giftwrap Roll-Wrap Display, FIE ON YOU. You do NOT have ten grandmothers and you do NOT have 15 sisters and you do NOT need to be doing that sort of thing. And I bet $1 that the dirty Kleenex that was balled up and placed right on the new Dora The Explorer Party Cup was YOURS, too.

Hmph. The messy people are taking all my time and there is hardly any left for blog-hopping!

Free Clip Art Images!
Right-click to save. I don't know what they are all about. One is an altered vintage image, and the other one I just made for no good reason.


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  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    I've seen those card mix ups at Walmart so it must be universal! It's frustrating for the rest of us shoppers too.

    Hope you get your dress!

  • Home and Heart

    Thanks for a much needed chuckle!!

  • Faith

    some people you can't take anywhere. lovely little girl graphic...which dress..tee hee.....most colorful..but not for me shape if you know what I mean...

  • ~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~

    This stitcher enjoys reading about your Hallmark escapades, really! No whine about it:)


  • Debra

    Oh gosh - don't you wonder what people get out of pranks like that?!
    Very nice graphics and a beautiful dress!

  • Knitty

    It is 5 o'clock somewhere, so whine away! ;)
    I don't know what is with people who do that, and the kleenex....yuck!

  • ~~Carol~~

    Ewww, balled up Kleenex. I hate when I find that in a shopping cart that I want to use. Kinda makes you wonder how disgustingly filthy the whole cart is, handle and all!
    Guess what I'll be munching on tonight while I'm watching TV? Yep, mmmmm hmmmm, that's right, marshmallow popcorn! You should have seen my husband's eyes light up when I pulled the box out of the envelope last night. I guess I'm going to have to share! Thank you Holly!

  • Doris Sturm

    I'm sorry about the troubles in ghe greeting card section, but the way you write it down, makes me laugh. I don't mean to be unsympathetic, but you're just too funny sometimes.
    Who made that vintage dress? Anyone you know? Is there a chance you might get it? It's very beautiful, indeed.
    Have a lovely, lovely day, m'lady :-)

  • sallypaper

    Oh dear Holly, today you are nearly responsible for me getting coffee on my computer screen. You are too funny! I'm still smiling. Thanks for that pic of the lady. Well, I'm off to put more flowers in the ground. Enjoy your day. Smiles, Sally

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    I love that dress~the colors and style are so retro!
    Love the gardening're such a ripsnort, believe me, we love it when you rant and whine!

  • Tabitha@ichoosebliss

    Have a beautiful and joy filled Thursday!!

  • Ms Sparrow

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Ms Sparrow

    That little girl digging up the daisy is totally ME! I looked just like that decades and decades ago.

    I love hearing about the adventures of a Hallmark Card girl, so keep the rants coming!

  • Donna

    Do people have nothing better to do??? Oh, and I wanted to tell you that I was shocked to go into the post office today and see a BIG display of Hallmark greeting cards for sale. What the heck is THAT all about?

  • The Joy of Nesting

    OWG Rosey here,

    Who said the life of a Greeting Card Mistress was easy. If it were we would all be begging for your job, instead of taking 3 steps back when they asked for a volunteer! :)

    Are you playing on eBay little sis hmmmmm...?? Adorable I may add, if you do get it let me know I think a "vestita" would be the perfect finishing touch!!

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  • Dawn

    Okay, you got me. I just wanted to see if you'd notice someone had been playing with your cards. But the kleenex was not mine! Ewe!

    I can so see you in that dress. Have you dropped hubby a hint?

    Speaking of wreaking havoc in the card aisle, I brought home every blue paint chip in town trying to match that tile, or at least get something that looked good with it. None of them worked. I carried a piece of that tile in a baggie in my purse for months!

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