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Monday, May 10

Walmart Mystery and A Big Hilda

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Monday is not usually a work day fer me, but today it will be. I'll be working with my boss throwing out all the Mother's Day cards and putting up the Father's Day ones. The good news is that hardly anyone will mess up the Father's Day selections, making it easy to keep them neat. The bad news is that the Father's Day cards feature excrutiatingly boring images, mainly of fish, car engines, and poor ol' deer about to get shot.

Something shocking here at the Walmart -- the associates, no matter how long they've worked for Walmart, are all taking a pay cut. Yes! Pay cut, and hours cut, too. VERY ODD

Big Hilda Vintage Image

From the brush of the inimitable Duane Bryers is that lovable plus-sized pinup, Big Hilda. That runnin' buddy of hers sure does get put in some crazy situations!

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  • Ridgetatter

    I love Hilda. Still in tucson. DH doing well with his PT. They put him in a different room..I'll e-mail you pvtly and fill you in. I'm so tired, I can hardly keep my eyes open tonight. I agree, I have a horrid time finding cards for DH He doesn't hunt, fish or any of those things. So usually a pastoral scene, or if there is a small train..something scenic. The inside is more important than the outside...I usually finds SOMETHING but takes me forever. Mostly I give him FUNNY FD cards and romantic Ann cards. He had 3 carnations for me at the hospital today (they came around with flowers for the lady patients and he snagged 3 carnations
    xxxx bj)

  • Anvilcloud

    That pay cut thing does seem odd. In addition to exciting cards, I am hoping for exciting ties and socks for Fathers Day.

  • Frk.Nattuggla

    Lovely.I love this picture much =)

  • Carmen C.

    I agree on Father's day cards being boring, and if you have a *step-father* like me, cards are hard to find. That is strange about the pay cuts, I would think walmart of all places would be doing well. Love the Hilda, she always makes me laugh:D

  • Doris Sturm

    Hilda cracks me up. Looks like she's going to get wet - and her doggy too ;-)

    I heard that about Walmart before - how badly they treat their "associates" - I guess it's a rough economy if people are forced to stay in a job that doesn't appreciate them. It's very sad what one does in order to feed a family!

    I still can't believe all that card throwing out thing! That's a waste!

  • Debra

    It is a shame that all of those cards are thrown away! It is good you are getting the extra hours though. Fathers day cards are pretty subdued!
    I love Big Hilda!

  • Faith

    Good Morning...and oh how I love Big Hilda.....she gets herself in a pickle doesn't she. Hope you are having a beautiful day Miss Holly.

  • Faith

    Miss Holly, What may be your favorist color? I sound like Tigger from Winnie the pooh...hee hee..

  • Linda

    Love Big Hilda! Glad you had a busy day.

  • sallypaper

    Big Hilda is da bomb!! She is so agile too. Thanks for the pic. Big smile...Sally

  • Donna

    Yout got to love Big Hilda! Poor pooch is going to get a soaking, LOL.

    It's not surprising that Wal-Mart is making cuts. Lots of companies are having to do that. The economy is still bad.

    I have always thought that fathers get a really bad deal when it comes to cards and gifts, LOL.

  • ~~Carol~~

    Couldn't those cards be used for scratch paper? Oh, the waste! And the associates are taking pay cuts? While the Walton family has more money than they could ever ever need? Interesting....

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    Saw a documentary on Walmart earlier this year, and it certainly had a wicked slant...what you're saying supports that theme.
    Big Hilda is always fun to see. Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place...
    Darn cold here, have had to cover plants the past two nights. Hope things are peachy in TX.

  • Angela

    Love Hilda!

    Save the Cards!!!! You are making me want to go dumpster diving! Which I've never done but it is tempting! lol

    Is it just the WM in your area that is cutting pay and hours or is it all WM stores? That is just sad.


  • Amrita

    Hi Holly I am back after 2 weeks of solitary confinement. Missed you all so much.
    After getting my Internet connection I went out and bought some ice cream for mama, Sheeba and myself.I will check out all your back enteries, don 't want to miss the news and graphics.

    Love, Amrita

  • Ms Sparrow

    It sounds like Walmart may cutting back on current employees to fight the lawsuit of past employees over being slighted in promotions and raises!

    I groaned when I saw Hilda in that precarious postion, I too have been there in that terrible moment before you get dunked!

  • Bernie

    I have always disliked the way WalMart treated its employees and now these same loyal people will agree to pay and hour cut.....Holly I even boycotted shopping there for over a year one time I was so upset how they treated a cashier....I feel sad that you have to throw out those cards, there must be a way to repurpose them.......hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day and that your husband and son are doing well.......:-) Hugs

  • ClassyChassy

    I worked for Walmart when I lived in Illinois, and at first it seemed a pretty good place to work, and you can purchase stocks and everything....but after a month I saw how it really was, and I have nothing positive to report. They do not appreciate their "associates" like they should. Most are very hard working, and I'm surprised they are having to take a cut in wages. They don't earn much as it is!

  • José

    There she is: HILDA!! Thank you.

  • Dawn

    Oh Holly, I'm so glad I finally had time to come by and catch up. That Hilda picture is exactly how I feel right now. Pulled in all directions! Don't be surprised if I use it in a post soon!

    Saw that handsome son yours in the Puppy Nose post. Looks like a sweet kid!

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