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Wednesday, May 26


Banner Haus News and Musings

Last year I never did get a watermelon. The price was crazy. This year seems worse! Maybe when they are more in season they will go back to being affordable. 

I did figure out one way to get watermelon. When we went out to the Asian Buffet, there was watermelon cut up in the salad area! And the WHOLE MEAL was less than the cost of just a watermelon at the grocery!

Free Watermelon Image

Here are a couple of watermelon slices. If only the price were real!

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  • Carmen C. know I love watermelon;)I agree the prices in the stores are terrible, I usually buy mine at the farm stands, much more affordable and they taste way better!I've been working in my garden & new flower garden every day, and wow have I been pooped by evening, have lost several more pounds though:) I'll be back to posting in a day or 2, with some pics:) Enjoy the day sweet friend!

  • Anonymous

    I haven't found any watermelon up north here yet except those tiny "personal" one. I keep cut up watermelon in the frig all summer long...when I can get it. Thanks for the melon pics. I'll probably use one on my blog. Note to shelf...stop cruisin' everybody else's blog and take care of my own! ;) Smile, Sally

  • Anvilcloud

    My two cents: for an extra buck or two a few times a year -- go for it. Life is too short.

  • Debra

    I love watermelon! I think I did buy one last year but it wasn't ripe! Green tasting watermelon is not good! Hopr fully the price will go down later in the year and they will have some good melons!

  • NancyD

    Oh I wish I actually liked watermelon! I think I'm the only one I know that can't eat melons of any sort! But love the graphic, love to sew them and love to paint them! Thanks, Holly. I do buy them for the family least once a year, expensive or not.

  • Debra

    I tried growing the little fellows one year-the kind called 'Moon and Stars' I think. The mice, moles and chipmunks ate very well that year. So this year I'm growing gourds. Hope nothin' will eat them!

  • AkasaWolfSong

    OH I love Watermelon and these two graphics are so cute! Thanks for the sharing...I agree it is expensive but I sacrifice other things in order to pay the extra buck or two to reap the reward of good food.

    Thank You Holly! :)

  • Ms Sparrow

    Ooooh! The fresh watermelon would taste so good, but it's also pretty pricey in the stores. They usually have specials for the 4th of July so maybe I'll spring for one then.

  • Amrita

    This is making me chuckle.Yesterday I bought a watermelon, small one for Rs 20 ( around) 45c) and melons or cantaloupe for Rs 15 or 25c a kg or 2 pounds and we find that expensive too.
    I wanted to buy lichis but they were Rs 50 for a Kg - $1.10 so I did not buy any.

    Oh dear!!! Come over and have lots of syummer fruit here.

    Love the pictures

  • Crystal

    Such a clever way to get that watermelon, Holly! :-)

    Here in the east, we also have to wait until they're in season to find an affordable price.

    Love today's graphic, too.


  • Faith

    I broke down and bought one little guy has been asking for WM since before Christmas..I kept telling him they are out of season...$4.99 I paid for a whole one, nice sized one...filled up a great big bowl..he will be smiling.....this is very good with a sauce of sour crean, mixed with honey litely drizzled of the waterbelly.. :)

  • Country Whispers

    I went in search of a good watermelon last weekend and came home empty handed. They were far from ripe and the price is outrageous.
    I guess I'll have to wait till they are more in season and hopefully the price will come down a bit.

  • Doris Sturm

    Mmmm, I love watermelon too. I had a big slice at my friend's today when I picked up some wellwater. But the best watermelon I had was this past winter - in February of all times - I purchased the best, sweetest, prettiest watermelon I have ever eaten from a young Mexian fella who was selling them off his truck in the middle of town. He told me they came from Mexico and they were only $2.50 each. After tasting it, I wished I had baught two insted of one. I ate it every day till it was gone ;-) I've not had another tasty one like that since...but there's still time to look, right?
    Happy day!

  • Jen in NY

    I've almost given up on finding a good watermelon. Every time I bought one last summer, I'd cut it open and it was pale-ish pink and not sweet. Very disappointing. I like your graphics much better.

  • The Joy of Nesting

    OWG, Rosey here!

    Sadly I think your melons are going to cost an arm and a leg this year. :( With the exceptional cold the Southlands of the Northlands had this year, many melon crops were damaged. Of course a good many do come in from Mexico. We haven't had a weather issue. But we have had inflation to contend with so our prices are up also. So add to that the shipping and custom fees,...well there goes the price of your watermelon! :( I guess your best bet is still The Asian Gardens Salad bar!

    Pattie :)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  • Nydia

    I wish I could send youan entire watermelon, Holly! Here it is so cheap!

    Thanks for your wonderful support as always, dear. Things got a bit better after the baking time I had with him. I posted some photos of the yummy cake we made together! :o)

    Kisses and love from us.

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