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Thursday, May 13

Impossible That It's Thursday and Monograms

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Somehow, I have been caught in a time eddy. Yesterday, surely it was Monday, and now I am supposed to believe that after what feels like only one day, it is Thursday. I want my other two days! Where did they go?

Yesterday at work there was a Hallmark box that was about the size of a dorm refrigerator. I was glad, because we really need a lot of cards and bows and party supplies. One side of the aisle looks bare and it is very disturbing. I tore into the box, only to find it contained a single item, a pack of Toy Story II paper plates. So not only do we have a time warp going on, but some sort of black hole, too, that is sucking up the cards and supplies and spitting them out into a parallel universe. Glitter is flying everywhere. If we get invaded by angry aliens, it's all Hallmark's fault. "Six bucks for a CARD? We must destroy that evil civilization!"

Free Altered C. Klein Images -  Monograms

Here we have the beginning of some monograms. Whenever I get rattled about what to post, I slap up monograms and relax, because it takes four days to post them all. Four days where I can just sit back and relax...ahhhhh...just go blog hop..."O hai, just stopping by, because my posting is all taken care of for the next four days! Not to brag or anything!"

If you click them, they enlarge.

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  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    I love when you do pink vintage flowers! Pink flowers always remind me of my dear mama.

    I was just thinking the same thing. I have no idea where the time goes anymore! Why did it DRAG when I was a child and now, it seems my days are so, well... numbered???!!!

  • Bernie

    I already took the B, I will get the W when you did its posted then I will try and figure out a way to put my initials on my blog. I love them and they are pink.....

    Be well my friend, keeping your husband and son in my prayers........:-) Hugs

  • Cinner

    The monograms are just beautiful. I hope everything is okay, I noticed the above comment, will pray for your husband and son too. Holly I put a comment up on my blog that you had left me. It has really inspired me and I just wanted to say thanks. take care.

  • Diann @ The Thrifty Groove

    Oh, these are so pretty! I already swiped the "D" and have it on the bottom of my blog. I have to wait for the "I" & "N" to print them all out for a little project. thank you for your generosity and talent!!

  • Walk in the Woods

    Since I've been back home from my recent travels (when was that? Tuesday?) ... time has accelerated. But I was expecting that this week - since I've negotiated with the spirits of time to compress now, so that next week (when I'll be camping in the woods) expands and lassssssts!


  • Amrita

    Time flie s by so quickly.

    Today I applied henna in my hair and mum' s too, after ages.

    Getrting ready for Sonia, Abner anbd So 's hubby to arrive on Sunday.

    The monogrammes are very nice

  • Carmen C.

    Your monograms are beautiful, and I didn't realize Toy Story was still popular, wow, my son liked that when he was little! I remember one year all he wanted for Christmas was one of those talking Buzz Lightyears, LOL! They are remodeling our walmart and what a nightmare, can't find anything, I was in yesterday looking for graduation plates & napkins and they were NOT by the rest of the party supplies, they were at the other end of the store....ARGH! Hope you enjoy the next 4 days now that your posts are set, LOL!

  • Faith

    Girl.......what be your favorite color? Don't me take your own flainin device and get you for not answer the lil donkey fren's question.....We are is the rest of civiliztion that is going warp speed....I don't even try to keep up....Have a saaaaaaaaaaweeeeeeeeeeet day....
    Very Pretty Monograms, love the pink cabbage roses...thank ye...

  • Doris Sturm

    Those monogram graphics with the lovely pink roses are so pretty. I know what you mean about the time wharp - it WAS only Monday yesterday!

    I know Hallmark cards are expensive, but I bet they lost a lot of business since many people make their own cards on their computers now...but they sure are pretty, though, and they might do well by not being so wasteful with the paper and recylce more.

    Have a nice day, m'lady, and just start preparing for Christmas ;-)

  • Debra

    Time is flying by too fast- exceppt for last night when we lost power for 4 hours during a thunder storm.
    Beautiful monograms- I love pink!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Holly, Toy Story will be huge again, a new movie is coming out soon. I understand what you mean about time. It's kinda messed up for me too. This week I got a bad haircut and got my eyes checked and dialated yesterday. So I am little more off than usual. lol Thanks for the monograms. I love anything roses. So dark and stormy today. I guess I'll crochet and watch a movie with the little one. Smiles, Sally

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    Those old fashioned roses are so pretty!
    Everyone will want to snag their initial.
    I think the world is on fast forward, time truly does fly!

  • Dawn

    Oh Holly, these are beatuiful!

  • Linda

    Holly these are very sweet. I am going to grab some that is for sure!!!

  • The Joy of Nesting

    OWG Rosey here,

    Oh my gosh I must be caught in that same time eddy thingy, I mean when did Toy Story come out with a Dos??????? Leads me to wonder what other movies have been and gone. Sucked into that black hole you claim is now filled with glitter. Hmmm is the logical conclusion of these events colliding that some where out there is a bunch of pissy,pink glittered aliens watching all the movies I didn't even know were here but are now there?????

    Have a lovely weekend little sis maybe with a bit of art makin. If you hit any flea markets or yard sales take my spirit along with you, riding in the pocket of your favorite apron!! :)

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  • Walking on Sunshine...

    My kids LOVED Toy Story when they were little. And now that my son is 13 he said that wants to see the new one, which made me so happy. Hope you're doing well!

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