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I'm not a Southern Beauty,
I'm not an Eastern rose;
I'm just a lil' Western Gal
With freckles on her nose.

Friday, April 16

A Scaredy-Cat's Warning, and Big Hilda, Where You Been?

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Now, as you know, I have been prediciting earthquakes, comets, volcano eruptions, a shift in the orientation of the earth, and other gloomy thangs, to family, frens and bloggie frens. I believe that people can sometimes somehow ascertain something that is going to happen, not through any magic, but by being able to catch a vibe or read signs. 

Whether I'm just a harmless nut or onto something, it makes sense, donkey frens, to make sure you have some thangs on hand in case of a natural emergency. 

Make sure you have some food fer yerselves and yer animals (I hate to say, but I have cans of those lil' Vienna sausages that humans, dogs, and cats could all choke down), some bottled water fer selves and animals, a supply of yer meds to last 3 weeks, and a way to cook, too, such as wood and a firepit or kettle on a tripod. Hate to be so gloomy, but just watch out, lil' donkeys, and be ready. My emergency kit also includes earrings but that's just me. Seriously, it includes some gold and silver coins fer bartering. And I have my bike in working order at all times. 

I'd rather be a scaredy-cat ready fer trouble than be caught in a pinch.

Vintage Image

We haven't had a Big Hilda graphic in ages and ages. 

Fer those new to this bloggie, I'll just say that Big Hilda is a plus-size pinup, and I feel she is a wholesome depiction, created by artist Duane Bryers. He also painted a lot of famous posters for the government during WWII, but is most known and collected for his Western paintings. But Big Hilda is my very favorite of all his creations. She is who she is, and she likes herself, and she is sweet to animals.

Big Hilda is not copyright-free. But she is available to admire. Click on her to get Big Hilda to become even more expansive.

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  • Bernie

    Oh gosh I think you feel a shift coming and you could be absolutely right although I hope your not.........but I do believe some people do have these kind of feelings and they are real.........:-) Hugs

  • Debra

    You are so smart to have a disaster kit ready- I need to do it too- been a lot of earthquakes larely- we do have a fault line here in Illinois- the New Madrid.
    Love Big Hilda!!

  • Doris Sturm

    I buy those little vienna sausages too instead of treats. Unfortunatley I'm on such a tight budget, that before the end of the month all our reserves are gone and we're down to nothing - so God will just have to watch over us!

    I love those Big Hilda images - thaks for sharing and have a wonderful day, m'lady :-)

  • Carmen C.

    There's nothing like a big Hilda to start the day:) You know some folks make ALOT of money predicting things, but I'm taking your advice instead, I'm bad with keeping things on hand, I really need to do better in that area!

  • Amrita

    Hi Holly I am already living in a natural/man made disaster zone and surviving pretty well without those sausages.

    Last night we had an extra 3 hr power cut and at the end of it everyone got their current back except us. This always gives me a nervous break down. I called up the electric supply- they gave some some kind of evasive answer. I was praying super-desperately, when my Pastor walked by on an after dinner walk (10,15 pm) I requested his help. First of all he calmed my frazzled nerves by by speaking a few kind words to me and then he fiddled with the fuse box and lo and behold my current came back.It went out again with everybody 's and we only got it back after 11.15 pm.

    Today 's been better so far- its 5 pm. only.

    Today I was chopping tomatoes in the kitchenm when I noticed something extending out of my blouse sleeve. It was a tiny spider just starting to weave a web from my sleeve to the table - can you imagine. Poor thing he mistook me for an old rust encrusted statue. Anyway I poo poohed at it and it scuttled away...and I thought of you.

  • MP

    I love Big Hilda, too. I love that she thinks she's worth all of the attention she gets.

  • sjhackney

    I've been missing Big Hilda. I'm glad she showed up on my rainy day. Sally

  • Knitty

    Ahhhh, thanks for the Big Hilda fix!

  • Anvilcloud

    Good advice.

  • Angela

    Hey Holly!

    I think I'm ready if anything were to happen in my neck of the woods! I've got lots of water, juice and pop. I also have lots of food for us and our dogs. There have been earthquakes hitting West Virginia lately! Small ones but I didn't realize they could hit here! We mostly have to worry about high waters that trap us in our house for a few days. I'm always ready for that. It never hurts to be prepared for a natural disaster!

    Do you have all of your stuff in one place? I haven't done that. I'm not sure if I would really need to do that or not.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  • Ms Sparrow

    Woohoo! Hildas's back!

  • Dani

    you're absolutely right.....its always better to be prepared... and don't depend on the authorities to save took them over 3 days with was ordinary people who showed up first to help....who showed up first? the Salvation Army, churches and individuals with truck loads of water, food, and medical supplies...
    we aren't there yet but are working on it....

  • Donna

    I LOVE big Hilda! Thanks for a really funny one!

    We're not as prepared as we should be. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Denise Marie

    Dagummit, Donkeys are smart lil creatures...beagles are smart too, Holly. Ditto, ditto and more ditto. I feel it and want to shout at the roof tops...People get ready!! The Spirit of the Living God radiates the same to me. love ya, donkey fren!!

  • Linda

    An emergency kit is a very good idea. I have a few things but should be more organized with it and yes I think it should include earrings.

  • ~~Carol~~

    I'm going to suggest to my husband that we update our emergency kit. It now needs to include Vienna sausages, earrings and maybe a string bikini made of flowers.

  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    LOL LMBO at Carol right up there!!

    We always have an emergency kit & supplies but frankly I've had enough disasters in my life - please no more!!!!

    Big Hilda better watch out for those bees.

  • Jen in NY

    I have a case of bottled water in the basement and enough batteries for the whole neighborhood...otherwise I should add some food to the stash, methinks. And earrings, and some quilt magazines.

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    Food for thought, and we need to heed your warning. I think that we all feel a shift, and you're so, so good scouts, we should be prepared!
    Hello Hilda, long time no see. That bee has its eye on her big ol' flowered butt!
    Thanks for the reminder...will work on my pantry!

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