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Tuesday, April 13

Giveaway Winner(s) and Some Seed Pkts

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Well, m'dears, I wrote out all the names and put the
m in a box and drew out the winner of the Pearl Earrings and Fizzies giveaway. Yep. Pulled out the name "Linda."

Now, which of the two Lindas? Beats me, dearies! So both Lindas must win! That'll learn me not to rush! I get to foist my earbobs onto more lobes this way! Soon the world will be awash in my earrings and my dream of World Peace Through Earrings will be achieved! Bwa ha ha!

Thank'ee to all who entered. The bad news
is that I just got some verrrrrrry strange beads in and will soon be attempting another giveaway. The thangs you put up with, donkey frens! It's just amazing.

“You can always tell what kind of a person a man really thinks you are by the earrings he gives you.”
~ Audrey Hepburn

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Some seed packets from yesteryear. I was very surprised to find out that some of my donkey frens can't plant yet! Not fer quite awhile yet! Here it's almost too late in the year to plant, getting too hot fer the poor seedlings!

25 bloggie frens have visited the Comment Corral:

  • Linda

    Yippee that means me! Linda @ A La Carte!!
    I will be so excited to wear those pearl earbobs as I said before Pearl is my birthstone! Thanks!

  • Bernie

    I love the quote by Audrey Hepburn, and just for tonight I think I'll sign Linda....LOL
    Have a great day.....:-) Hugs

  • José

    Love the sweet peas. Tried to grow them in my back garden unsuccesfully. But now I have this beautiful image to look at. Thank you!

  • Buttercup

    Congratulations to the lucky winners!

  • debbie


  • Carmen C.

    CONGRATS to the Linda's!!! I love the idea of world peace through earrings, maybe you can get some over to Iran and North Korea, they are always up to no good over there. All I've been able to plant here so far is lettuce and onions, mid-May for the rest of the garden!

  • Anvilcloud

    We have another month to go before we plant.

  • Ladyfromthewoods

    Congrats to the 2 Lindas. And very sweet of you, Holly, to have such a lovely giveaway and be so fair in an unfair world.
    ~ t.

  • Faith

    Congratulations to the Lucky Linda(s)......enjoy your ear bobs... I cannot plant here yet, we will not be safe of frost until Memorial Day...usually around the 15th it starts to be ok. I started my seedlings indoors
    and they are pretty good size already......

  • Debra

    Congrats to your two winners!Beautiful seed packets!!

  • sjhackney

    Big congrats to the 2 Lindas! And I love that Audrey Hepburn true! We could probably try to plant seeds but I think our dirt is too cool yet. Thanks for the seed packets. Sally

  • Donna

    Too early to plant here! About another week and it should be OK. In the 80s, we got one foot of snow on May 3! Weird.

    Congrats to the lucky Lindas!

  • ~~Carol~~

    Congrats to the Lindas! You gals will love the earbobs!
    We can't plant in the ground until after May 15th here. But let me tell you I've been itching to start. Probably because of all the unseasonably warm weather we've been having. I wish it would just be in the normal 50s instead of the 70s. That Mother Nature is such a tease!

  • NancyD

    Lucky Lindas! We don't plant until the May long weekend! Short season compared to some for sure! Still, the leaves are popping out here and we can get the rest of the yard into shape, just can't put annuals in because there's a chance of freezing :(

  • Linda in New Mexico

    Would that be Linda in New Mexico, me? I would be so excited if it were. Thanks Ms. Penniwig. What would you have me do to get my info to you my lovelie? Musta been some good juju yesterday posting a link to your sweet west Texas self, huh?

  • Amrita

    Hi Holly, you pretty creations are a hit in India too - take it from the horse 's (er donkey 's) mouth.

    Congrats Lindas.

    The seed packets are fab.

    Audrey H was very clever.

  • Lady Farmer

    Congratulations to both Lindas! They will enjoy the Pearl Earbobs!
    A great Audrey Hepburn quote and we are in the middle of our spring planting season! The seed packets are perfect! Thank you!

  • Short Poems

    Wow you have really nice page, I love it :)

    Marinela x x

  • Country Whispers

    Congrat to both Lindas and thanks for the seed packet graphics.

  • Angela

    Congratulations to the two Linda's!

    I'm afraid that I am one of those that can't really plant anything until after Mother's Day. That is when the danger of frost is just about gone. We have had a frost on Mother's Day several different times! We were able to plant onions. I am going to plant lettuce in flower pots so I can bring them in if there is a danger of frost.

    Have a Great Day!

  • Doris Sturm

    How nice! Congratulations to both Lindas for winning the earrings.

    Pretty seed packets. I just love Sweet Peas.

    Have a happy day, m'lady :-)

  • Linda

    Holly please let me know how to get you my mailing info. Again such a big thanks and I'm glad that Linda was the name you picked!!! email me at antiqgirl at gmail dot com

    Linda @ A La Carte

  • Holly, the Old Western Gal

    Howdy ladies and gents!

    It sure would be hard to wait so long to plant! But better wait than have a frost get everything.

    Just writin' articles today...ho least I lucked out and got a few about WARHAMMER!!!

    Going to go bug the lucky winners now...tee hee...

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    Oh my, love those seed packets! Lovely!
    Congrats to the Linda's, yay!

  • MP

    You just have to love Audrey Hepburn.

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