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Sunday, April 11

All About Fizzies and Some Jars

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Don't fergit the giveaway, lil' donkeys...any pair of earrings in my shoppe featuring pearls (real or glass), and a package of the new Kool-Aid Fizzies. Enter or enter again, by putting the word "fizzy" somewheres in yer comment so's I know you want to enter.

I found the new fizzies at a little grocery store we have here locally, but Walmart is also carrying them, at least here, right along with the regular Kool-Aid packages. Yer gettin' GRAPE iff'n you win. There are three flavors, Punch, Grape, and Lemonade. Just one tablet flavors a whole bottle of water. 

I MIGHTY appreciate the comments yesterday about trying to figure out where to move, and the interesting remarks about yer experiences with the fizzies. Thank'ee. I believe the original fizzies were German. They are still making them over there, too, in a lot of flavors. I think if the Kool-Aid ones catch on, surely they will make more flavors?

Had to pull MORE offensive cards off the shelf yesterday. Didn't even have to check the numbers, knew which they had to be right off. They surely have some raunchy stuff out lately. Even a few of the Mother's Days cards are pure raunch. MOTHER'S DAY! Tsk tsk.

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Here are some fruit jars you might, fer unknown reasons, wish to place on yer bloggies. Who knows why we decorate our blogs.

Now we need a virtual Fizzy to throw in there.

14 bloggie frens have visited the Comment Corral:

  • SparkleFarkle

    It's the middle of the night and I just woke up from a very "vivid" dream about Shia Labeouf, of all people. <--- Mighty dern cute, but man, I'm old enough to be a fossil in his Boy Scouty rock collection! Nevertheless, the dream was quite impacting, as my hair woke up FIZZY (<---"Clicky-clicky")!

    P.S. Love the jars! They have me humming the Perry Mason theme song! Boy, oh, boy, that decides it: I definitely need to go back to sleep!

    Goo' Ni' to you! SF~~~~*

  • Amrita

    The Punch grape Fizzies sounds awfully cool to me.

    Glad you are 'cleaning ' the shelves of objectionable cards. There is enough filth and dirt around us, than us having to see it in card form.There is a section of my newspaper which has thses Page 3 type women very scantily dressed, I hate it and have protested but no response, guess they want to attract more readership.

    I love the mason jsrs. A missionary friend of mine gave me a bunch of those jarsm use them very carefully.They belong to the 1960s when missionaries travelled to India by boat. I have some old tupperware also.

  • sjhackney

    I love these mason jars. I bet they would taste good with a FIZZY drink in them. We drank iced tea out of ours. The sun is shining today...hooray! Sally

  • Doris Sturm

    I remember those when I was growing up in Germany. They were called "Schleckbrause" because the fizzy candy part was poured inside of a seashell and you had to lick them out. I loved those. I didn't even know they had fizzies at WalMart - of course, I rarely go there. I knew about the pop candy that popped in your mouth, but not the fizzy tablets. You know, I so love fizz that I used to enjoy taking lemon flavored Alka Seltzers just to tickle my nose?
    Happy Sunday, m'lady :-)

  • Carmen C.

    I will have to look at our Walmart and see if they have those fizzy tablets, and I'm glad you are cleanin' up the card isles, I hate when I see those smelly men with their bellies and butt cracks showing *lurking* in the card and magazine isles!

  • Donna

    A fizzy would be perfect in one of those pretty little mason jars, LOL! I'll have to remember to look for them in the Kool-Aid aisle!

    And why oh why are they making raunchy cards? That's just stupid!

  • Faith

    Love them mason simple yet they do so much...We do decorate our blogs don't we..some decorate so much, it takes a long time to load all the's overkill too much to look at, you don't want to stay to long. But, to each his own.

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    Your mason jars are awesome! Thank you!
    Hey now...checked out San Angelo via Google, and your little town of 99,000 is very scenic. Looks like there is a college there too. Major possibilities, but sure can understand that it would be hard to leave established relationships with good drs. Choices, choices. Life is full of 'em.

  • Debra

    Hello sweet-
    I'll check out the Fizzie aisle at Walmart...I love the jars, and I nabbed 'em-don't know where to put 'em yet, but I had to have 'em. I have a few boxes of the old blue ones-they are so pretty.
    Goode daye to ye...
    Love, Debra

  • Dani

    how did you know I collect blue mason jars? wow...creative minds think alike..I do do love fizzies..I remember back in the 60s when they came kids used to put one in our mouths for fun....

  • Angela

    I love the Mason Jars! I have all of my Granny's jars she gave me years ago. I have a few on my countertop with popcorn, several kinds of dried beans, rice and other things in them. They are great for storing things like that.


    I can't believe those cards are getting that bad! Makes me afraid to look at them!

    Hope you have a Great Week!

  • Jen in NY

    Love those son's name is Mason! Once when he was four he went on Gooseberry Patch's site (I had it bookmarked) and ordered 66 Mason jars. Luckily I didn't have my credit card pre-plugged in. Imagine?!

    We tried the punch FIZZY fun! I got them at Wegman's, the local supermarket.

  • Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage

    Hey Holly,
    Please add my name to the hat for a pair of your sweet earrings! I love 'em! Those Mason jars are pretty cute. Me; I love anything FIZZY; sparkling juices are my favourites! Hope your week ahead looks promising!


  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    Love the jars! These Fizzies are news to me, but then I drink my water pretty straight most times. Will have to go back and catch up on posts to see what the move is about!! Hope you have a nice week.

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