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Tuesday, April 27

Long-Stemmed Beauties and Popcorn Giveaway

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The popcorn giveaway continues -- leave any comment to enter -- it's microwave popcorn with packets of marshmallow creme to add, far too delicious...

Tuesday, the day I'm starting my new job hunt, fer a fulltime job. Scarce around here...still doing the greeting cards but the hours are just too really torques my tail to get up at four a.m. and run to the store for just 2 hours of work...UGH...but we do what we have to do!

Free Vintage Images!

These two long-stemmed beauties look like they are from the 1950's...elegant gals...from playing cards. Click to make them load up a larger image. You can save either size. Hard to believe it was "only" fifty years ago that women often wore veils...and gloves..."nylons"...

Right-click to save.

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  • Dani

    when I was little, we always dressed to go to town...gloves, hats and such...have times have changed..some things are good (like blogging) but I do wish we could go back to a more polite time....

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    I remember my mom wearing gloves and veils, and hats to club meetings! Club meetings!!!!??? I've never swung that way...I'm way too casual!
    Gloves for me are only worn in the dead of winter. Fashions and attitudes surely change.
    Now, I feel that we're almost TOO casual.
    Maybe the card biz will pick up with Mother's Day coming up, that should be a biggie. Good luck with the job search dear gal, there are more ads in the papers now here, but still, mostly for nursing gals.
    Love the old pics of dressed up ladies. Trim hips wrapped in girdles, gloves, hats with veils, all forms of bondage I'm thinking!

  • Faith

    Love the look of the elegant ladies. It reminds me of the head vase dolls. I'm going to give a look see for the jolly time marshmallow..maybe it had hit our side of the good ole USA yet...
    no entry/just a comment....cause I like to talk to ya.....either way.

  • Debra

    You are really taking me back this morning with your lovely ladies! I remember the hats and gloves! Sure wish my Mom had saved some of them- they would be vintage treasures for sure!
    Hope you have good luck with your job search!

  • ClassyChassy

    Good luck on your job hunt. I apply for anything and everything here, but no luck even getting an interview - ever so frustrating after over a year of unemployment! At least the weather is warmer now, and I can savor that!

  • sallypaper

    Good luck on the job hunting. Those gals are very pretty. Thanks..and oh yeah...POPCORN! Smile. Sally

  • Carmen C.

    Lovely ladies! Good luck on the job hunt, keepin' my fingers & toes crossed! Not many places around here hiring either except for where hubby works, can you weld? LOL, they can't find enough welders & hubby's boss asked about son as he has his certifications now, but DANG...he joined the ARMY! Could have made twice what they're gonna pay him and a 5 minute drive from home, just down the big hill:(

  • Ms Sparrow

    I never thought about it before, but what WAS the deal with the hats with veils? I guess we really took a long time to progress past being treated as psuedo-nuns.

  • Amrita

    Wish you the very best for your new job hunt Holly. And may you have complete job satisfaction and good payment too.

    The ladies are very elegant and pretty.

  • Judi

    Ahh the good ole' days! Good luck with the job search Holly, I hope you find something enjoyable and worth your efforts!! Judi

  • ~~Carol~~

    Such elegant, lovely ladies! And I can't wait to borrow your "torques my tail" line the next time I get riled up!

  • Beansieleigh

    Oh, I like these pretty little ladies!.. And I agree with Faith. They DO remind you a little of the head vases! In fact, I almost think I'd like to just print them, frame them and hang them up in my room!.. I might DO that!.. Thank you Holly! ~tina

  • Birgit

    Oh Holly -- I just noticed that you allow comments again. YEAH! :)

    Good luck with the job search -- I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed that you will find the right job for you. :)

    You are offering popcorn for a lucky winner? How did you know that I love popcorn? ;)

    Greetings from Munich,

  • SueLovesCherries

    I know that God has just the right job out there for you, don't give up!

    Yup, I think I got a hankerin' for some popcorn!

  • Beansieleigh

    Hi again Holly! I just wanted to ask you... I have a couple or so of your graphics on my new blog already, and I want to list you on the left side bar, as one of the blogs I love "sew much"!!...

    I tried to find your email, but couldn't.. So I just want to know if you have a button for Banner Haus, or if there is a specific graphic your would like me to use, if even I may?? ~tina

  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    I still am intrigued by this marshmallow popcorn thing!

    Best of luck with the job search. It's a difficult time right now for sure.

  • Beansieleigh

    Hi Holly! Back again, just to tell you I found your graphic in your Picasa album. Love all your graphics and blogger goodies! Thanks again! ~tina

  • Buttercup

    Best luck on job search. I was a white glove girl and my mother loved hats, so I was always wearing uncomfortable hats throughout my childhood. I kind of miss wearing the dress gloves, but not the hats!

  • Bernie

    I wore short white gloves on my first job interview, so long ago. Good luck on your job hunt my friend......:-) Hugs

  • The Joy of Nesting

    Howdy OWG, Rosey here,

    I'll send ya heaps of positive karma in the job hunt. I hate to see your education background go to waste, I'm sure you have looked into Community ed programs, like, English as a second lang, GED prep, learn to read classes?? You know I had a couple of friends who make nice healthy incomes subbing in the school systems. I know every state is different as every district is on educational requirements. What ever you decide to do I'll be rooting in your corner little Sister!!! I'd even be honored if you used me as a reference!!

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

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