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Saturday, April 10

Fer the Busy Bees Out There, and A Giveaway

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Everyone seems so very busy compared to me. I'm more sloth-like. 

Our visit to San Angelo went well. We drove there and back in a day, and we looked around. My husband was pretty charmed with it. I just don't know what to think about it. I used to move all over, at the drop of a hat. After two years in a place, I would be itching to move away. Moving back and forth, from one coast to another, didn't phase me in the least. 

Now, I worry about my son, pets, and husband. I worry about getting them into the specialists they must see. I don't know if the world got harder, or if I just got tired.

Saw hundreds of sheep, a few llamas, wild turkeys and ducks, but no donkeys.

Oh, let's have a giveaway. In honor of the Concho Pearls that San Angelo is famed for, any pair of earrings in my shoppe featuring PEARLS is the prize. International bloggie frens always welcome. Ho-hum, earrings again...yes, but with KOOL-AID FIZZIES TOO!!! Now we're talkin'. Don't need to holler, don't need to foller, just put FIZZY somewheres in yer comment to enter.

Free Vintage Image

Here is a pretty bee skep or hive. The bees look a bit waspish, but it's still so much better than anything I could draw or create. I think it may be a woodcut.

Right-click to save.

27 bloggie frens have visited the Comment Corral:

  • Bernie

    Hi sweetie, I have been down with flu but it is good to catch up on a few of my favorite blogs, I do hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend........:-) Hugs

  • Dawn

    The answer is probably both, harder world and a pooped donkey. Maybe a change of place and pace would be good for everyone?

    It's really disturbing to read about all the problems with the bee colony colapses. Hope they can make changes before it's too late. What would we do with out all our fizzy, I mean busy, friends!

  • Lady Farmer

    We used to have Fizzies all the time when we were kids. We used to put the tablet in our mouth (instead of the prerequisite glass of water)and pretend we were mad dogs! (all that foaming at the mouth stuff, ya know!)I had told my girls about them and my youngest found some (somewhere in New York?) and brought them for me at Christmas time. I tried one, in a glass of water this time, and I nearly gagged! Maybe they were a different brand, but, like some of us, I think they just don't make them like they used to! I'm losing my fizz, too! :~P
    I would love to win another pair of your beautiful earrings ~ yours are the only ones that don't bother my sensitive earlobes!

  • Amrita

    Hiya, you are a lady on the move no sloth-like stuff fer you.

    Take thought of all the pros and cons and make your decision about moving.
    Do you know anyone there? But of course you will make friends easily.

    We used to keep bees years ago, had 2 wooded hives and got lovely honey. But our bees got killed by enemies bees and after that we didn 't keep any.
    I am attempting to make pizzas tonight from scratch. My yeast is old so I am not sure about the dough

  • Stellar Creations

    Hey girl! I think we are a lot alike in that area, everyone use to always tell me I had to have had gypsies in my family tree somewhere because I can pack and move at the drop of the hat.. but now I'm ready to settle down. I hope you do what makes you happy, yes we do what makes our family happy.. but you need to be happy too. Have a great weekend girl.

    Big Hugs,

  • Ladyfromthewoods

    I'd like to be entered in your fizzy-busy-pearly giveaway please. Your earrings are so divine they draw me out of lurkdom.

  • Debra

    Maybe you should make another trip or two to San Angelo- look around a little more before you make your decision.
    Love your bee skep & bees graphics!!

  • Beansieleigh

    Oh Holly.. I'm just trying to put "moving" in the past. It's done. It's over. Onto a new chapter in my life, right?.. So a giveaway, huh?! Sounds like fizzy fun to me! Please do count me in!.. Love the little beehive today! ~tina

  • Anvilcloud

    My wife loves fizzy wizzy dizzy earrings.

  • sjhackney

    I can't believe that I've never had a FIZZY! But it sounds good. I've really been into bees lately. Maybe it's just me hoping for constant warm weather. I love your earbobs...can't get enuf of them. Thanks! Sally

  • Donna

    I remember the FIZZY kool-aid tablets when I was a kid! You mean they still have them??? How funny and retro!

    Your worries about moving mean that you are more THOUGHTFUL now that you are older. Which is a good thing, in my book! I do hope that you can find a place that interests you and touches your heart.

  • Carmen C.

    I don't remember ever seeing the fizzy Koolaid tablets, maybe they don't sell them here, they sound like fun though:)

  • Faith

    No busy for me, I'm still on virtual vacation...
    Fizzies, I remember those...root beer ones...were my favorite.Remember Fuzzy Wuzzies? They looked like a bar of soap, you wet them down and the grew fuzz? I'm putting my name in the hopper for the context...Pearls, love them, they are my favorite gem..from the ocean so beautiful...We become more cautios and thoughtful as we get older, and worry about things we might not have thought about 15 years ago.. It's all good...

  • Baggaraggs:

    i have been feeling kinda fizzy lately. Pollen no doubt. maybe I mean fuzzy. speaking of sloth like I am down right in reverse. Thanks for having the giveaway. Hugs, Robin

  • Julia

    Now I have to google San Angelo and see what it looks like so I can add my meaningless commentary... But I think a change from your town is a good idea.

    More earrings? How can a girl say no! Please count me in. I wear your creations weekly with pleasure. :)

  • Knitty

    I have only lived in two homes, the first being my parents, and this one for the past 34.5 years. The thought of moving at the point of my life would definitely upset this donkey's cart! This wasn't planned, it just happened that we added on and stayed here. It has been more than good though.

    I hope you find a locale and home to the likings of each of you.

  • Linda in New Mexico

    Fizzy me in, I love your earring bobs.
    As to moving....well when I was younger, it was easier. Now I am less enthused to do so. When it involves doctors, comfort, donkeys and all, well no one can blame a hesitation on your part. San Angelo is a nice enough place, but then anywhere can be if you make it that a way.

  • Linda

    Oh your earrings are such a prize and since Pearls are my birthstone (June) it's a no-fizzy I mean no-brainer that I would love to pick out some sweet pearl beauties for my ears!

    Hard to move and change as we get older.

  • Angela

    Years ago we moved 3 times in one year! I never want to do that again! I hope that we never have to move again. We love where we are at right now. We've been here for almost 14 years. "Farm living is the Life for Me"! lol


    Hope you find a house that you would want to spend many years to come in!


  • Debra

    OH boy-I'm glad I didn't miss this one!! I LOVE Fizzies! If I don't win, can you tell us where to get them? I remember them-I was pretty young, but I can remember the package (a young artist in the making!).
    Your earrings are a delight to wear and to win...I LOVE your earrings.
    I love you!

  • Denise Marie

    Fizzy fun!! I just spotted a pair I like too.

    I wonder how old your son is and would hate to know that I been at Beagle Run Cottage for 16 years now. Honeymoon cottage that is busting at the seams. Ready to move but tied down here. lol

  • SueLovesCherries

    FIZZ. You said put it anywhere in my comment, so I figured it might as well be the first word - and get it over with!

    Ah, moving . . . Mister (and his dad) own some land in the next town over that's for sale, and his dad suggested we build on it - 5 acres. We want to, but the girls don't like the idea. Pre-teen can walk to her cousin's from here (her only friend); and Teen said we can move if we keep our present house, too. Ya, right!

  • The Joy of Nesting

    OWG Rosey here,

    Oh what a treat Fizzies use to be. And there was nothing more aggravating for the Nuns then a whole line of kids with purple and green lips, tongues,and finger tips waiting in the communion line during mass!! :)

    OWG I have always found if I click my heels three times (that would be with my ruby slippers on) while saying "there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home" the were-abouts of home is where I end up :)

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  • Ridgetatter

    Have you ever read, Das Boot by Gunter Grass? His character had a, well…ahhh novel use for "fizzies"…
    LOL (Hee Haw)
    xxxxx bj

  • Nydia

    Stupid me don't know what fizzy is!

    I hope you get to the best decision for everyone. Have you researched about the specialists in the new city, to see if it would easy to reach them when needed? After THAT bad experience of mine living in a smaller town, I'd carefully think before deciding - but I know you're already doing so...

    Kisses and love from us.

  • Marjorie (Molly) Smith

    Dear Holly, sorry I'm late reading this, I really don't know what to tell you about moving. We moved so much when I was growing up, 10 schools in 11 years, I was so glad to settle down in one town even though DH and I moved to 11 different apartments in 7 yrs before we finally built our home 42 yrs ago and My roots run deep here. Won't get me to transplant again, unless I have no choice.
    But you have to do what you have to do. Just make sure everything is what you need it to be before moving.
    Haven't had a Fizzy in years.

  • Doris Sturm

    Oh, how did I miss this? I am so into bees, honey bees that is. I am up late tonight (or early) but must get some rest, so you have a lovely day tomorrow and keep your chin up and keep on smiling...and the whole world smiles with you. Isn't that right?
    Love ya,
    Doris :-)

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