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I'm not a Southern Beauty,
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I'm just a lil' Western Gal
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Monday, April 12

Monday Morning!

I have no idea why this didn't post as scheduled. Blogger, free and worth every penny!!!

Banner Haus News and Musings

I'll pick the Earrings and Fizzies giveaway winner late tonight and post the winner fer Tuesday morning. Just comment to enter/re-enter! International bloggie frens always welcome.

Donkey frens, I've been sorter down. Goin' thru some sorter spell, is my thought. It's a lot of pressure to figure out where to move. And then I was down just thinkin' that I wouldn't be able to afford property where we could have a donkey and four hens. Was pretty tore up about it, and then thought, "Well, I'll donate to a donkey rescue, then. And mayhap sneak a hen into the backyard. Bribe the neighbors with the eggs."

Now I'm feeling perkier. May all yer burdens be as light.

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What have we here? Birdie eggs. And some pansies and strawberries. The pansies look like they might be from a scrap of wrapping paper. Right-click to save.

21 bloggie frens have visited the Comment Corral:

  • Ladyfromthewoods

    Re-entering the fizzy give-away, but mostly wishing you joy & peace as you embark on a most wonderful adventure in life. Having moved ourselves back 3 years ago, I understand your ups & downs connected to the possible move, but can say without a doubt that, looking back, I am so glad we did.
    ~ t.

  • Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage

    Good morning Holly,
    I am also re-entering your FIZZY Giveaway! Cute graphics today! Having moved about fifteen times in my married life, I know all about moving and it's very stressful but exciting just the same! New home to decorate and flowers to plant. Hope you have a good day.


  • Doris Sturm

    Glad to hear you're starting to feel a little better. Your strawberry image reminds me to take a ride to the big strawberry field where one can pick or buy ready picked (for people with bad backs, like me)...They're open already and I can't wait to get some.

    Have a blessed day, m'lady :-)

  • Linda in New Mexico

    Holly, hope you don't mind, I kinda let all my lovelies know about you in my blog this week. I may not comment much anymore but I'm still following you and loving the comments, the life observations and the clip art. This donkey fren like ya alot and wanted others to know about you.
    Moving is hard at best. Not getting a donkey is the pits, but your new neighbors will love the eggs. tee hee

  • NancyD

    Good Monday Morning, Holly! We have moved several times and we always looked at it as a positive experience. We left friends behind but we kept in contact with most of them and met more wonderful people where we went. And each time we moved we learned more...I suppose if we had kept on going we'd be quite smart by now! LOL You will find a solution to your "pet" problem I'm certain. The best part about these days is that you can take all your friends with you in your computer...we travel light! LOL Thanks for the lovely graphics again :)

  • Carmen C.

    OH THANK HEAVENS YOUR OKAY:D When I got on my computer this morning and there was no post from you, my heart did a lil' flip-flop thinking something had happened to ya:( You know I'm a nutcase of a worrier, lol! I feel fizzy and fine now though and I hope you can find where to move and have you some chickens and a donkey! keepin' fingers & toes crossed!

  • Amrita

    I am feeling a little FIZZY at the moment, have a cold coming on in this heat.Your pretty graphics soothe the eye Holly.

  • Ms Sparrow

    I appropriated the strawberry graphic right off!
    I say strawberries are the food of the gods. I hope you get your donkeys (nobody can have just one!) and chickens.

  • Karen Beth

    Sorry you are feeling down. I hope you feel like a "Fizzy" later today. Discisions are so hard on us. But it sounds like you are doing good. Have a wonderful day.

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    Hi Holly...don't count me in for the giveaway, I've won too much as it is!
    These graphics today are boootiful~
    love 'em.
    Change always increases our stress load, and attacks our sleep. I went househunting a few weeks ago, wanting change...became a mess...and kicked myself in butt and decided to stay put and make do! All better now~
    'Course it helps that it's gardening time again.
    That's always good therapy to mix up dirt and manure in a big wheelbarrow!
    Everybody deserves a chicken in their yard, and a little donkey fren too. Wish you could have all that you desire, dadgumit!

  • Debra

    Hope you are still feeling perkier!!
    Love todays graphics!!

  • Rosemary

    Hope you are a bit cheerier this morning.
    Thanks for the visit!!
    Love all of the graphics as usual!!
    Hope you have a pleasant day!!

  • Angela

    Hey Holly!

    I do hope that you can find a place that you can keep some kind of critters! Is land that high where you are in Texas? It all depends on where you are in West Virgina but you have to be careful around here as you might get a hill side that is straight up and you can't do nothing with that!

    Love the pansies! They aren't FIZZY though!

    Have a Great Day!

  • ~~Carol~~

    Don't feel down, little donkey fren. The perfect place will come along, just keep lookin'. It took a while for us to find our house, and I knew it was home as soon as I walked in the door. It was kinda eerie, gave me a sorta FIZZY feeling inside! I hope that happens for you too!
    Happy Monday!

  • Linda

    I love the Strawberry graphic and thanks again for all you do for us blogger donkeys! I am re-entering the FIZZY giveaway because as I said before pearl is my birthstone and I'm needing some pretty ear bobs don't ya know!

    Linda @ A La Carte

  • sjhackney

    Your first line made me chuckle. The kids and I tried the fizzies this weekend and they were a hit! Hope we win some more. Good luck with the house hunting. Chin up! Sally

  • Faith

    Sending you a big ol' smile and a hug from one of yer lil donkey frens. I hear ya girl...I understand what you are I would like to do the same me self...all on hold....DH need to re employed again, and we have to play catch up if you can....but hey! It's all good..
    but boy do I know how you feel....Here hug & a smile my dear :) X I missed you this morning...:)

  • Crystal

    Hi Sweet Holly :-)
    Sending hugs and I'm glad you talked yourself out of feelin' a little down. It surely happens to all of us, though!

    You bring cheer to lots of us here in blogland! :-)

    Those pansies!!! Oh la la!! My absolute favorite flower - especially when they are purple. Paper me a room with those would ya? ;-)


  • Denise Marie

    God is able to make a way for ya Holly!! Look what I found ya today without even trying:

    Texas love and let God surprise ya!!

  • Buttercup

    Thanks for the beautiful graphics. I thought about moving a few years ago and spent months looking at apartments. I finally found exactly the place I loved 10 blocks from where I am and then the original deal didn't work out. Oh my! It stung for awhile -- it seemed that it would have been great on many levels, especially financially -- but I had to move on. I thought that I would never think about moving again, but in the last few months have started to look at the ads...

  • Nydia

    Hope this move stuff is solved pretty soon and you can be yourself again! Sometimes things get solved by themelves.

    Kisses and love from us.

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