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Friday, April 30

Hot on the Scent

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Are you one of those people who puts on lots of perfume, or "scent," as we called it in the olde days?  I know those who douse themselves with parfum often practically choke others, but I do add lots of scents throughout the day. I like to layer a number of light scents, and top it off with a bit of Poison added to my bun or at the base of my neck. I have a dread of smelling anything but very fresh and fragrant...pleasantly fragrant...I love donkeys but don't wish to smell like one...

I do feel rather awful, as until recently I would look askance at a gent who works at the local grocery store, because every time I was near the poor fellow, a terrible smell would reach me. After a few weeks of this, and dreading to go buy the cheese I'm addicted to and that he would cut for me, I happened to go to his area, and he wasn't there -- but the smell was -- it was A TYPE OF CHEESE causing the smell...a big ol' cheese in the corner of the display seemed to be making the loathsome smell...I think I saw it people get the slice anywhere near their mouths is beyond me...what a horrid, horrid cheese, surely that can't be good for a person?

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  • Mary at Deep South Dish

    I love a nice fragrance but the cheapo designer imposters provoke an allergic reaction in me! I can always tell when someone is wearing them.

    There are some very ripe cheeses out there for sure - I have the same thoughts as you! How can people EAT that? I wonder which one it was? I suppose that's why the expression who "cut the cheese" came about LOL!!

  • Bernie

    Oh yes I do love my Alien perfume, (that is the name of it) in fact I don't feel dressed if I don't have it on, so many people are allergic today but this is a light soft smell and I get many compliments on it or even people have asked me what I am wearing.

    Yes Holly I have smelled cheese like you described, people have said it is very good but like you I don't know how they could get it near their mouth to taste it.....:-) Hugs

  • Carmen C.

    I only use body spray these days, but when I was younger I had several I liked.

  • Debra

    Funny story! I wonder what kind of cheese it is?
    Beautiful bottles of perfume!!

  • Marjorie (Molly) Smith

    Well I love my Obsession, have wore it for years and have even had people stop me and ask what it was. I had one man come running over to my car as I was getting in to leave a Handy Mart (scared me 1/2 to death didn't know what he wanted)he asked what I was wearing that his girl friend had a fit over it and he was wanting to buy her some for her
    Now as for the cheese, Limburger is the stinkingest stuff I ever smelled, no way am I putting that stuff in my mouth...yuck.
    Hope your day is good.

  • Dawn

    Wonderful story just before breakfast, thanks Holly! LOL!

    I'm afraid I'm one of those people with a super sensitive nose. I can't be around any perfume, scented candles, or even the soap isle at the store. Makes me sneezy and kicks in the asthsma.

    Love your little bottles though. Very pretty.

  • Ms Sparrow

    I'm one of the folks allergic to fragrances and smoke. Even if I can't smell it, the fumes sear my nostrils and make my sinuses clench up. I wind up with a headache for the rest of the day.
    This reminds me of a meeting I once attended where there was a woman sitting at a table asking people to sign in. A gal in line behind me advanced to the table. The woman at the table got up and backed away saying, "I'm sorry but your perfume will give me a migraine headache."
    The gal wearing the perfume advanced and said, "I'm hard of hearing, what did you say?"
    Woman behind table moves farther back--perfume gal moves forward, etc. The confused perfumed lady finally left.

    I feel that fragrance should be a very personal thing. Someone should have to be very close to you to detect it.

  • Faith

    Less is should be a scent...not a dunking...I like things which smell nice, but when it doesn't phew....! PU STINKY.....I have never smelled limburger cheese..remember they in the old gang with spanky they had an episode about the limburger cheese..something about rubbing on your chest when you have a cold....

    Holly the giveaway arrived today (Friday) in good condition...Tis loverly that what it is..loverly....thank you.....

  • Anvilcloud

    The only smell (I hope) on me would come from my deodorant or residual soap.

  • sallypaper

    Hi Holly, Thanks for the flower pics. Your cheese story cracks me up! My nurse daughter and I were at the store the other day and ran into a guy who really smelled but didn't look dirty at all. She said it possibly was some medication he was on. Hmm... Thanks for stopping by my bloggie and leaving your funny & kind words. Smiles, Sally

  • Nydia

    I love my Boticario's Ma Chérie Jeans, but just a spray of it! Hate when people take a perfume shower!

    Just sent you an email with the brigadeiro recipe, Holly.

    Kisses and love from us.

  • Crystal

    I'm a gal that likes to wear a pretty scent every day. I have a few favorites from way back, but I also like to try new ones. Isn't it awful though, how some of them are getting so expensive!?!

    Do you ladies apply your cologne by spraying it into the air and then walking through it? I do. I think it's a good way to avoid wearing too much, but I fear it's the more costly choice - as I'm sharing my perfume with the entire bedroom! ;-)

    Too funny, Holly, about the guy with the cheese. Hope he didn't lose chances for dates because of it! lol

    Hugs, Crystal

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    Oh my, that cheese must be toxic stuff! Can't imagine that stench going through ones colon.....

    I love perfumes you remember an oldie called Blue Carnation? Haven't seen or heard of it since 1974....have searched the internet high and low, no luck. Adored that stuff!
    Those are beautiful perfume labels. My ex always called me Sweet Pea...come to find out...he's called all of his women after me, the same endearment. Keeps things simple I guess, he hee!

  • A 2 Z

    Beautiful blog. I could almost smell the perfume. Thank you for the free images.


  • The Joy of Nesting

    Hello Dear OWG, Rosey here!!!

    Hmmmm Does make one wonder just what the person smells like after they ingest the cheese???? I mean if you can smell the garlic someone has eaten hours after the meal. you couldn't help but reek a bit from the cheese!

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

    Drop by mi casita when you have a minute. I shared the results from your recommendation. Thanks little sis!!!

  • Doris Sturm

    Ha, ha, ha, that is too funny! I know what you mean, though, I'd never eat something that smells so disgusting. My dad used to eat Limburger and we all fled and hid. He has such a sensitive nose (like I) so I never understood how he could eat that stuff. Poor guy, you accused him of stinking when it was the cheese all along. Oh, well...we all make mistakes. At least you didn't confront him about it - that could have been embarrassing.

  • Amrita

    I love your attars. We call them ittars and its a big industry in my state monopolized by muslims. Lots of the stuff is exported to the Middle East.
    I am very fond of gentle perfumes, flowers and fruity.
    An american lady friend gave me a bottle of Poison , 14 years ago and I still have 1/3 of it. I use it very sparingly. Its not so strong now.

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