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Thursday, June 17

Vrrrrrptt! Bzzzzz! Bzzzzz! V-V-V-V-Vruuummmpppp

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I know these Americana graphics are pretty boring fer my international bloggie frens...bear with could be worse, I could have vuvuzela horns playing on my blog or something  like that...!!! I understand these little plastic horns are horrible? we go...a link...GRACIOUS, they are annoying!!! Elephants with stomachaches! Kinda fun, tho...

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  • Debra

    Have never heard of a vuvuzela horn! I will have to got to you tube!
    I love today's graphic!!

  • sallypaper

    Thoise horns are very annoying. I think people would get sick of blowing them and have headaches. I was watching the USA game and they sounded like droning bees...but much louder. I love Americana graphics. Thanks for posting them. Keep cool today you lil western gal! Smiles, Sally

  • Knitty

    Nice graphic! The horns do sound like bees, but I don't know that I would vote them as the most annoying sound. Fingernails on old fashioned blackboards still make me wince.

  • Doris Sturm

    I agree - Annoyance Maximus! I feel sorry for the soccer players in South Africa who have to concentrate on their game, because those horns go NON-STOP and are very, very loud - I could not hear myself think!

    I hope you're doing well, m'lady, and keeping yourself and the critters cool! I've been living on watermelon and popsicles :-)

  • ClassyChassy

    You're right on top of the game, as always! Love your little graphic today!

  • Amrita

    You are right Holly the vuvuzelas have the most annoying sound, the newspapers are also complaining about it. The commentary of the FIFA matches is almost drowned bacause of them.' I would go mad if someone was blowing his vuvuzela close to me.

    BTW you asked about the colors. I forgot to tell you that in the summer I like pastel shades.

  • Country Whispers

    Love the patriotic graphic today.
    I've also never heard of that type of horn but can say that any horn can be annoying. Just depends on whose playing it I guess.

  • Bernie

    OMG those horns are horrible, sounds like a huge cloud of bees coming right out of the TV, I haven't been able to watch any soccer as the buzzing drives me the drum my friend......:-) Hugs

  • Jen in NY

    Oh I love American graphics! This one is darling. :-) Those vuvuzelas are sooo obnoxious. Makes me feel even more detached from soccer! I swear, it was hard enough to watch a game before.

  • OldeAnniePrimitives

    Here I am playing "catch up" once again! Sorry to hear about your catfish! I remember my first catfish. Of course, his name was Charlie! :)

    Love the two sewing graphics! Thanks for sharing! ~~Annie

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    This is cool Holly...very patriotic.

  • Nydia

    Vuvuzelas are unbearable! hould be banned... And that youtube!!! Arght! lol

    Very funny, Holly... NOt!

    Kisses and much love from us.

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