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Sunday, June 13

My Poor Catfish

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I'm sad because I think I've accidentally killed my pet catfish. I've had him for years.

We had hail yesterday and I thought it would be fun fer the fish if I were to float a few hail balls in the water with him, kind of cool him off since it gets hot in the house and catfish like cool water best.

Well, I put quite a few in there, and next thing I know, he is swimming funny. Then a few hours later he was floating on his side, and didn't eat, and now is about dead, and if I had any guts whatsoever I think I'd put him out of his misery. Instead I keep walking around wringing my hands and feeling awful about it. WHY did I think the hail balls would be good fer him? I think they poisoned him. 

Vintage Gal Clipart

Here is a homemade clip art graphic using an image from the 1950s. 

A lot of bloggie frens would like more comments on their bloggies. I am divided about comments. On the one hand, I don't like to feel that I exert pressure on people to comment. And I don't like my greediness fer 'em, either. On the other hand, I am insatiably curious and interested in what others have to say.

Do you see the background on the graphic? When I was a child, the kitchen table was that exact pink, with lil' glittery-like designs on it, in white and turquoise, that same exact way, lil' balls and dots and stars. 

We felt it was "too old fashioned" at some point and out it went. What I would not give to have that table now! I have been more than my share of foolish in this life.

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  • Debra

    Wonderful Vintage graphic! I don't think you poisoned your catfish- may have cooled him off too much though- hope he makes it!

  • Doris Sturm

    Oh no...I can't help but thinking the same thing - after all if there's acid rain, why not poison in the hail? Unless he's got cooled down too quickly and is in shock? I wonder if it's too late to exchange his water or if you moved h im into the bathtub for a while till the pond's recovered?
    I'm so sorry!

  • Donna

    I bet you feel terrible about your poor fish! I hope he recovers!

    I adore comments on my blog. Bring 'em on, LOL! It helps to know that folks are reading!

  • Carmen C.

    I'm sorry about your fish, maybe it is just a coincidence and the hail had nothing to do with it? Like Doris said, could you change out the water?? I'll be thinking of you and him, and my sssssss...nake got free, I'm glad but also now wondering which way he slithered:0

  • Diann @ the Thrifty Groove

    Sorry about the catfish!

    I love this graphic! And i have already added it to my sidebar. And since I seem to grab a lot of your fun designs, I had to tell people where to find them! Thanks again for all the fun pretties for our blogs!

  • Linda in New Mexico

    Hey Holly girl. I am feeling bad for and with you. I have been just where you are...did something similar and worried and fretted. It's in our nature to do so. Be Kind to yourself, I haven't figured out how to do that for myself but am trying.
    I love the "every girl's dream" button. It's perfection.
    I know you won't but I will say it anyway, don't worry.
    The Olde Bagg

  • Linda

    Holly so sorry about your catfish! I hope he recovers. I like comments and have been lucky mine are positive (well so far anything can happen in blog land) that graphic is so cute!!

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    You are so unique. Who, has a pet catfish...for years? It was probably shocked by the temp change, but you would think it would be able to handle that...anyway, am sorry you lost your buddy. One never knows who or what we feel a kinship with, and one should never question another's choice. Love this retro-ish graphic. How we all wish we had hung onto all that kitschy stuff that we grew up with~ now!

  • ~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~

    Oh Holly, so very sorry...

  • Amrita

    Wish your poor fish a speedy recovery.

    I get very distressed if any of my pets is sick or indisposed. Like the graphic.

  • ~~Carol~~

    Maybe the hail balls cooled off the water too much? Who would have thought that it would do harm to your fish. You had the best intentions, and I'm so sorry. I've never heard of anyone having a catfish for a pet. One more thing that makes you YOU!
    I love this graphic, and the background reminds me of our kitchen table too, but it was red. My Mom covered it with some vinyl sheeting, back in the 70s I think, and I've never gotten over it!

  • Nydia

    Oh, Holly, I'm so sorry!! But please don't feel guilty, how would you know? Maybe he was already kinda sick! Poor sweeties!

    Kisses and comfort hugs from us.

  • sallypaper

    Sorry about your pet. I've never know anyone to keep a pet catfish in the house. Prob the drop in temp that bothering it.
    Thanks for the graphic, I really like retro stuff. Sally

  • Anvilcloud

    You had good intentions. That's pretty important. Maybe the fish is old and it was its time to go?

  • Ms Sparrow

    Yeah, 50's retro formica & chrome furniture brings good prices today. Our Minnesota History Museum has a mock malt shop exhibit with a bunch of it. I thought catfish liked brackish water. Maybe it was too much fresh, cool water that's making your fish sick.

  • The Joy of Nesting

    OWG, Rosey here,

    Eeeekkks What is going on??? Is someones planet in the wrong "house" or having a bad spell causing so many of us to be loosing our pets I don't take any stock in coincidences so that can't be the reason. Oh I feel for you dear little sister while you are in that place where your heart hurts!!

    I am no Fishery Biologist so I can only speculate why your fish friend slipped it's mortal coils. It seems fish don't have the ability to adapt to rapid temperature or chemical changes in the water. Putting in a couple of hail stones might have been enough to cause it's environment to change faster then it could adapt. I do know that the rapid swimming and gill movement is to get adequate amounts of water through the gills, as they are how fish extract O2 from the water. Maybe the sudden shock of cold water caused the fish to slow down to much to process enough O2?? Although none of this really matters. Knowing how or why you lost your friend doesn't ease the pain of your loss. That will take time and care.

    I know for you there is also the additional guilt you have heaped on because of your belief in the preciousness of all life. Please don't beat yourself up with the guilt you can only do the best that you can at the time. And it was obviously time for your fish to pass to a different level of life's energy. So please respect yourself enough Little Sister to begin to heal from your loss. I will keep you in my thoughts as you travel your path. Just remember that you are not alone, and it's okay to reach out for a bit of comfort.

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  • Cinner

    Holly I am so sorry about your fish, I totally understand about cooling it down. I used to keep fish in my pond but no more, hopefully your fish still makes it. I wish I could say something to help. know I am thinking about you. hugs.

  • OldeAnniePrimitives

    I know what you mean! I would LOVE to have the kitchen table that I grew up with! And the chairs with the seats all covered in that shiny vinyl! Our chairs had little rubber caps on the feet. And when they came off, they'd leave round indentions in our floor. Or "half rounds" from where my brothers would constantly lean back on them! My mom was always yelling at them to quit! LOL! Thanks for that memory!

    Sure hope your catfish makes it through this. Maybe he was in shock from the quick change in temps.

    Oh...and I know what you mean about Lynden! All the store's open/close signs read for Sunday: CLOSED -- See you in church. LOL! But still a pretty town! :) ~~Annie

  • Ridgetatter

    I am just amazed that you've managed to keep a 'wild' catfish going for 15 years! I am equally empathetic about your angst. We do get so attached. My Mom had rayon file (sp) drapes with a large pattern of antheria and jungle leaves. I had a chameleon, bought at a county fair, and I pinned his tether to the beautiful drapes. I thought he could change to the beautiful deep orange-reds of the flower, and the green of the leaves. Unfortunately, I forgot to put him in his own biosphere when we left the house. Of course, the poor thing lost his footing on the slick fabric, and I found him hanging. It was just awful. I had really become attached to my little lizard. Thus the empathy.

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