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I'm not a Southern Beauty,
I'm not an Eastern rose;
I'm just a lil' Western Gal
With freckles on her nose.

Monday, February 15

Wise Bivalves and An Antique Rose Postcard

Banner Haus News:

Nationally: Chocoholics throughout the nation report that they ate too much chocolate yesterday. Those in Hawaii also admit to eating too many macadamia nuts along with it.

Local News: I don't want to hear any "I-told-you-so's," and since I turned off the comments, I won't, but I admit to missing reading the comments of my bloggie frens and passersby quite a bit.

On the other hand, I just want to set around and read Tweets, as it's ever and ever so much easier. Aye, I'm spoiled.

Have to credit bloggie fren Julia (the amazing aproned botanist) for her quip that those who use Twitter are "twitterpated." I had forgotten that term!

Still, I am maintaining my clam-like silence on this bloggie! 

Interestingly, evidently most hinged bivalves are silent, brooding creatures. We say someone "clammed up," and we also say, "As solitary as an oyster." Or at least I do, because I read incessantly, and have many and many an oldtime expression in my vocabulary. And a person picks up a few things in 451 years, which indeed is my actual age.

I think it's wise to collect as many sayings as you can!

A Quote from the Bookshelf:
"Hobbits...have a fund of wisdom and wise sayings that men have mostly never heard or have forgotten long ago."  J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Antique Postcard Freebie:
Roses of a rich buttery hue.

Right-click to save. Don't fergit to click on the graphic to see if there is a larger size available, too. And don't fergit to try out the free "add type or words" features of and, either.

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