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Sunday, February 14

Confusticate It! and A Lovely Clover Postcard

Valentine's Day is today...but on to St. Patrick's Day!

The News: Hysteria at the Valentine's Cards, Idiocy on My Part, and A Recollection of Simpler Times

Let's get the idiocy out of the way. 

I was somewhat miffed after closing Penniwig's, because I noticed that no one at all had kept me as a Follower on their bloggies. All my frens had rudely thrown me off their Followers list. My little "updates" box was...empty...empty...not a single update..."The nerve of them!"

I moped around a bit, savagely stuffing cards back into their pockets at the store, muttering darkly about "ingrates," and then decided I would attempt to sneak back onto the bloggies...I went back to Penniwig's to get to the addresses...and then it hit me: I had followed people as PENNIWIG, not as BANNERHAUS...

So I"m slowly adding THIS bloggie as a my, the troubles I invent fer myself...but all of ye were awful mean to throw me off like that...well, you ALMOST did...cruel, it was...shame, I certainly will remain a clam, yep, I have broken the clam-code-of-silence a few times, but am holding quite firm in my resolve to keep this a totally obligation-free extracting comments out of visitors or putting in my oar at their bloggies...

Work News:
My boss and I are taking turns darting into the melee at the card counter and attempting to replenish the stock right on Valentine's Day. As some of you know, I work for a card company as a "retail merchandiser," which means I go to various stores and restock and straighten their greeting card displays. But that will be winding to an end after Easter, since the hours will be cut down to only 3 a week, and that's not worth the gas.

At the card area, it's mainly men now, angrily demanding why we don't have cards they like. We do have lovely cards. They will run these gentlemen about $7. All the more reasonable pretty cards are long gone, bought by men with a bit of foresight.

Happier Thoughts:

I remember weaving garlands of white clover flowers, putting them on as necklaces, and wearing them as headpieces, too. Their honey smell was wonderful. 

It was a simpler time. Fer me, a miserable time, in many ways, but still, simpler. Now, the poor kids have real and virtual misery. Back then: just real misery.

It seems to me that long ago, when I was young, the children actually had more handicraft skills. The elementary-school girls knew so many speciality weaves when I was young, and would teach one another how to do herringbone (4-strand) braids, Square Braid (4 strands), and the Dutch, with up to 7 strands. Many could also embroider beautifully, and I knew at least 20 fancy stitches.

I pity today's children in that simple things are not valued in many homes. Arrogance, wealth, external power and crassness seem to have taken pride of place.

Old-Time Tip:
Dampen yr straw broom before you sweep. And have at least two good straw brooms; one for outside, and one for in. Not only does dampening the straw release a fresh, hay-like scent, but it sweeps up dust more efficiently. But never dampen it if sweeping up sugar, sugar.

Vintage Postcard Freebie: 
Pretty lady with dove and clover. Looks to be that tall Crimson Clover.

Right-click to save. Enjoy.

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