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I'm not a Southern Beauty,
I'm not an Eastern rose;
I'm just a lil' Western Gal
With freckles on her nose.

Thursday, February 25

I'm Lookin' Over

Banner Haus News and Musings:

Snow all gone, high will be in the upper 60s today. Hooray!

The air suddenly turned soft yesterday, and the snow was melting quickly. It was warm enough to go out with just shirt-sleeves. Don't know why I'm so ready fer spring this year.

Little donkey frens, here is a picture of a jar of dandelion blossoms, from last year. I might go pick another jar or two later today. And I think I'll repost something from my olde Penniwig's bloggie under this picture, too:

"...I like to read and reread the book "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom, which is a memoir of a Dutch woman who was a member of the underground in WWII. She and her sister were deeply religious Christians and were captured by the Germans and put in a camp. Corrie's sister Betsie was praying in gratitude for all their "blessings" in the death camp. She even thanked the Lord for the fleas in the barracks. Corrie thought that was going entirely too far. But Betsie reminded her that the Bible said 'Give thanks in ALL circumstances.'

"I don't bring religion into this bloggie much. That's not the purpose of my bloggie. And my religion is not very common in the USA. I only mention it now because I do not like to give a false impression of myself via this blog. I don't want to "pass myself off" as something I'm not. That's disrespectful to my followers and myself.

"But I can say I deeply respect and enjoy reading the Bible. And that line of 'Give thanks in all circumstances' really struck me because of its wisdom, its uncanny depth. That's why I put the part about "weeds" in the poppin. People think of weeds as 'no good,' as something bad, as something not to be thankful for, as useless. But God has such a different view. We would have no butterflies if not for weeds. We would have no bees, no crops, not much of anything. Thank you for the weeds!"

And here's the graphic I put with it:

Vintage Postcard Freebie:

I had to clean this up considerable. It was a raggedy thing, tore up pretty bad. But the doggie reminds me of bloggie fren Amrita's white German Shepherd. A couple of good-luck clovers accompany it.

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  • Bernie

    Oh I knew I was going to like this blog and I do. You are so refreshing, love your honesty, your post and your post cards......We are all blessed for you.......:-) Hugs

  • Mary

    I remember that one! Though I have so many weeds that I have more than enough to share with a neighborhood. I think the clovers are my favorite!

    Hmmmm... now you have me curious of course, not that it matters, but that whole "not very common in the USA" has me wondering. As you know, I was christened a Catholic but really, I don't know where I am in the denominational sort of thinking anyway. I KNOW where I am in the spirit.

    The Hiding Place is a good one - another is Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning, though it has been years since I read either.

  • José

    Love the dandelions and the dog with the clovers. Here the snow is gone aswell. But instead of spring it's raining and the world is grey. So your dandelions are like little suns that brighten my day. Thank you!

  • Marjorie (Molly) Smith

    Oh, I know some will say I'm crazy, but I love my dandelions, I have an acre front yard and in Spring it is a solid yellow bed because of the lions...looks good to me. If someone doesn't like be it. It's my yard.
    How amazing, our Preacher preached on "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom, a couple of weeks ago. He said because of the fleas that infested the barracks of the Christians the Germans wouldn't come in there and they were able to have Church services, without fear of being discovered. God has a purpose for everything he created.
    Hope your sky's are bright and sunny today.

  • Carmen C.

    That jar of dandelions just screams "SPRING"! I love it, can't wait for spring this year either, I like to go out on a warm spring day and just lay right in the grass:)

  • Amrita

    Hi Holly, I 'm glad your snow has gone. Its warm here-- it touched 70s my computer tells me....soon we 'll have to take our shirt s off too. LOL

    Oh yes that dog does look like Sheeba.
    She was unwell yesterday - but recovered - gave her Paracetamol & a herbal cap..She is getting too fat - I have to put her on a diet. I wish she becomes a vegetarian - but she won 't.

    Corrie Ten Boom has been my heroine and inspiration since I was a child. I remember vaguely when she visited our city when I was little. She sat in a chair and spoke, standing up for a long time tired her, she taught us a song in Dutch, but I have forgotten that.

    True religion - James 1;27
    is uncommon indeed.
    It says
    "This is pure and undefiled religion in the sight of God and Father to visit orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself unstained by the world" James 1;27

  • ~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~

    EeeeeeGaaaads Holly! 60's??? We're hunkered down for another snow storm:(

    Plz find ye a way to send us poor northern bloggie friends some sun and warmth?


  • Beansieleigh

    Just another northern girl here, like Stitchin Sweet Sue above, sitting tight and wondering how much snow is on the way! We got a good foot of it yesterday, and are getting MORE today! Those dandelions are looking as beautiful as red roses to US right now!... LOVE the clovers too, of course! ~tina

  • Debra

    What wonderful graphics this morning! I am glad your snow is gone- wish ours was gone!
    We have a ton of clover in the yard- hubby's grandfather had planted it for the sheep to graze on!
    Had a fox outside the house last night!

  • Faith

    Love the Dandelion picture...I don't care that they are son picks them for me and I put them in water in a vase..They are a beautiful vibrant yellow. And when they are done they enter into the cycle of beginning anew by turning all white and fuzzy, almost snowflake like to spread their wings and spread more..Yes, weeds are beneficial to the cycle of things I agree.. Thanks for posting the beautiful picture of them... Like I said what mom didn't get a bokay of these a time or two in their lives..And remember when we were young girls....didn't we make chains and necklaces and crowns for our hair out of them?

  • sjhackney

    Oh Holly, those dandelions make me so happy. Enjoy your warm weather. It's around zero degrees here this morning. Smiles. Sally

  • Holly, the Old Western Gal

    Hi my frens...gosh, I feel awful for those of you who are still in the terrible cold, although the payoff is that you live in places that are a lot prettier than out here...

    Mary, I'm a Buddhist pandeist. I like to read about other religions, too, and listen to the wise lore from them.

  • Judi

    Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for all things ~ it is sometimes easy to forget. I love the stawberry gadget with great pearls of wisdom and of course saved that treasure!! Judi

  • Lady Farmer

    Thanks for the Strawberry Poppin! So cute!
    And while others are mourning their snowy weather, I am wishing we had some of the white stuff! But, alas, spring has arrived in good ole Washington State! I will choose to be thankful in all things!

  • Knitty

    Thanks for the jars of dandelions and the reprint below it. Also, thanks for telling us what your belief system is called. I feel that I am spiritual, but without a named religion. I know many aren't comfortable with this, but I am at peace and communicate with God all the time. I think God has a sense of humor and sometimes rolls His/Her eyes when I begin, but that's okay. We love each other. ;-)

  • Angela

    Hey Holly!

    The jar with the dandelions is such a refreshing sight to see especially since I have snow covered grass right now! Yesterday it was snowing and the Sun was out!

    I never thought about weeds like that but that is so true! I do love those weeds that produce flowers. To me they aren't weeds but flowers!


  • Linda in New Mexico

    Dandelions are so wonderful. They are persistent little critters and are useful for so many purposes, tea, ointment & salve, and besides they were my iquana's favorite snack. Bob would race through the yard chomping on all she could find. Gosh I miss my old greeny blue sweetie. She was a very good pet and companion. I too love Ms. Ten Bloom's view of life and living. One only has to look around at any given moment to be thankful and awestuck. This world we live in is a marvel, and sometimes it's good to be reminded of all that is around us. We are all blessed.

  • Debra

    Hello Dearie,
    I cheated-I read your post and then googled weed quotes. I found some good ones:

    "What is a weed? I have heard that there are sixty definitions. For me, a weed is a plant out of place." ~Donald Culross Peattie

    "Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them." ~A.A.Milne

    I love your photo. I also love weeds.

  • NancyD

    Oh my Dear Holly, you can make a weed look glorious, I LOVE the dandelions! So bright and cheerful! Gotta have that one :) Just at the freezing mark here today so far but will climb higher, beautiful blue skies and sunshine. Not much snow this year...hope that doesn't mean a bad year for fires and water shortages though. Have a blessed day.

  • Donna

    Thank you for such a lovely post!

  • Rosemary

    I'm glad Spring is on it's way!!

  • Julia

    I don't want to be the heretic botanist here so... I'll tell you a fact about on of the weeds in CA. Yellow starthistle is a relentless colonizer of disturbed grasslands in our state. It hurts like crazy to get poked by the spines on the phyllaries BUT But but the flower provide a huge source of pollen for the honey bees in our state. I wish there were a way to keep the biological diversity of our native flora and help the bees without the "weeds." I guess you would have to say I am just a botanist with well founded prejudices to overcome.

  • Julia

    ps. I get the other part of this too. I am by definition a WEED!

  • Ms Sparrow

    Thanks for the four-leaf clovers! I'm needing them for March.

  • Walk in the Woods

    Oh, I love the blessings graphic - it's soooooo going on my shared herbalish blog!

    Annnnnd - enjoy the thaw!

  • ~~Carol~~

    I don't know why, but I love being called a donkey fren! You're so cute! Sorry. I don't think you carry a flail anymore, so what kind of heat are you packin' these days?!
    I love that picture of the jar of dandelions, with the rustic wood in the background! It's worthy of being printed up in card form. OR, it would make a gorgeous Summer blog banner....

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    It really IS a welcome sight to see that jar of bright yellow dandelions tonight. It's so darn cold, and windy, we've had flurries each day this week. I'm so thankful that it'll be in the 60's while Jim is down in TX over the weekend.
    He escaped the East coast just in time before a new front blows in.
    Am really enjoying your're so darn informed and insightful. You make us think...and laugh...and enjoy your little beautiful pictures each day. We're thankful for that....and you!

  • ^..^Corgidogmama

    Hey, I sent you an email via your Penniwig addy...will it still get to you?

  • Joyce

    MY GM use to have me pick dandlions and then we would cook and eat them:) I am glad I found your new blog. Was wondering where you were off to.

  • ClassyChassy

    I would like to know why you are calling everyone a donkey? Isn't that kind of like a mule and kind of like an _ _ _? Just wonderin....

  • xashee's corner

    i LOVE that jar of dandelions! it looks so PRETTY! John & i have always loved wildflowers who many call simply weeds! and we were just today, talking about not taking things for granted and being grateful for the little things! GREAT post, as usual AND i LOVE the graphics too, but you knew that! hehe :) thanks sooooooo much for sharing!! Have a LOVELY evening!!

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